26 February 2019

NDF-EV unites with the people on #EDSA33 and tells Duterte: Your time will come

Media Release | February 26, 2019

“We express solidarity for the people in commemorating this February 22 to 26  the fall of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos and the ouster of his fascist dictatorship through popular uprising,” said National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas spokesperson Fr. Santiago “Ka Sanny” Salas today on the anniversary of the EDSA uprising. “It is timely for the people to remember the dark days of martial law and to remind GRP President Duterte who is bringing these back that his rule is likewise vulnerable to regime change. The deeper lesson is also that tyrants may fall and regimes may be replaced through a people’s uprising, but for as long as the reactionary ruling system remains, we must firmly pursue people’s war as the path to genuine change.”

Fr. Salas noted that the people must be resolute in fighting Duterte’s de facto nationwide martial law. “In the latest in the string of fascist attacks in rural Eastern Visayas, human rights groups have reported elements of the 87th Infantry Battalion camping in civilian structures and intensifying operations in at least five barrios in Paranas town, Samar. Fearing arbitrary arrest and torture by the soldiers, residents have not been able to go to their farmlands. Meanwhile, “peace and development” teams of the 87th IB are illegally intervening in the reactionary elections for a pro-military candidate in at least seven barrios in San Jose de Buan, falsely accusing the opposition as candidates of the New People’s Army, harassing residents in forced nightly meetings and taking their pictures without consent.

“The military’s attacks on around 545 barrios that violate human rights and international humanitarian law are part of Duterte’s futile attempts to end the revolutionary movement and to manipulate the results of the upcoming midterm elections in his favor,” he commented. “By pursuing his US-backed policy of all-out war, it is Duterte who is the real harbinger of lawless violence . By stirring them to intensify the struggle for his ouster, the reactionary kingpin is constantly reminded that uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.”

Fr. Salas called on all democratic forces to unite and condemn the violations of human rights and international humanitarian law in the countryside, and voice out support for the endangered peasant communities. “We urge all peace-loving people, especially human rights advocates, church people, mass media, youth and students and other sectors to show our indignation against the AFP’s wanton disregard for the people’s democratic rights. Let us expose and oppose the militarization in the countryside. Let us support the caravans and delegations of peasants who go to the cities to condemn the dire human rights situation in the countryside. Those in the cities can also express solidarity through caravans and delegations to the countryside to support the peasants and do social investigation.

“Let us drumbeat the military’s abuses by approaching television and radio networks, maximizing social media, and staging widespread mobilizations. The youth and students can go in droves to investigate the conditions of the downtrodden in the countryside and the roots of the crisis gripping our country.

“We must learn from the lessons of EDSA I: the people united can never be defeated and can even oust a tyrant. We must further pursue armed struggle to defeat all types of reaction attain national and social liberation,” Fr. Salas ended.#

23 February 2019

On the 93rd IB’s hallucinations over the revolutionary movement in Leyte

February 23, 2019 | Media Release

Karlos Manuel
Spokesperson, NPA-Efren Martires Command

Lt. Col. Roberto Beatisula of the 93rd Infantry Battalion makes feverish speculations on the revolutionary movement in Leyte. We bring to light the following facts:

1. The New People’s Army is bound for victory while the Armed Forces of the Philippines is on a losing course as an oppressive instrument of the reactionary ruling system. Approaching its 50th founding anniverrsary this year, the New People’s Army is now deeply rooted among the masses of the people in Leyte because it is fighting for their national and democratic interests. It is well-entrenched among the peasant masses who rally to the agrarian revolution and the building of democratic power, while the AFP has completely failed over decades to win despite being better-armed and US-backed.

2. It is the AFP that is the losing force against the NPA, for blindly obeying fascist GRP President Duterte and unleashing a war of terror upon the people. Their commander-in-chief is fast becoming isolated from the people because of his cruelty, corruption, and servility to US imperialism.

The AFP must be losing its mind because despite its billion-peso budget, a militarized bureaucracy, and direct US intervention, it has failed to strategically defeat the NPA.

The AFP is so desperate that whenever it loses to the NPA, it spreads lies and retaliates against civilians. In the Calubian counter-raid by the NPA last December 13, the AFP concealed losing one soldier killed in action and another one wounded, while imagining casualties on the side of the NPA that did not suffer any. The army soldiers even forcibly arrested a barangay chairman and another innocent civilian and forcibly evacuated villagers.

Whatever “outreach program” and public relations stunt of the AFP does to present itself as peace-loving are belied by the almost daily reports of human rights violations in the 545 barrios in Eastern Visayas, which they have subjected to intensified militarization by virtue of Duterte’s Memorandum Order 32 and Executive Order 70.

3. Duterte’s idol Marcos failed to nip the revolutionary movement in the bud then and Duterte will fail now in Leyte and elsewhere, no matter how many deadlines he sets and whatever fiction he conjures. With the burgeoning broad united front against his fascist dictatorship, his days are numbered. The 93rd IB hallucinates at its own peril.#

 Ha mga pag-ininop han 93rd IB hiunong ha rebolusyonaryo nga kagiusan ha Leyte

Naghihimo hi Lt. Col. Roberto Beatisula han 93rd Infantry Battalion han mga patigo-tigo hiunong han rebolusyonaryo nga kagiusan ha Leyte. Iginpapahayag la namon an masunod nga mga kamatuoran:

1. An Bagong Hukbong Bayan natikadto ha kadaugan samtang aada ha dalan han kaperdihan an Armed Forces of the Philippines komo mapan-gipit nga instrumento han reaksyunaryo nga naghahadi nga sistema. Han natikadto han iya ika-50 anibersaryo yana nga tuig, hilarum nga nakagamot an Bagong Hukbong Bayan ha masa han katawhan han Leyte tungod kay nakikig-away ini para ha ira nasyunal ngan demokratiko nga mga interes. Madig-on ini nga nakaposisyon ha ranggo han masa nga parag-uma nga naugop ha agraryo nga rebolusyon ngan ha pagtitindog han demokratiko nga poder, samtang hul-os nga napakyahas ha pagdaug an AFP hini nga naglabay nga pipira kadekada bisan kun mas maupay ini nga naarmasan ngan suportado han US.

2. An AFP asay an natikapirde nga pwersa kontra han BHB, tungod kay buta ini nga nasunod ha pasista  GRP Presidente Duterte ngan nagpapatuman hin gerra nga teror kontra ha katawhan. Dagmit na nga nabubulag an ira commander-in-chief ha katawhan tungod ha iya kamadarahug, kurapsyon ngan kaniyutiyo han US imperyalismo

Nalulurong na ada an AFP tungod nga luyo han bilyon-piso nga badyet, namilitarisa nga burukrasya, ngan direkta nga panginginlabot han US, pakyas ini nga estratehiko nga pirdehon an BHB.

Desperado na kaupay an AFP tungod kay kun san-o maperdi ini han BHB, nagsasabrag ini hin mga buwa ngan an mga sibilyan asay an pipinanhimurangtan. Ha kanan Calubian nga kontra-reyd han BHB hadin Disyembre 13, gintago han AFP an usa nira nga patay nga sundalo ngan usa pa nga samaran, samtang nag-iininop han kaswalti ha BHB nga waray man ngani kapilasi. Pwersahay ngani nga inaresto han mga sundalo han army an usa nga barangay tsirman ngan usa pa nga inosente nga sibilyan ngan pwersahay nga ginpa-ebakwet an mga taghimaryo.

Anuman nga “outreach program” ngan palabas nga mga pagpapaupay para igpresentar an kalugaringon komo mahigugmaon-ha-kahimyang ginpipinanhimuwa han haros kada adlaw nga sumat han mga panalapas han tawhanon nga katungod ha 545 baryo ha Eastern Visayas, nga ginpailarum nira ha internsibo nga militarisasyon basar ha Memorandum Order 32 ngan Executive Order 70 ni Duterte.

3. Napakyas an idolo ni Dutete nga hi Marcos ha pagkutol han rebolusyonaryo nga kagiusan samtang temprano pa hadto ngan mapapakyas liwat yana hi Duterte ha Leyte ngan kun diin man, maano pa man kadamo nga dedlayn an iya  ibutang ngan anupaman nga buwa an iya igsasabrag. Ha nagtikadako nga hiluag nga nagkakaurusa nga prente kontra ha iya pasista nga diktadura, maiihap na an adlaw han iya kabagsak. Namemeligro an 93rd IB han iya pag-ininop.#

Kabahin sa mga gidaman-daman sa 93rd IB bahin sa rebolusyonaryong kalihokan sa Leyte

Nagsalimuang na si Lt. Col. Roberto Beatisula sa 93rd Infantry Battalion bahin sa rebolusyonaryong kalihokan sa Leyte. Ipahayag lang namo ang mosunod nga mga kamatuoran:

1. Segurado ang kadaugan sa Bagong Hukbong Bayan samtang nagpadulong sa iyang kapildehan ang Armed Forces of the Philippines isip usa ka dahugang instrumento sa reaksyunaryong nagharing sistema. Sa pagpadulong niya sa ika-50 anibersaryo karong tuiga, lawum na nga nakagamot ang Bagong Hukbong Bayan sa masa sa katawhan sa Leyte tungod kay nakig-away kini slang sa ilang nasudnon ug demokratikong mga interes. Lig-on kining nakaposisyon sa han-ay sa masang mag-uuma si kinsa hiniusang nanaglihok alang sa agraryong rebolusyon ug sa pagtukod sa demokratikong gahum samtang niining minglabay nga pipila ka dekada hingpit nga napakyas ang AFP sa paninguhang modaug luyo sa kahimtang nga mas naarmasan kini ug gipaluyohan pa sa US.

2. Ang AFP mao ang nagkapildeng pwersa batok sa BHB, tungod sa buta niining pagsunod sa pasistang GRP Presidenteng Duterte ug sa pagsabwag og usa ka teroristang gubat diha sa katawhan. Paspas nga nagkahimulag ang ilang commander-in-chief sa katawhan tungod sa iyang kadahugan, kurapsyon, ug pagkapapet sa imperyalismong US.

Giango-ango na gayud seguro ang AFP tungod kay luyo sa bilyon-piso niining badyet, militaristang burukrasya ug direktang pagpanginlabot sa US, napakyas gihapon kining estratehikong pildehon ang BHB.

Hilabihan na gayud ka desperado ang AFP nga sa matag kapilde niini sa BHB, nagpakanap kini og mga bakak ug ang mga sibilyan ang pahimungtan. Sa gihimong kontra-reyd sa Calubian sa BHB kaniadtong Disyembre 13, gitago sa AFP ang usa ka patay nilang sundalo ug lain pang samaran, samtang nagpinanghanduraw og mga kaswalti sa bahin sa BHB nga wala man gani bisan usa ka garas. Gipugos pa ganing arestuhon sa mga sundalo sa army ang usa ka barangay tsirman ug lain pang inosenteng sibilyan ug gipugos pagpabakwet ang mga baryohanon.

Ang unsa mang himuong “outreach program” ug mga pasundayag nga pagpaayo-ayo sa AFP aron ipresentar ang kaugalingon nga mahigugmaon-sa-kalinaw gipanghimakak sa halos kada adlaw nga report bahin sa mga paglapas sa tawhanong katungod sa 545 ka baryo sa Eastern Visayas, nga ilang gipailawum sa intensibong militarisasyon pinasikad sa kang Duterteng Memorandum Order 32 ug Executive Order 70.

3. Napakyas ang kang Duterteng idol nga si Marcos sa pagkutlo sa rebolusyonaryong kalihokan samtang bag-o pa kaniadto ug mapakyas usab si Duterte karon sa Leyte ug sa uban pang dapit, maunsa pa man kadaghan nga dedlayn ang iyang ipahamtang ug maunsa pa man nga bakak nga iyang isangyaw. Sa paspas nga nagkadakong lapad nga nagkahiusang prente batok sa iyang pasistang diktadura maihap na ang adlaw sa iyang pagkapukan. Nameligro ang 93rd IB diha sa iyang mga pagdinaman.#

17 February 2019

Condemn the de facto martial law in Samar and the worsening political repression in the country – NDF-EV

Media Release | February 17, 2019

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas (NDF-EV) today called on the Filipino people to condemn the martial law conditions in peasant communities across the province of Samar , as the dictatorial US-Duterte regime intensifies political repression. “Duterte’s all-out war under Oplan Kapayapaan is gearing for total war and the possible imposition of martial law. The sufferings of miltarized civilian communities in Samar are only the latest in recent attacks including the assassination of an NDFP peace consultant, assaults on press freedom with online attacks against alternative media as well the arrest of Rappler executive editor Maria Ressa, and threats against the Catholic Church,” said Fr. Santiago “Ka Sanny” Salas.

Fr. Salas expressed grave concern for the safety of hundreds of innocent civilians in San Jose de Buan town in Samar who now fear for their lives as Duterte’s minions in the AFP subject them to hamletting, and psychological warfare.

Around 200 troops from the 87th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army have been camping in several barrios including Brgy. Can-ponte, Sitio San Pedro, Sitio Fernandez, Brgy. Cataydungan, Brgy. Hagbay, Brgy. San Nicolas, Brgy. Gusa, and Brgy. Aguingayan in the said town this month, according to Katungod-Sinirangan Bisayas. “The residents were forcibly interrogated, photographed, and made to sign blank sheets of paper. The soldiers are also planning to build a camp less than 10 meters away from a local school and evacuation center, to use them as human shields which is in clear violation of international humanitarian law,” Fr. Salas added.

He noted that the military occupation of San Jose de Buan come as elements of the 63rd IB have yet to leave Barangay Bay-ang in San Jorge, Samar, after residents were forced out of their community by the troops’ strafing, helicopter overflights and aerial bombardment. “The intensified militarization has prevented the children from attending school and the residents from living peaceful lives. Even the children suffer as Duterte desperately intensifies his attacks against all political opposition in vain hope of establishing an outright fascist dictatorship surpassing even his avowed idol Marcos.”

Fr. Salas called on all peace-loving people to expose the human rights violations in the countryside and support the struggle of peasants against militarization and Oplan Kapayapaan. “We demand the Duterte regime observe the GRP-NDFP Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL) and to pull out its troops from civilian communities. The people in the cities, such as church people, media, human rights advocates, must unite to expose, isolate and oust Duterte’s tyrannical and corrupt regime. Fascist troops in the barrios of Samar, out now!” he called.#