25 January 2019

NPA claims new victories in Western Samar as AFP turns on civilians over losses

Media Release | January 25, 2019

The Arnulfo Ortiz Command (AOC) of the New People’s Army-Western Samar today claimed new victories in guerrilla warfare against the Armed Forces of the Philippines and slammed the Duterte regime’s military for venting its losses on innocent civilians.

“Last January 21, Red fighters successfully harassed the paramilitary camp of the 52nd IB CAA in San Jose Depanaugan, Gandara,” the AOC said. “Meanwhile, on the same day in San Jorge town, Red fighters defended themselves in a counter-raid against 20 attacking troops of the 63rd IB; two soldiers were killed in action.

“Earlier on January 19, at around 12 midnight, Red fighters also harassed the 52nd IB camp in Barangay Concepcion, resulting in one enemy soldier killed in action and two more wounded. The enemy soldiers also indiscriminately strafed the surrounding houses of civilians. There were no NPA casualties in all these armed engagements.”

The NPA-Western Samar said it will further intensify guerrilla warfare against the Duterte regime’s all-out war through Oplan Kapayapaan and scheming towards fascist dictatorship. “All NPA units in Western Samar under the Arnulfo Ortiz Command are ordered to carry out guerrilla offensives according to capabilities and actively defend themselves to leave the enemy bleeding from many wounds while punching the air,” the AOC stated. 

Furthermore, the AOC called on the AFP to stop its cowardly attacks on defenseless civilians and challenged Duterte’s military to come after the NPA instead. “We condemn the AFP for turning on civilians over its losses, leading to forced evacuations particularly in San Jorge. We demand the GRP and its military observe the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law. We call on the people to dare to take up armed struggle, support and join the NPA against the fascist, puppet and corrupt US-Duterte regime!”#

24 January 2019

NDF-EV calls for resistance as AFP displaces and vows to massacre civilians in Samar

Media release | January 24, 2019

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas (NDF-EV) today called on the people to resist and defend their rights as the Armed Forces of the Philippines threatens to commit massacres of civilians in the US-Duterte regime’s “counterinsurgency” campaign Oplan Kapayapaan in Samar. “Reports have reached the people’s democratic government that at least two Philippine Army battalions under the 8th infantry Division have openly vowed to commit massacres of civilians accused of supporting the New People’s Army during their military operations in Samar,” said NDF-EV spokesperson Fr. Santiago “Ka Sanny” Salas. “These are the 63rd IB and 87th IB currently causing mass evacuations in Northern Samar and Western Samar and whose grave threats can be attested by many witnesses.

“Let us condemn the sufferings of civilians and the dangerous declarations by Duterte’s fascist troops made credible by recent mass killings in Sagay and Guihulngan on Negros island related to Oplan Kapayapaan.”

Fr. Salas noted the 63rd IB’s threats against civilians were revealed by Barangay Chairperson Lorna Bandiola of Barangay Bay-ang, San Jorge, Western Samar, after she and other village officials talked to the battalion’s executive officer Maj. Jaderick Gagabi and other officers. “The military warned these civilian officials they would be removed from their elected positions and the military was ready to massacre the entire village if necessary. Since January 15, 37 families have evacuated Barangay Bay-ang where military helicopters were sowing terror by making overflights while firing, and are currently huddling in fear and hunger at an unfinished clinic in San Jorge town center. Residents of nearby Barangay Calungdan have also evacuated out of fear for their lives.

“The Arnulfo Ortiz Command of the NPA-Western Samar has said it has been inflicting heavy casualties on the military while remaining unscathed.”

The NDF-EV spokesperson added 15 families have also evacuated from the interior of Silvino Lobos, Northern Samar because of relentless military operations. “Duterte’s fascist Brig. Gen. Ramil Bitong of the 803rd Infantry Brigade is exceedingly stupid and heartless for saying the military operations in Silvino Lobos are saving the people from “revolutionary taxation” when these poor peasants now have no homes and no livelihood because of Oplan Kapayapaan.”

Fr. Salas also reported around 300 village officials and other people from 21 barangays in Calbiga, Western Samar were duped by the 87th IB into attending an assembly last Dec. 26 ostensibly for the giving away of Christmas presents but was in fact an anti-communist rally. “A certain Lt. Tecson of the 87th IB demanded the people surrender within three months members of the people’s militia and those whom they know NPA members. Otherwise, the military went on, they would kill all people they came upon in the villages as NPA members and the surrounding forests would also be bombed. The military also humiliated the people by making them march around with a hammer-and-sickle flag while chanting ‘down with the NPA’ and ‘the NPA are uncircumcised’ and later making them burn the flag along with a picture of NDFP Chief Political Consultant Jose Maria Sison.”

The NDF-EV spokesperson accused the Duterte regime and its military of committing war crimes in Samar and urged the people to rise up and defend their rights. “The Filipino people and human rights advocates here and abroad are united in excoriating the Duterte regime’s impunity for violations of human rights and international humanitarian law. The people demand the Duterte regime observe the GRP-NDFP Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law. The church, media, lawyers and other human rights advocates and peace-loving people have common cause to fight de facto martial law through exposing military abuses and supporting the struggle of the peasants against militarization in the countryside. The people can unite in a broad united front to expose, isolate and oust the US-Duterte regime for its fascism, puppetry and corruption, and persevere in waging armed and unarmed struggles until the reactionary ruling system can be overthrown.”#

21 January 2019

NPA-Western Samar punishes military intelligence asset

Arnulfo Ortiz Command
New People's Army-Western Samar

People's War Bulletin |  January 21, 2019

Red fighters from the Arnulfo Ortiz Command (New People’s Army-Western Samar) punished military intelligence asset Erning Gan last January 17 at 3 p.m. in Barangay Concepcion, Paranas, Western Samar. Gan was a counterrevolutionary and bad element who spied on the people and the NPA. The partisan operation was also a slap on the military’s arrogance as it was done amidst the heavy presence of fascist troops in the civilian community. The people rejoice at Gan’s punishment that serves as a warning to other counterrevolutionary and bad elements to mend their ways and stop supporting the Duterte regime’s fascist terrorism.#

19 January 2019

AFP suffered casualties, NPA unharmed in Jan. 11 ambush by the Arnulfo Ortiz Command in Samar

Press Release | January 19, 2019

The Efren Martires Command of the New People's Army-Eastern Visayas belies the claims of the 8th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army that the NPA suffered heavy casualties in a battle last January 11 at past 4 p.m. in Barangay Bay-ang, San Jorge, Samar. It was in fact the Armed Forces of the Philippines that suffered nine confirmed wounded in action and seven unconfirmed killed in action, while the NPA had no casualties, according to the latest report of the Arnulfo Ortiz Command. The NPA turned the tables on the troops of fascist GRP President Duterte and ambushed them as the soldiers were on an offensive operation. Red fighters of the Arnulfo Ortiz Command also successfully carried out a harassment operation against Duterte's troops last Jan. 17 at past 3 p.m., with details to follow. Meanwhile, the Efren Martires Command calls on the AFP to observe the GRP-NDFP Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law  after continuous military operations and overflights by military helicopters have forced the residents of Barangay Bay-ang to evacuate to the San Jorge town center and demand the intervention of the local government so they could return to their community and livelihood. ##

18 January 2019

PNP, AFP comical in painting fair conduct of 2019 elections under their watch - NDFP-EV

News Release
18 January 2019

 PNP, AFP comical in painting fair conduct of 2019 elections under their watch - NDFP-EV

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas today poked fun when last January 19, the police, army, Commission on Elections, interior and local government department, and Dueterte's ally, the Romualdez political dynasty in Tacloban and Leyte's first district, joined forces in holding a unity walk, inter-faith prayer rally, peace covenant signing and zumba in line with their purported campaign for a secure and fair 2019 midterm elections dubbed SAFE 2019.

"The AFP's zumba, and the PNP's howling to the skies in dramatic prayer will not erase the glaring reality that they are all part and parcel of the continuing rotten, violent, and undemocratic elections under the reactionary ruling system," said Fr. Santiago Salas, spokesperson of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) in Eastern Visayas.

"The plethora of activities by the police, 78th and 93rd IB, along with local ruling politicians are all but a waste of public funds intended to promote the notion of free and democratic elections under the semifeudal and semicolonial ruling system. The fact remains that in Eastern Visayas as in the whole country, the landlords, big businessmen and bureaucrat capitalist with the most guns, goons, and gold gets 'elected'," added the revolutionary priest. "The Duterte regime itself intends to steal the elections by ensuring the victory of its confederates, and thus railroad afterwards a fascist dictatorship under the cover of federalism and charter change."

"Thus the PNP and AFP's PR stunts are useless in the face of the militarization of countryside persists thereby manipulating the voting
in barrios; as the chilling effect of the PNP's anti-poor Oplan Tokhang
lingers; and as warlord politicians maintain their own private armies, of course with the PNP and AFP's blessing. The people must fight against this bleak scenario by waging mass struggles, including electoral struggle, as well as most effectively by taking up arms to overthrow the reactionary ruling system for good and establishing a democratic government that really looks out for their sovereign interests," concluded Salas." #

17 January 2019

NPA to government contractuals: You are welcome in the people's army

News Release | 17 January 2019

Ka Karlos Manuel
Spokesperson, Efren Martires Command

"To the contractual government workers retrenched due to bickering within the ruling system, you are more than welcome in the people's army,"said Ka Karlos Manuel, spokesperson of the Eastern Visayas Regional Command of the communist-led New People's Army.
Almost 4,000 contractual workers from the regional office 8 of the public works department alone have been rendered jobless due to the inability of Congress to pass the 2019 General Appropriations Act.

"The rotten Duterte regime treats its workers as dispensable goods through contractualization, leaving them vulnerable to the current retrenchment due to the factional pettifogging of politicians," added Manuel.

GRP President Rodrigo Duterte used ending contractualization as one of his battlecries in his electoral campaign. But years after he took office, contractualization prevails.

"The hideous tyrant Duterte is lying through his teeth when he blabbers about ending ENDO. The best thing to end at this moment is his tyrannical regime," said Manuel.

"The Efren Martirez Command is open to the jobless, landless and other disenfranchised who are willing to serve the people and fight for a better future. Together let us support the people in ousting the despotic Duterte regime and go on to fight for national democracy and make land reform and national industrialization possible to uplift the people and ensure economic progress," concluded Manuel.

14 January 2019

Dec. 13 aktibong depensa sa Leyte, gilunsad sa Mt. Amandewin Command

New People's Army-Eastern Visayas Region

Media Release
January 4, 2018

Sa may alas 6 sa buntag petsa 13 bulan sa Decembre 2018, usa ka aktibong depensa ang gilunsad sa usa nga yunit sa Bagong Hukbong Bayan ilawum sa Mt. Amandewin Command - isla sa Leyte didto sa Brgy. Anislagan, Calubian. Mikabat sa dul-an 10 minutos ang pagsinukli-ay og bala tali sa pasistang militar ug ang tinuod nga sundalo sa katawhan. Sa maong engkwentro mainabtikon nga naunhan og pabuto sa mga pulang manggugubat ang nagtingohang pasistang militar nga puohon ang rebolusyonaryong kalihukan sa Leyte. Base sa aktwal report nga atong nakuha sa maong panghitabo, usa niini ka sundalong pasista ang
diha-dihang nakita sa pulang manggugubat ang natumba human sa pagtriger niini sa dili mukulang 2 ngadto 3 ka dupa ang distansya. Luyo sa grabeng pagpaningkamot sa mga berdugong itoy ni Duterte nga mao ang pasistang kasundalohang AFP luwas gihapon nga nakawidraw ang mga pulang manggugubat nga walay naangkong kaswalidad gawas sa pipila
ka mga kagamitang militar nga nakuha sa kaaway sa aktwal nga panagsangka nga mao ang 1 ka M16 riple, 3 ka magasin, 1 ka tablet, 1cp, 2 ka bag ug uban pang kagamitan sa kusina.

Nakahatag pud kini og grabeng kalisang og kahadlok sa mga lumulupyo sa maong lugar tungod sa mga pagpanaywar ug pagpanghadlok sa mga pasistang sundalo nga gani human sa aktwal nga panghitabo, gidakop pa nila ang duha ka mga inosenteng sibilyan nga mao sila Brgy Kapitan Janny Cator ug ¨Toto.¨ Ingon man nagresulta og pagbakwit sa taga Sityo
Hayahay sakop sa maong barangay.

Sa nagkakusog og grabeng kaisog sa katawhan nga musukol batok sa pagpangatake sa pasistang-dektadurang US-Duterte gamit ang ilang nagalain-laing taktika aron pugngan ang rebolusyonaryong kalihukan, dili ug dili kanus-a man muhuyang ang katawhan gamit ang Bagong Hukbong Bayan aron panalipdan ang katungod alang sa pagsulong sa tinuod nga demokrasya ug kalingkawasan.

Kas. Dodong Malaya
Mt. Amandewin Command

A Revolutionary Priest’s Open Letter to the Church People of the Philippines

January 14, 2019

GRP President Rodrigo Duterte is escalating his vilification of the Catholic Church that has become a hallmark of his rule. He is once again insulting the Vatican and engaging in the character assassination of priests. He is also urging Filipinos to steal from and kill bishops and priests.

What is really behind Duterte’s relentless, menacing and patently mad tirades?

The GRP president’s  attacks against the Church are not out of concern or just personal rancor, but a calculating fusillade to prevent the highest institution of moral authority in the predominantly Catholic country and the people from uniting and putting an end to his wicked and bloodthirsty puppet regime.

Confronted with the growing wrath of the people and excoriated as an international pariah for his wanton rights violations, Mr. Duterte is desperately aware of the Church’s moral suasion that could back a broad united front and sway the widely Catholic population against his tyrannical rule.  He could very well end up like his idol in despotism, Ferdinand Marcos, and his currently ally, Joseph Estrada, who were deposed by the people who rose up against their brutality, corruption and servility to foreign interests. His slanders are also out of fear of the proven mystique of the Church in giving moral ascendancy to the power of the people in ousting a puny historical freak like him.

The Church has its own faults and as a priest I have witnessed it myself in my time. But my fellow priests and church people, it is through going outside an elegant edifice of marble and gold and linking with the people that our faith becomes truly alive and relevant.

The people are suffering now more than ever, and to the church the voice of the people is the voice of God: They must be heeded.

The people’s basic freedoms are increasingly curtailed and threatened to be done away with altogether. The war on drugs is a war on the poor.  Martial law is extended in Mindanao and creeping into the whole country through Duterte’s decrees of Memo 32 and Executive Order 70 that deploy more security forces to Samar, Bicol and Negros and militarize the civilian government in support of the counterrevolutionary war. Instead of pursuing peace talks and addressing the root causes of the civil war, Duterte’s regime has declared all-out war that affects mainly civilians whose  communities are terrorized by “peace and development” operations, such as what is happening in Samar.

The Church must cry to the heavens over the wanton violations of the people’s human rights. They can  regain the moral high ground over Duterte  by listening to the people and showing solidarity with them in their time of hardships under the bloodthirsty regime.

Speak of Christ’s militancy against the oppressors, spread Jesus’s love for the people, for the toiling masses; dare to speak against the Rameseses and Herods of today, the tyrants of the country; speak not only behind the gold-plated pulpit, but dare to speak and engage with the people whom we vowed to serve.

I urge you, my brethren to take action, as in the legions of activists and mass protesters boldly taking the streets to push for democratic demands. Social justice must be sought both in  meaningful words and worthy deeds.

Many of our priests, nuns, pastors and laity in Christianity are working on uniting the Filipinos for them to wield their collective power to gain collective good.  And the collective good today is exposing the evil tyrant Duterte, joining the broad unity of the people and fighting to be collectively rid of the despicable regime.  I encourage those who can go even further as I did, in taking up arms for the liberation of the motherland and the people.

We are Christians who wish for our people’s freedom not in the heavens but here on earth. We wish for a society where our people earn their daily bread. We wish for a society that is void of trespasses, and a society where the masses have the power, and the glory, not a madman who would like to bring his country down with mass murder, massive corruption including engaging in narcopolitics, and puppetry to foreign interests.

In solidarity and in arms,

Fr. Santiago “Ka Sanny” Salas
National Democratic Front of the Philippines – Eastern Visayas