29 March 2019

NDF-EV condemns martial law in San Jose de Buan, slams Samar Governor Sharee Ann Tan for letting the military trample civilians under their boots

National Democratic Front of the Philippines
Eastern Visayas

Media Release | March 29, 2019

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas challenged today the sincerity of Samar governor Sharee Ann Tan in protecting the lives and livelihood of peasants from San Jose de Buan town in the province, after more than a thousand residents from Brgy. Hagbay, Brgy. San Nicolas, Brgy. Can-aponte and Sitio San Pedro fled for their lives after elements from the 87th Infantry Battalion insisted on using their homes as military barracks. The 87th IB has gained notoriety over the years for using civilian communities as their barracks, thus prompting mass evacuations in the towns of Samar.

NDF-EV spokesperson Fr. Santiago “Ka Sanny” Salas condemned Gov. Tan who made a no-show at the evacuation center despite the fervent appeal of evacuees for the governor to intervene. “More than 250 families have already left their homes since March 17 and taken refuge at the evacuation center, covered court and the town market. While the residents along with their local officials demanded that the 87th IB vacate their communities and stop using civilians as human shields, soldiers in full battle gear from the said battalion encircled the evacuees and harassed them non-stop. And to prove their supremacy over civilians, the soldiers even threw expletives and scolded the barangay captains in front of their constituents, forcing them to attend a ‘peace rally’ that is nothing but a malicious tactic to coerce the evacuees into declaring themselves as surrenderers.”

Fr. Salas supported the people for scoring Tan, who as governor and Regional Peace and Order (RPOC) chair should secure the lives and defend the rights of her constituents. “Gov. Tan should do better in understanding the plight of our poor peasants. The peasants fear that since the planting season has already begun, prolonged military operations will hinder their farming and will result to higher hunger incidence this year. They are on the brink of famine should Gov. Tan continue to disregard their appeals. The demand of the peasant evacuees is simple, for the military to stop using their homes as camps and causing fear should a possible armed encounter arise, and to set up their camps 500 meters away from the last house in the community as stipulated in the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.”

Fr. Salas also condemned the intensified military occupation of civilian communities in the hinterland barangays of San Jose de Buan as having the backing of the provincial government so as to secure votes. “The people’s revolutionary government is currently investigating the alleged involvement of Gov. Tan in the deployment of soldiers since February this year and the subsequent electoral surveys conducted by the military that blatantly campaigned against progressive party-lists and local politicians who uphold the people’s agenda. Furthermore, these surveys obviously favor the incumbent gubernatorial and congressional candidates.

“The people can thus make this election season an electoral struggle. They can support the candidates who uphold the people’s agenda for land, jobs, education, health and social justice. They can campaign against those who are supporting this state-sanctioned oppression and martial law imposition. In the final analysis, the cheating and state terrorism in the reactionary elections only enhance that revolution is the real solution to the people’s problems.”#



Gin-ayat yana ni NDF-Eastern Visayas spokesperson Fr. Santiago "Ka Sanny" Salas an sinseridad ni Samar governor Sharee Ann Tan ha pagproteher han kinabuhi ngan panginabuhi han mga parag-uma han bungto han San Jose de Buan ha prubinsya, kahuman sobra kayukot nga residente han Brgy. Hagbay, Brgy. San Nicolas, Brgy. Can-aponte ngan Sityo San Pedro an nag-ebakwet kahuman gin-gamit han pira nga elemento han 87th IB an ira mga balay komo military barracks. Ginkundenar ni Fr. Salas an martial law ha lugar ngan hi Gov. Tan nga waray nagpakita ha evacuation center ha luyo han makusog nga napawagan han mga ebakwet nga tagdon ini ni Tan. Masobra 250 nga pamilya na an nag-ebakwet tikang Marso 17 ngadto ha evacuation center, covered court, ngan merkado tungod ha paggamit ha ira han mga sundalo komo mga human shield. Ginpalibutan pa han mga naka full battle gear nga mga sundalo an mga ebakwet, ginharas hira, ginpanmuyayaw an mga upisyal han barangay, ngan ginpwersa nga tumambong ha "peace rally" nga ha kamatuoran agud piriton hira nga sumurender komo NPA. Ginsuportahan liwat ni Fr. Salas an pagsukna han molupyo kan Gov. Tan tungkod ha padayon nga pagbabale-waray hini ha mga demanda nira nga ihunong na han militar an pagkampo ha ira kabablayan. Samtang, gin-iimbestigar na han demokratiko nga gubyerno han katawhan an pagkadabi ni Gov. Tan ha deployment han mga sundalo ha lugar nga butad nga nangangampanya kontra ha mga progresibo nga party-list ngan para ha incumbent nga gubernador ngan representante ha kongreso.

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the New People’s Army, intensify and widen guerrilla warfare to hasten the ouster of the fascist terrorist US-Duterte regime

New People's Army-Eastern Visayas Region

Media Release | March 29, 2019

The toiling masses and their supporters today celebrate in wide swathes of the Eastern Visayas countryside the 50th anniversary of the founding of the New People’s Army under the absolute leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines. They salute the Red fighters who gallantly laid down their lives in the tactical offensive yesterday, March 28, in Victoria, Northern Samar, and all other martyrs who made the ultimate sacrifice in five decades of the just war for national and social liberation. The NPA was founded fifty years ago with a few dozen Red fighters and inferior weapons against the rising fascist dictatorship of Marcos and prevailed over all attempts in the ensuing years to nip it in the bud and ground it into the dust.

Today the NPA has thousands of Red fighters with high-powered rifles nationwide and is far more ready to bleed and defeat another rising fascist dictatorship in the US-Duterte regime that is already steeped in mass murder, war crimes, corruption, treason, narcopolitics and wholesale state terrorism.

The people are thus ever more emboldened to wage armed revolution because of the lack of fundamental changes and because they have a powerful weapon in the NPA that is deeply rooted among them and that they cherish.

Under the US-Duterte regime, the people remain afflicted more than ever by socioeconomic ills such as mass landlessness and mass unemployment, declining prices of agricultural products, rising costs of basic commodities, high taxation, and emaciated social services while military and police forces are fattened.

Furthermore, the people hate the US-Duterte regime for its mass murder and other gross violations of human rights and international humanitarian law in its “war on drugs” and state repression through the “counterinsurgency” and anti-Moro wars. At least 545 barangays are affected by militarization in Eastern Visayas. In 2018, there were 15 victims of extrajudicial killings in the region, while mass evacuations because of intensified military operations have occurred in Samar and Leyte, most recently in San Jorge and San Jose de Buan towns in Western Samar. The soldiers of the 8th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army violate international humanitarian law by camping in civilian communities and using civilians as human shields, illegally intervening in the election campaign as well as harassing those whom they accuse of supporting the NPA.

Thus the NPA can take confidence in having established itself in the region and is poised to intensify and widen guerrilla warfare according to capabilities. To do this, it carries out the integral tasks of armed struggle, agrarian revolution and mass base building. The NPA wins over the peasants by helping carry out the agrarian revolution from lowering land rent, eradicating usury and other minimum demands to the maximum program of confiscating and redistributing the land to the landless. The mass organizations, Party branches and organs of political power are also built in the countryside towards founding the people’s democratic government.

It is the principal task of the NPA to carry out tactical offensives in the duration of the May 2019 election period and beyond. This is the correct response to the heightened counterrevolutionary war and state terrorism of the US-Duterte regime. Moreover, the guerrilla offensives further weaken the rule of the dictatorial US-Duterte regime and register that revolution and not the bourgeois election is the real solution to the Philippine crisis.

The NPA carries out annihilative tactical offensives to confiscate more firearms and further strengthen itself. It also carries out attritive tactical offensives along with the people’s militia to wear out the enemy. It must carry out special operations to punish the worst human rights violators, plunderers and other criminals among legitimate military targets and the worst minions of the US-Duterte regime sentenced by the people’s court. This serves notice to them that they cannot go on without being punished for their crimes against the people.

The NPA looks forward to widening and intensifying offensives and raising the level of people’s war in the next few years. The US-Duterte regime is daydreaming that it can finish off the NPA and the revolutionary movement during Duterte’s term. It is Duterte who is bound to be overthrown by a convergence of the broad united front and further hastened by the sound and fury of the people’s war in the countryside.#

Summary: Ginseselebrar yana han katawhan ha hiluag nga kabubkiran han Eastern Visayas an ika-50 nga anibersaryo han pagkatukod han Bagong Hukbong Bayan ilarum han absoluto nga pamumuno han Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas. Ginsasaludaran nira an mga Pula nga mangaraway nga maisugon nga naghalad han ira kinabuhi ha taktikal nga opensiba kakulop, Marso 28 ha Victoria, Northern Samar, ngan an ngatanan nga martir ha sakob han 50 katuig han makatadungan nga gerra para ha nasyunal ngan pankatilingban nga katalwasan.

Yana an NPA mayda yukot-yukot nga Pula nga mangaraway nga armado han magbakod nga pusil ha bug-os nga nasud ngan andam kaupay agud paduguon ngan pakyason an nagkakamang nga diktadura han rehimen US-Duterte nga grabe an mga sala han panmatay, krimen ha gerra, kurapsyon, pagtraydor ha nasud, narkopulitika ngan hiluagan nga terorismo han estado. Ginkakangalsan han katawhan an rehimen Duterte tungod ha militarisasyon hini ha 545 nga baryo ha Eastern Visayas, 15 nga biktima han ekstrahudisyal nga panmatay ha rehiyon, ginpakusog nga operasyon han militar ha Samar ngan Leyte, pagkampo han militar ha mga komunidad, paggamit ha mga sibilyan komo human shield, iligal nga panginlabot ha eleksyon, ngan panharas ha mga gin-aakusaran nga tagsuporta han BHB.

Hilarum nga nakagamot an BHB nga nakaestablisar na ha rehiyon ngan andam nga parayhakon an gerilya nga pakiggerra. Prinsipal nga buruhaton hini yana nga maglansar han mga taktikal nga opensiba ha panahon han eleksyon Mayo 2019 tubtub ha unhan agud paluyahon an rehimen Duterte, ngan irehistro nga diri eleksyon kundi rebolusyon an tinuod nga solusyon ha krisis ha Pilipinas. Pahihitas-on han BHB an balitang han gerra han katawhan ha masunod nga mga tuig. Nag-iinop hi Duterte nga mapupuypoy hini an BHB ngan rebolusyunaryo nga kagiusan ha iya termino. Hiya an segurado nga patatalsikon han hiluag nga nagkakaurusa nga prente ngan han nagkukusog nga gerra han katawhan ha kabubkiran.

Samar residents evacuating because rights violations including election-related violence by AFP troops

Efren Martires Command
New People's Army - Eastern Visayas

Media Release | March 28, 2019

“It is the spate of human rights violations and election-related violence by troops of the Armed Forces of the Philippines that are terrorizing residents of San Jose de Buan, Samar and forcing them to evacuate their communities – not the New People’s Army (NPA),” said Ka Karlos Manuel, spokesperson for the Efren Martires Command of the NPA-Eastern Visayas, today in a statement. “Captain Reynaldo Aragones of the 8th Infantry Division-Philippine Army only shows his heartlessness for discrediting the legitimate protest of the people against the soldiers’ occupation of civilian communities, forced election surveys, outright campaigning for politicians, hamletting, surveillance and harassment.”

Last March 18, residents of Brgy. Hagbay were forced to leave their homes after elements of the 87th Infantry Battalion insisted on camping in their community to illegally dabble in the electoral campaign. “The residents of Brgy. Hagbay have long complained of how soldiers mix with the civilians. The soldiers even wake them up in the middle of the night to answer election-related surveys, intimidating them to vote for electoral bets supported by the military, as well as to vote against progressive party-lists and candidates,” Manuel commented. “Such election-related violence is what is driving families out of their communities and depriving them of peace and livelihood.”

Manuel noted that recent harassment operations carried out by the NPA against the 87th IB in San Jose de Buan, such as last March 17 in Brgy. Can-aponte, have been in response to the residents’ intensified clamor for the soldiers to stop their combat operations misleadingly named as “community support programs.” “According to the residents, the troops sleep in the residents’ homes, school and clinic, use them as human shields and take their pictures without consent in violation of the CARHRIHL and international humanitarian law,” he added.

“We commend the people for standing up for their rights and uniting in the call to end the militarization of their communities. Meanwhile, they can rest assured that their true army, the New People’s Army, will serve justice against their transgressors by intensified tactical offensives versus the AFP, as it has for 50 years, and will carry forward the people’s war to end the fascist US-Duterte regime once and for all,” Manuel ended.#


Summary: Diri NPA kundi mga pangabuso han AFP lakip na an panginlabot ha eleksyon an rason kun kay ano nag-ebakwet an mga parag-uma ha Brgy. Hagbay. Sigon kan Ka Karlos Manuel, tagapagyakan han Efren Martires Command han NPA-Eastern Visayas, buwaon hi Capt. Reynaldo Aragones of the 8th Infantry Division ha pagbasul ha NPA. An sering ni Manuel, nasering la an mga sundalo nga “community support” an ira trabaho, kundi nagrereklamo an masa nga iligal ini hira nga naghihimo han election survey ngan ginpipirit an mga tawo nga igbotos an mga ginsusuportahan han militar. Gin-gigipit liwat han mga sundalo an mga tawo nga diri na murayaw an pakabuhi kay gintatahapan hira nga nasuporta ha NPA. Sanglit nagdidig-on an mga parag-uma para ha ira mga katungod ngan pagdemanda nga palayason an mga sundao ha ira baryo. Nagpapatapod liwat an NPA nga dedepensahan hini an katawhan ngan maglalansar han dugang nga mga opensiba kontra ha mga pasista nga tropa han diktador nga Duterte.

‘The NPA does not target civilians’: Regional NPA command denies bomb threat in Baybay university

Media Release | March 28, 2019

The Efren Martires Command of the New People’s Army-Eastern Visayas today denied NPA involvement in a bomb threat at the Visayas State University campus in Baybay City, Leyte as claimed by the Philippine National Police in a radio news report today, March 28. “The NPA does not target civilians and will never be involved in any real or threatened bombing of civilians,” said Efren Martires Command spokesperson Ka Karlos Manuel. “It is possible the PNP or the Armed Forces of the Philippines are behind this bomb threat to sow fear among the people and to smear the NPA on its 50th anniversary this March 29.”

Ka Karlos Manuel said bombing or harming civilians in any way are against the principles of the NPA. “The NPA has revolutionary principles and strict discipline outlined in its Three Main Rules of Discipline and Eight Points of Attention. Furthermore, the NPA adheres to the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law signed by the GRP and NDFP, as well as other basic standards of human rights and international humanitarian law.”

The Efren Martires Command also clarified, “Those considered legitimate targets by the NPA are: the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine National Police, paramilitary and their intelligence services.

“We call on the public to give information on those who are really behind the bomb threat in Baybay City. Whoever they are, for terrorizing the people they are answerable to the People’s Democratic Government and its People’s Court.” #


Summary in Winaray: Diri natarget an NPA han mga sibilyan, sigon ha Efren Martires Command, an regional command han New People’s Army ha Eastern Visayas. Ini an pagpaklaro ni Ka Karlos Manuel, tagapagyakan han NPA ha Eastern Visayas, kabahin ha balita nga gin-aalegar han PNP nga mayda tarhug nga panmomba han NPA ha Baybay City campus han Visayas State University. Dugang pa ni Manuel, nasubay an NPA ha Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law nga ginpirmahan han GRP ngan NDFP. Ginklaro liwat han NPA nga an ira mga lehitimo nga target amo la an AFP, PNP, paramilitar ngan mga intelidyens hini. Nanawagan an NPA ha publiko nga ibuksas kun hin-o an tinuod nga nagpapaluyo ha tarhug nga panmomba tungod kay magbabaton hira ha Demokratiko nga Gubyerno han Katawhan ngan Husgado han Katawhan hini.”

27 March 2019

NPA sniper wounds 46th IB soldier

New People's Army-Eastern Visayas Region

March 27, 2019 | Press Release

The Efren Martires Command of the New People’s Army-Eastern Visayas today said a soldier of a 12-man squad of the 46th IB was wounded by an NPA sniper operation in Barangay Patag, Maydolong, Eastern Samar last March 5 at 11:30 a.m. The soldier was hit on the right hip and evacuated by helicopter the next day at 10:00 a.m. Because of the military abuses they suffered, the people rejoiced at the NPA offensive and said the Red fighters should have wiped out the entire enemy squad. Meanwhile, the people also condemned the soldiers for using civilians as human shields while retreating.#


SUMMARY IN WINARAY: Usa an samaran nga sundalo ha operasyon isnayp han NPA ha Eastern Samar hadton Marso 5 mga alas 11:30 am ha Brgy Patag, Maydolong, Eastern Samar. Nag-ooperasyon an 12 nga elemento han 46th IB han gin-isnayp han mga Pula nga mangaraway. Nasamaran ha tuo nga Pig-i an kaaway. Ginkuha ini han helicopter kinabuwasan han 10:00 am. Tungod han mga abuso han militar ha ira, iginkalipay han katawhan an opensiba han NPA ngan nagsering nga unta ginlipol na la an bug-os nga 12-katawo nga iskwad han mga sundalo. Ginkundenar liwat han katawhan an paggamit han mga sundalo ha mga sibilyan komo taming ha ira pag-atras.

NPA received three M16 rifles, three pistols from detainees who escaped torture and threats of summary execution at the hands of the Calbiga police

New People's Army-Eastern Visayas Region

March 27, 2019 | Press Release

The Efren Martires Command of the New People’s Army-Eastern Visayas announced today that Rowel Mabahin and his brother, who is a minor, surrendered to the NPA immediately after escaping from detention at the police station in Calbiga, Western Samar last March 15. The brothers voluntarily turned over to the NPA three M16 rifles, two .45 cal. pistols and one 9mm pistol, three ammunition pouches, 12 M16 magazines and 300 bullets, two cellphones and other items. The Mabahin brothers are now in the custody of the NPA.

According to the Efren Martires Command, “The Mabahin brothers told the NPA they escaped from the custody of the Government of the Republic of the Philippines out of fear for their lives. This was because a certain SPO1 Eduardo T. Burca threatened to summarily execute them after showing them a video of the NPA ambush in Motiong, Western Samar that same day. The Mabahin brothers had reason to be afraid because the younger brother had already suffered torture. The Calbiga police forcibly poured water mixed with hot pepper down his throat while holding him down. The younger Mabahin thus incurred a deep hatred of the police because of his torture.”

The NPA added the brothers were driven to commit common crimes because of poverty, hunger and disenfranchisement. The brothers are accused under the GRP’s reactionary justice system of stealing two motorcycles and injuring a peasant who accused one of them of theft. The NPA said the brothers are ready to face the revolutionary justice system of the People’s Democratic Government because they will undergo due process, their rights will be fully respected, and if they indeed need to face trial, their youth and willingness to renew their lives will be duly considered.#



Unom nga armas ngan iba pa nga higamit militar, ginsurender ha NPA han duha nga batan-on nga priso nga pumuga haCalbiga, Western Samar hadton Marso 15. Ginsering han Efren Martires Command han NPA-Eastern Visayas nga boluntaryo nga iginsurender ni Rowel Mabahin, 25 anyos, ngan han iya bugto nga menor de edad, an tulo nga M16 armalayt, duha nga 45. pistola, ngan usa nga 9mm nga pistola. Kalakip liwat an tulo nga ammunition pouch, 12 nga magasin han armalayt ngan 300 nga bala, duha nga cellphone ngan iba pa. Ini nga magbugto nagpursige nga pumuga tungod han pananarhug ni SPO1 Eduardo T. Burca Jr han PNP nga isasalbeyds hira katapos pagpinakitaon hira han video nga nakuha hini nga kapolisan katima han ambush ha Motiong. Antes pa ine nahitabo, bag-o pala nga kadadakop ha bugto nga menor de edad, nga gintalapas an katungod tungod kay ginbuhusan hiya han tubig nga maharang harangan ha iya baba ngan ginpepegri pa ini para la mahisulod ngan iya matulon. Sanglit grabe an kangalas han batan-on hito nga iya nahiaguman nga pagtortyur nga ginhimo han kapulisan dida ha Calbiga. Ginsering han NPA nga bisan kun nag-amkon an duha nga nakahimo han sala, reresputuhon an ira mga katungod ngan hahatagan hira higayon nga magbag-o han kinabuhi tungod kay biktima liwat hira han kakablabasa, gutom ngan pagtamay han dunot nga katilingban.#

NPA-Eastern Visayas ambushes PNP patrol car

March 11, 2019

Red fighters of the Efren Martires Command ambushed a PNP patrol car in Brgy. Poblacion, Motiong, Samar using a command-detonated explosive (CDX) at 7:15AM today, March 11. Based on initial ground reports, the enemy suffered one confirmed killed in action identified as PO3 Menano. The NPA acknowledges that one civilian was confirmed wounded and is ready to extend assistance. Further details to follow.#

08 March 2019

Filipina, end Duterte’s reign of terror! Join the New People’s Army and smash the feudal-patriarchal system!

MAKIBAKA-Eastern Visayas
Statement on the International Working Women’s Day
March 8, 2019

On behalf of the revolutionary movement in Eastern Visayas, MAKIBAKA, the national democratic underground mass organization of women, extends its highest salutations to all the toiling Filipinas on the occasion of the International Working Women’s Day. We raise our fists high for all the exploited and oppressed women who in various fields – whether as homemaker, activist, or Red fighter – struggle against the feudal-patriarchal system upheld by the US-Duterte regime.

The Filipina woman today suffers greatly under the worsening conditions of a rotting semicolonial and semifeudal society. By the sweat of her brow she toils in backbreaking labor in the factories, farmlands and in homes, receiving little to no compensation while abused and reduced to a mere child-rearing machine. Millions of poor families rely on her strong will and wit to weather the skyrocketing prices of commodities, the diminishing value of daily wages, and increasing unemployment. She suffers harassment from workplace superiors who threaten taking away her job if she makes so much as a peep.

No woman is spared from the wrath of the monster borne out of this system: Duterte, terrorist leader of the regime, who has openly called for such obscene acts of violence against her and her people. In the countryside, she is forced to flee with her family as her community is shelled and terrorized by his all-out war, while in the cities, her home is either demolished or remains a relocation promise unfulfilled. He represents the worst of macho-fascism, attacking the womanhood of workers, peasants, teachers, domestic helpers, overseas workers, journalists, church people, lawyers – all women from different walks of life.

But the Filipina should take pride in that she has won the ire of such a tyrant for her courageous acts of defiance. Every day she inspires the millions of Filipinos to stand up to this misogynist and persist toward toppling his dictatorship.

As we celebrate today the victories of the Filipina women’s liberation movement, let us also remind ourselves that this feudal-patriarchal system that oppresses her can only be finally smashed through the victory of the national democratic revolution and going on to socialism. The Filipina can only be free if the Filipino people are free.

We women thus find our place in the national democratic revolution: as activists, members of underground mass organizations, Party comrades and full-time Red fighters. The struggle embraces us and gives us a platform not only to advance women’s issues but to assert our equal position with men. In the people’s army we serve as Red commanders, political officers, medics, educators, propagandists, and cultural workers – roles we could never attain elsewhere. The Filipina is freed by grasping the power of the gun.

As the country is at a crossroads amidst deepening political and economic crises, we are called upon to take advantage of such favorable conditions for people’s war and contribute to its advancement and ultimate victory. Let us be part of the rich revolutionary history of the New People’s Army which for fifty years under the guidance of the Party has given us a voice and paved the way for our liberation.

As we face another fascist dictatorship in the making, let us emulate the example of Evelyn Dublin, martyr of Southern Leyte, who, after leaving her comfortable life as a teacher and serving full-time in the NPA during martial law, made the ultimate sacrifice of laying down her life so that a few more fascist troops can be killed.

Long live the revolution! Long live the revolutionary Filipina!
Oust the macho-fascist Duterte! Serve the people and join the New People’s Army!#

07 March 2019

15th Pacific Partnership exercises in Eastern Visayas proof of rising US military interventionism leading to a more onerous Mutual Defense Treaty

Media Release | March 7, 2019

In the face of increasing challenge from China, the US is ensuring its tight military ties with  the Philippines will remain, as can be seen with the expected arrival of not less than 1,600 US troops for the 15th Pacific Partnership mission in Tacloban City from March 10 to 24, and Exercise Salaknib 2019 in Nueva Ecija from March 4 to 24, the National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas today forewarned.

Spokesperson Fr. Santiago “Ka Sanny” Salas said these military exercises are couched as humanitarian and disaster relief operations that are followed by agreements that further entrench US military intervention in the host country’s soil. Such “disaster militarism” was the case when the US-GRP signed the Enhanced Cooperation and Defense Agreement after super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) hit the Philippines in 2013 and US-Indonesian military ties were fully restored post-Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004. “This is assistance with strings attached, just like the EDCA that allowed the basing of US troops in the country, Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT), and the Visiting Forces Agreement,” he remarked.

“The AFP is the mercenary of US imperialism and its most consolidated hold on the reactionary state in the Philippines that GRP President Rodrigo Duterte himself tacitly acknowledges,” Fr. Salas added. “Duterte indeed prostitutes himself to a US imperialist rival such as China by financially shackling the country through the corruption-ridden Build, Build, Build program. But he is well-aware that the AFP is beholden to US imperialism in indoctrination, training and arms, relying heavily on the billions of dollars worth of military assistance coursed through Operation Pacific Eagle-Philippines to feed his vain effort to crush the revolutionary movement.

“In fact, GRP Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana’s recent call for a review of the MDT was a call for a renewed offensive of US military interventionism in the Philippines, such as the upcoming exercises with the AFP, and not an assertion of sovereignty, equality and non-intervention,” noted Fr. Salas. “The MDT should be junked for foisting US imperialist interests on the Philippines by obligating the country to support the US in war, and surrendering national sovereignty by deferring to US support and intervention.”

But according to the NDF-EV spokesperson, “No pretenses by the US-Duterte regime – not even the return of the Balangiga bells – can save face for US imperialism that for more than a hundred years has waged real and proxy wars on our people, raped our women, massacred our communities, and occupied our territory as well as committed other violations of national sovereignty.”

Fr. Salas urged the people of Eastern Visayas to show their indignation against US military interventionism and mount protests to call for the pull-out of US troops in the Philippines. “Let us stand up for national sovereignty against US military interventionism and other imperialist intrusions such as by China in the West Philippine Sea. Let us demand the abrogation of the Mutual Defense Treaty, EDCA, VFA and other onerous and one-sided military agreements, and uphold the principles in foreign relations of national sovereignty, friendship and non-aggression.

“We must bring Duterte to account for selling out Philippine sovereignty to the US and China. Let us join and support the people’s war and wage armed struggle to defeat the AFP and its US imperialist master, overthrow the reactionary ruling system, and attain national freedom and democracy,” he ended.#



NDF-EV, gisukna an larang nga 15th Pacific Partnership ha Eastern Visayas komo pangandam ha pagpakusog han interbensyon militar han US ha Mutual Defense Treaty

Ginsering yana ni Fr. Santiago “Ka Sanny” Salas, tagapagyakan han NDF-EV, nga an 15th Pacific Partnership exercises nga ginpapamunuan han US ngan nagpapamatuod nga nagkukusog an interbensyon militar han US ha nasud. Segun kan Fr. Salas, kaparte an mga humanitarian and disaster relief operations han pankabug-usan nga panmilitar nga interbensyon han US agud dugang nga pahugton an pagkatin hini ha Pilipinas. Ginpahinumdom ni Salas nga bumulig an mga tropa han US kahuman han bagyo Yolanda 2014, ngan gin-gamit ini agud parig-unon an Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement o EDCA nga nagtugot ha pagbabase han US troops ha nasud. Yana nagpapahamot an US agud pahugton an Mutual Defense Treaty nga nag-oobligar nga magin alyado han US ha panahon han gerra. Nanawagan hi Fr. Salas nga atuhan an Pacific Partnership exercises nga bubuhaton ha syudad han Tacloban hini nga Marso 10 tubtub 24, tindugan an nasyunal nga demokrasya, ngan ibasura an ngatanan nga diri-pantay nga tratado militar nga naghihigiot ha Pilipinas ha mga imperyalista nga interes.#

NDF-EV welcomes conviction of Cong. Milagrosa Tan, calls graft case as mere “tip of the iceberg” of Tan dynasty’s corruption in Samar

 Media Release | March 4, 2019

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas welcomes today the sentencing of Samar second district representative Milagrosa Tan to up to 115 years in prison for the P16.1 million graft case over the anomalous procurement of emergency supplies without public bidding during her term as governor in 2001. It was further revealed that the rice, medical supplies and other emergency supplies intended for victims of Typhoon Kidang were procured two months before the calamity, and the rice supply was procured from a small trader hence making the delivery in just one go improbable. The Sandiganbayan has further disqualified Cong. Tan from holding public office, along with her convicted co-accused Rolando Montejo and trader-contractor Reynaldo Yabut.

But NDF-EV spokesperson Fr. Santiago “Ka Sanny” Salas downplayed the graft case as “mere tip of the iceberg” of the Tan dynasty’s corruption in one of the poorest provinces in the country, and called the sentence as long overdue and nominal. “The Tan dynasty through its matriarch Cong. Milagrosa Tan has been milking the province dry which further worsened the plight of Samarnons. The dynasty’s tight rein on Samar has plagued the province long enough that their corruption extends from the province up to the barangay councils in a vicious cycle. To maintain the symbiosis of bureaucrat capitalism, Cong. Tan offers to invest millions per mayoral post in elections, and in exchange her winning bet pledges not only his allegiance to the dynasty, but the entire internal revenue allotment of the municipal government. To ensure promptness, Cong. Tan would often dispatch her own trusted aid to act as administrative officers rendering the mayor inutile. In fact, a few mayors have already expressed dismay that they are acting as local executives in name only.

“It is also an open secret in Samar that majority of infrastructure projects in the province are controlled by Cong. Tan through dummies, taking hold of licenses by paying a token royalty to those they are able to coerce, thus earning hundreds of billions in a single term alone. A few close political associates of Cong. Tan also benefit from this set-up, by being the subcontractors of subcontractors, a wholesale-retail method of corruption that drains public funds. For private contractors, Tan demands a 30 to 40% cut on all infrastructure projects paid upfront. Hence the plethora of unfinished roads and other infrastructure projects in Samar, often joked by contractors as 50-50 road projects since only half are implemented while the unfinished half await the next elections for possible funding. And it is too easy for the Tans to blame these unfinished projects on the revolutionary movement once corruption is exposed. Furthermore, their new flagship program SPARK Samar which focuses on the plunder and exploitation of Samar is sure to serve as a sustainable milk cow now that the dynasty has expanded from infrastructure to eco-tourism.

Fr. Salas also noted that this decades-long culture of corruption and impunity of the dynasty in Samar is enjoyed 8th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army whom the Tans coddle. “Some generals and high-ranking officials in the 8th ID are beneficiaries of these sweetheart deals by acting as contractors and subcontractors of these projects through the OPAPP and PAMANA.”

Fr. Salas added that the people of Samar have a long standing demand for Cong. Tan to issue a public apology for being a passive governor during Palparan’s reign of terror in Samar. “While some elected public officials acted as staunch defenders of human rights for their constituents, the then governor acted silent through and through despite the mounting cases of human rights violations commited by the 8th ID PA. The dynasty also coddles and finances a number of private armed groups such as the one in Matuguinao and the Montealto armed goons, victimizing not only their political opponents but also peasants and suspected supporters of the revolutionary movement.”

Fr. Salas also said  that with the timing of the conviction just months ahead of the elections, the people of Samar are in doubt that the wheels of the reactionary justice system with roll against the dynasty. “The conviction is one thing, the certainty of justice being served is another. The people of Samar have to remain vigilant and demand an end to corrupt and reactionary politicians, not just Cong. Milagrosa Tan, who act as overlords at the expense of the people.”#