15 October 2018

Samar town mayor’s death is vindication for his rape and murder victims – NPA-EV

New People's Army-Eastern Visayas Region 
October 15, 2018
Ka Karlos Manuel
Spokesperson, NPA-Efren Martires Command

The New People’s Army in Eastern Visayas region (Efren Martires Command) claims victory of revolutionary justice over the death of Mr. Ananias Rebato, due to massive cardiac arrest on October 13, Saturday. The former municipal mayor of San Jose de Buan succumbed to his injuries following the attempt to mete the death penalty by forces of the Special Operations Group of the provincial command of the NPA in Samar (Arnulfo Ortiz Command) last October 8. Rebato’s close-in security escort cum henchman Severino ‘Tuko’ Tesoro Jr., died on the spot.

The death of the serial rapist, mass murderer and devoted servant of the fascist reactionary AFP, gives vindication to the dozens of women Rebato sexually assaulted, farmers he displaced, harassed and ordered killed, and communities he terrorized for the long time he shamelessly clung to power as mayor of the reactionary government in San Jose de Buan. This is a triumph not only for Rebato’s direct victims but also for the people of San Jose de Buan who have long suffered from massive corruption and warlordism of the small-time despot.

Reports from the local NPA units in San Jose de Buan state that the people are overjoyed, as Mr. Rebato’s death is proof that justice can be served through the People’s Democratic Government and the Revolutionary People’s Court. That while justice system in the reactionary government and their ‘judges’ may wear fancy robes and conduct swanky pageantries it ultimately fails to serve justice especially when the poor are the aggrieved.

His death also puts to shame his defenders in their side of the reactionary government particularly in the AFP. The likes of Rebato after all are the kinds of little tyrants who would attach themselves like lowly, filthy barnacles to the equally filthy 8th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army, all for protection and a share of the cake from each of their own corrupt practices. How fitting for Mr. Francis Agno, spokesperson of the 8th IDPA to declare Rebato’s innocence – for who would do so for a plunderer of public funds, rapist, and mass murderer but his own kind?

Mr. Agno in his statements to the press expectedly expressed his, his overlord, Mr. Raul Farnacio, and their institution’s sorrow over losing their precious intelligence officer – 1ST Lieutenant Ananias Rebato. May we wish to educate Mr. Agno that Rebato did not die ‘protecting’ his constituents, for Mr. Rebato and his likes in the mercenary AFP are the threats from which the NPA unceasingly protect the people.

The Efren Martires Command, in view of AFP supposedly respecting not only international humanitarian laws but their own laws on due process calls for the release of the civilian wrongly arrested and accused of participating in the military action against Rebato. The young farmer only happened to be in the vicinity attending the barrio fiesta. May human rights defenders and the concerned public clamor for the civilian farmer’s immediate release.

The NPA-EV gives the highest salute to Comrade Ambie “Ka Mati/Ka Mamoy” Gabane, who was martyred in the course of the military action. He is a true son of the people, and his death carries far greater weight than that of the counterrevolutionary Rebato.##

10 October 2018

NPA-Western Samar: Rabid counter-revolutionary and serial rapist ex-Mayor Ananias Rebato punished by the NPA

Arnulfo Ortiz Command
New People’s Army - Western Samar
October 9, 2018
The Arnulfo Ortiz Command of the New People’s Army-Western Samar claims today the attempt to mete the death penalty on rabid counter-revolutionary and serial rapist ex-Mayor Ananias Rebato on October 8 at past midnight in Brgy. Babaclayon, San Jose de Buan. The former mayor of the said town was attending the barangay fiesta and surrounded by his six armed goons and five CAFGU elements. He was walking towards the highway when approached by a team of the NPA special operations group that directed four gunshots at him. His close-in henchman, Tuko Tesoro, also sustained gunshots and died on the spot.

The death penalty issued by the people’s court went through the process of filing the case, thorough investigation, verification of presented evidence and deliberation of the justices before arriving at a unanimous decision. The people’s court has repeatedly summoned the former mayor to answer the charges and attend the hearing of his case, only to be shunned and instead he requested the military to conduct military operations aimed at harassing and silencing the complainants. The former mayor was found guilty of the following charges:

1. Thirty-one counts of rape and multiple sexual harassment perpetrated on women “scholars,” most of them minors and daughters of peasants from hinterland barrios. By taking advantage of his authority as mayor that enabled him to grant scholarships to poor students, former Mayor Rebato kept a steady supply of young women he can rape and molest. These vulnerable young women, when impregnated are later coerced, including their families, and forcibly sent to Manila for abortion. Out of the hundreds he victimized, only thirty-one testified and gave sworn statements, the rest requesting to keep their silence due to the constant fear of retaliation.

2. Involvement in counter-revolutionary activities such as maintaining a platoon of goons aimed at harassing suspected NPA members and sympathizers. He masterminded the abduction and disappearance of a peasant from Brgy. San Nicolas whom he suspected of being an NPA sympathizer.

3. Ex-Mayor Rebato was no ordinary mayor during his long term in service. Not only was he a proud sponsor of brutal militarization in the hinterland barangays of San Jose de Buan, giving away bribes and financing CAFGU and regular military elements, thus securing his reign as mayor, but he also holds the rank of first lieutenant under the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines or ISAFP. Thus he spearheaded the building of a vast intelligence network for counter-revolutionary activities targeting peasants. He openly campaigned for the surrender of peasants to be later paraded as “NPA surrenderees,” while constantly terrorizing peasant leaders when they go to the town to deliver their farm produce.

4. Massive corruption of public funds, pocketing millions’ worth of infrastructure projects such as the National Greening Program and other livelihood programs. It is no secret in town how the ex-mayor picked his family and political supporters to maintain his administrative office and staff up to job-order employees. From the municipal government down to barangay councils manned by his lackeys, the ex-mayor institutionalized massive corruption, political patronage and briberies that further worsened the plight of San Jose de Buan as one of the poorest towns in the Philippines.

While the ex-mayor survived the attempt to serve capital punishment, the revolutionary movement and the NPA will continue to seek justice long awaited by the women he raped, the peasants he ordered to be killed and his decades-long corruption and abuse of authority while serving as the town’s mayor. This also serves as a warning to him and his henchmen who might retaliate against innocent civilians.

The NPA also condemns the arrest of a young peasant from Brgy. San Nicolas whom the military tagged as an NPA member involved in the recent military action. The arrested youth recently held by the military is a civilian and just happened to be at the vicinity attending the fiesta. The NPA demands that the military unconditionally and immediately release him and respect his civil and political rights.

In the course of the military action, an NPA cadre, Comrade Ambie Gabane, also known as “Ka Mati/Ka Mamoy,” sacrificed his life for the revolutionary cause. His martyrdom is heavier than Mt. Huraw and his youth and life selflessly offered to serve the people will inspire millions of youth and peasants to advance the revolution.#

04 October 2018

Larab Hulyo-Agosto 2018

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Worse than “Tokhang”: NPA-EV slams Duterte for threatening mass arrest and mass murder in “counterinsurgency”

Press Release
October 3, 2018
Ka Karlos Manuel
Spokesperson, Efren Martires Command

The Efren Martires Command of the New People’s Army in Eastern Visayas today condemned GRP President Rodrigo Duterte for telling the military to carry out arbitrary arrests as well as to carry out extrajudicial killings against NPA members in his talk to the 803rd Infantry Brigade of the Philippine Army this October 2 in Catarman, Northern Samar.

“Duterte’s statements show how he is becoming even more despicable each day that passes in his drive to become the dictator of the Philippines,” said Ka Karlos Manuel. “What else could his backing of warrantless arrests mean except sanctioning the mass arrest of all deemed to be members of the New People’s Army? What else could “neutralization” mean except promoting the mass murder of alleged NPA members?

“This is worse than the bloody anti-drug war “Tokhang” which was against a part of the poor who were desperate and dabbled in drugs. Now Duterte wants to arrest or kill all who opposes his regime, who could even be conveniently shot dead and described in police parlance as ‘NPA na nanlaban’ (NPA who fought back). This will be carrying out mass murder because the police and military are steeped in fanatical anticommunism and do not see any difference, such as between a student activist and an NPA Red fighter.”

The NPA-EV spokesperson noted that Duterte’s words violate even the laws of the reactionary government, and show his regime’s desperation to fast-track a more repressive constitution or else declare martial law. “Duterte and his minions have been scrambling to install a fascist dictatorship through a shift to federalism, charter change or declaring martial law. That’s why they make noise about the bogus “Red October” plot to oust Duterte. They want to accumulate arbitrary powers of arrest and detention and even over life and death. Thus we see the regime’s calls for longer detention of terror suspects without charges, warrantless arrests and “neutralization.””

Ka Karlos Manuel urged the people to resist Duterte’s fascist overtures and defend their basic rights. “The people are in turmoil over the socio-economic crisis engendered by Duterte’s neoliberal and despotic diktat. We call on them to fight for their basic issues and defend their basic rights. We call on civil libertarians, human rights advocates, lawyers, church people, peace advocates and other concerned democrats to oppose Duterte’s rising authoritarianism.

“We also urge the police and military to respect human rights and international humanitarian law and disobey Duterte’s illegal and anti-people orders. They can choose to leave the reactionary service to avoid harming the people, and they can also join the NPA to fight on the side of the people for national freedom and democracy.

“In response to Duterte’s threats, the NPA will strive to intensify tactical offensives to defend the people and to punish the police, military and paramilitary units that are the worst human rights violators and promoters of mining, logging, land grabbing and other plunder. The NPA will surely become bigger and stronger because Rodrigo Duterte himself is fast becoming the best NPA recruiter as his human rights violations and dictatorial powers are convincing more people to take up armed struggle and overthrow the reactionary ruling system.” ##