30 June 2019

NDF-EV will hold accountable Gov. Petilla, other government officials for collaborating in human rights violations and war crimes through EO 70

Media release | June 30, 2019

This is a further response of the National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas to the slated implementation of Leyte Gov. Leopoldo Dominico Petilla and the provincial government of Executive Order 70.

We wish to make it clear that EO 70 is GRP President Rodrigo Duterte's scheme for fascist dictatorship. Under EO 70 and its “whole of government” approach, the entire government is subordinated to the “counterinsurgency” campaign of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. While the Duterte regime vows to end “communist insurgency,” its real agenda is to stifle all opposition, sweep aside basic rights and due process and install a fascist dictatorship.

Duterte has already militarized the civilian agencies by appointing to key positions over 60 former generals and military officers. His EO 70 further weaponizes the civilian bureaucracy to serve his corrupt tyranny. It also mobilizes provincial kingpins like Petilla to rally behind Duterte and his scheme for fascist dictatorship.
The people will thus be subjected to the notorious atrocities of the Duterte regime, including the “Red-tagging” of legal activists to harass them and to legitimize their mass murder a la Oplan Tokhang and the recent Oplan Sauron in Negros. The people can only expect worse violations of human rights and international humanitarian law both in the cities and in the countryside with escalating attacks on civilians and their communities. In the final analysis, there is no other way out for the people but to rise up and end the Duterte regime and its unconscionable crimes.
For its part, in the face of intensified fascist state terrorism, the NDF-EV calls on the New People's Army to defend the people and further intensify the guerrilla offensives against the police, military, paramilitary and intelligence units of the GRP. The worst human rights violators must be singled out from these legitimate targets to serve notice they will pay for their crimes and they will never rest easy.

At the same time, the NDF-EV sternly reminds Leyte Gov. Petilla that he will be held accountable for implementing and promoting EO 70. Such complicity that will surely result in massive human rights violations and war crimes in Leyte will not go unpunished.

Therefore, the NDF-EV unequivocally warns Gov. Petilla and other officials in the local government and civilian bureaucracy who actively campaign for EO 70 that the People's Democratic Government will surely include them for investigation and arrest and punish them as collaborators in the human rights violations and war crimes of the Duterte regime and its AFP. ##

SUMADA: Nagpahimatngon an National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas kan Leyte Governor Dominico Petilla nga may ada ini hira baratunon ha mga magigin panalapas ha tawhanon nga katungod resulta han local task force kontra insurhensiya nga ginlalarang ni Petilla nga tukuron ha prubinsya komo implementasyon han Executive Order 70 ni GRP President Rodrigo Duterte. Sigon ha NDF-EV, an EO 70 ni Duterte nga nagtutumuyo kuno nga tapuson an komunista nga insurhensiya, ha kamatuoran iya iskema agud puypuyon an ngatanan nga oposisyon ngan tukuron an iya pasista nga diktadura. Ginmilitarisa na ni Duterte an mga sibilyan nga ahensiya pinaagi han pagtudlok han mga hadto anay heneral ngan upisyal militar, ngan gin-aghat an mga lokal nga pulitiko sugad kan Petilla nga suportahan an iya iskema nga monopolisahon an poder. Sanglit, ginlalauman an mas grabe pa nga "Red tagging" ngan panharas ha mga ligal nga aktibista agud tagan rason an panmatay ha ira ha estilo han Oplan Tokhang ngan Oplan Sauron ha Negros. Nanawagan an NDF-EV ha New People's Army nga depensahan an katawhan hini nga mga pangatake ngan papintason an mga ginerilya nga opensiba kontra ha pulis, militar, paramilitar ngan intelidyens han rehimen Duterte. Pahimatngon liwat han NDF-EV kan Gov. Petilla ngan ngatanan nga upisyal han gubyerno, adto nga aktibo nga nakampanya para ha EO 70 iimbestigahon ngan sisirutan han Demokratiko nga Gubyerno han Katawhan ha pakigbuligay hini ha magigin resulta nga hiluag nga panalapas ha tawhanon nga katungod ngan krimen ha gerra ha Leyte.

16 June 2019

NDF-EV calls on people of Leyte to fight scheme to militarize civilian government for Duterte's dictatorship

 Media Release | June 13, 2019

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines – Eastern Visayas (NDF-EV) is disgusted with the Leyte provincial government’s seeking to implement a local task force to end insurgency and views this as servility to the Duterte regime’s desperate attempt to monopolize power and install a dictatorship. “In the guise of the ‘whole of nation/government’ approach, this local task force will actually undermine the civilian government by subordinating it to the military,” said Fr. Santiago “Ka Sanny” Salas, NDF-EV spokesperson.

He added, “Patterned after the national task force with the same organizational structure, this will further encourage political repression of the legal democratic movement and all political opposition. Through this task force, the provincial government gives license to soldiers to commit extra-judicial killings, political harassment like red-tagging, torture, arbitrary arrest and detention, and other violations of human rights, international humanitarian law and even the 1987 constitution. Instead of addressing the roots of armed struggle in the province, Leyte Governor Leopoldo Dominico Petilla takes refuge in a purely militarist solution to counter insurgency.”

Fr. Salas also noted, “Petilla’s local task force will further add to the bloodshed of the fake anti-drug war as well as the anti-communist and anti-Moro wars of Duterte wherein tens of thousands have died. He actually supports Duterte's dictatorial moves and aims to ensure his dynasty's entrenchment in political power, especially with the drive for false federalism, where Duterte in reality will be the overlord over regional political kingpins like himself.”

“This drive to institute political repression secures the interests of imperialism and the big landlords and compradors in the rich natural resources for energy generation, agriculture, and mining in Leyte.”

Salas clarified, “In order to frustrate and defeat Petilla’s effort to carry out Duterte's dictatorship in Leyte, the people must defend and assert their democratic rights. They must carry out democratic mass campaigns for land reform, workers’ rights, student rights and welfare, press freedom and other mass struggles.”

The NDF-EV spokesperson appealed to the people of Leyte and Eastern Visayas to expose and oppose the regime’s scheme for repression and dictatorship in Leyte and the whole country. “The struggles of the people and their allies can lead to a broad united front to isolate and overthrow the Duterte regime. Given the bloody track record of Duterte and his henchmen, the people will not be fooled anymore by the military’s pro-people facade.”

And lastly, Salas urges the New People’s Army to support the people by carrying out tactical offensives according to capabilities and an ever expanding and widening mass base. “As the people’s army, it must punish the worst rights violators and plunderers. The NPA must raise the level of warfare and bring the people's war to a new and higher level,” Salas ended.#

SUMADA: Nagpahayag han disgusto an National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Eastern Visayas ha provincial government han Leyte ha paglarang hini nga maghimo han usa nga local task force agud tapuson an insurhensiya ha prubinsya. Sigon kan NDF-EV spokesperson Fr. Santiago “Ka Sanny” Salas, ginpapakita la hini an pagin niyutiyo ni Leyte Governor Leopoldo Dominico Petilla ha rehimen Duterte nga desperado na nga monopolisahon an poder pulitika ngan magtukod han diktadura. Ha tahub han “whole of nation/government approach”, ini nga local task force nga nasubay ha nasyunal nga task force, amo an magpapailarum han sibilyan nga gubyerno ha poder han militar. Sigon kan Fr. Salas, aaghaton hini an mga sundalo nga puypuyon ha ligal nga demokratiko nga kagiusan, sugad han ekstrahudisyal nga panmatay, Red-tagging, tortyur, arbitraryo nga pag-aresto ngan iba pa nga panalapas ha tawhanon nga katungod, ha internasyunal nga makatawo nga balaud, ngan bisan ha 1987 nga konstitusyon. Ini nga pulitikal nga panmuypoy ginseseguro la an interes han dagko nga mga negosyante ngan agaron maytuna nga nag-iinteres ha karikuhan han Leyte para ha enerhiya, agrikultura ngan pagmimina. Nanawagan hi Fr. Salas ha katawhan han Leyte ngan Eastern Visayas nga ig-insister an ira mga demokratiko nga katungod ngan ipasulong an mga panmasa nga kampanya para ha reporma ha tuna, katungod han mga trabahador, katungod han mga estudyante, libre nga pamamahayag ngan panmasa nga pakigbisog.

11 June 2019

NPA-Northern Samar strikes abusive “Marawi” battalion in May 21 raid

PRESS RELEASE | 11 June 2019

Amado Pesante, Spokesperson
NPA-Northern Samar (Rodante Urtal Command)

The Rodante Urtal Command (RUC) of the New People’s Army in Northern Samar today announced the successful raid of a detachment of the Alpha Company, 63rd Infantry Battalion-Philippine Army in Lao-ang last May 21, where three Army troops were killed including two corporals, while several rifles were confiscated. “This is a slap in the face of Maj. Gen. Raul Farnacio of the 8th Infantry Division-PA who boasted of redeploying the fascist 63rd IB from their terrorist siege of Marawi to Northern Samar only to serve as security force for a corruption-ridden road project under the Duterte regime,” said Ka Amado Pesante, spokesperson for the NPA-RUC.

Red fighters of the RUC strategically used command-detonated explosives and fire maneuver tactics to defeat one squad of enemy troops during 30 minutes of firefight in Little Lanubi, Brgy. Lanubi, in Lao-ang at around 4 in the morning, resulting to the death of Cpl. Alix Saliwan, Cpl. Mark Andrew Abunda and PFC Domingo. They likewise confiscated three R4 rifles, one super 38 caliber pistol, 26 magazines and 382 bullets for M4 rifles, one Harris radio, a pair of night vision goggles, military telescopes, cellphones and other important military equipment.

According to Pesante, the tactical offensive is in response to the people’s clamor after the latest slew of blood debts incurred by units under the 8th ID. “The 20th IB led by Lt. Daniel Salvador Sumawang is responsible for the killing of San Miguel barangay captain Apolinario ‘Kap Pening’ Lebico and the frustrated killing of his son-in-law, as well as the indiscriminate strafing of civilians in Sityo Inuman, Brgy. Tagab-iran, killing resident Melvin Obiado Cabe and seriously wounding his underage child.”

The RUC spokesperson condemned the military for turning to civilians to seek vengeance for their heavy losses, after their hot pursuit operation against the retreating Red fighters failed. “Residents reported that 20th IB soldiers fired a 105 Howitzer towards their barangay, and threatened and terrorized them after the clash.”

Pesante also exposed the lame cover-up by Gen. Ramil Bitong of the 803rd Brigade through fake news of “extortion” by the NPA on construction projects of the Duterte regime such as the Simora-Palapag road. “Meanwhile, Gen. Bitong and other high-ranking military and local government officials collude to rake in corruption money from such infrastructure projects, and to excuse their militarization of the countryside through the so-called ‘whole-of-nation approach’ of the US-Duterte regime.”

The RUC likewise gives the highest salute to Ka Yulo/Lysan, farmer-youth and provincial cadre, who selflessly gave his life for the victory of the tactical offensive and for the cause of the national-democratic revolution. “From his years as a local youth organizer to his service as a Red commander until his death, his example inspired both young and old revolutionaries to do their best in the work. In his memory, the RUC vows to carry forward the people’s war, achieve victory for the Filipino people and attain national and social liberation,” Pesante ended. ##


SUMADA: Gin-amkon yana han Rodante Urtal Command han New People’s Army ha Northern Samar an madinaugon nga reyd ha detatsment han Alpha Company, 63rd Infantry Battalion ha Brgy. Lanubi, Lao-ang hadton Mayo 21 dapit alas 4 han aga. Gumamit an mga Pula nga mangaraway han command-detonated explosives ngan fire and maneuver nga taktika, nga nakapatay ha tulo nga sundalo kalakip an duha nga korporal. Nakumpiska liwat nira an tulo nga riple nga R4, usa nga super .38 caliber nga pistola, mga magasin ngan bala han riple nga M4, ngan iba pa nga higamit militar. Sigon kan Ka Amado Pesante, tagapagyakan han Rodante Urtal Command, ini nga reyd usa nga tampalo kan Maj. Gen. Raul Farnacio han 8th Infantry Division han Philippine Army nga ginpanhambog an pasista nga 63rd IB nga ginpadara tikang ha Marawi ngadi ha Northern Samar agud magserbe komo security force para ha mapanlimbong nga road project ilarum han rehimen Duterte. Baton gihapon ini nga taktikal nga opensiba ha reklamo han katawhan hiunong ha mga utang nga dugo han mga yunit han pasista nga militar ha bug-os nga Northern Samar, sugad han pagpatay hini kan Apolinario “Kap Pening” Lebico han Brgy. San Miguel, ngan pag-istraping ngan pagpatay ha mga sibilyan ha Brgy. Tagab-iran. Ginkundenar liwat ni Pesante an pagbalos han mga sundalo ha mga residente han Brgy. Lanubi pinaagi han pagpabuto han howitzer ngadto ha ira baryo ngan pananarhug ngan pan-ngastigo ha ira. Ginsaludaran han RUC hi Ka Yulo/Lysan, nga maungod nga naghalad han iya kinabuhi para ha pagdaug hini nga reyd ngan para ha gerra han katawhan.#