20 August 2011

Revolutionary Road in Eastern Visayas: Individual Study

Aside from collective study, Red fighters read and study on their own. It is inside the NPA where many Red fighters learn to read and write after being forced to leave school and become child workers under the oppressive and exploitative ruling system. The NPA units have cultural activities as well as literacy campaigns for the Red fighters and the peasant masses.

Revolutionary Road in Eastern Visayas: Rest and Recreation

While busy at the frontlines of struggle, the Red fighters do find time for rest and recreation. They learn cultural activities, watch progressive and revolutionary movies, get a haircut, or play the popular game of chess. In contrast to the reactionary army, there is no gambling, drinking or womanizing inside the NPA.

Revolutionary Road in Eastern Visayas: Military Routines

Red fighters do regular military exercises to keep fit for combat. They also tend to their firearms, especially the ubiquitous M16 rifle said to be notoriously sensitive to jungle conditions.

Revolutionary Road in Eastern Visayas: Red Medics

The NPA medics strive to raise their knwoledge and practice as the people's war intensifies. They study traditional as well as alternative medicine such as acupuncture and herbal remedies. Aside from accompanying fellow Red fighters in combat to tend to wounded casualties, they also do medical missions among the poor to treat patients or even do simple surgery.

Revolutionary Road in Eastern Visayas: Kitchen

The Red fighters adhere to simple living and ardent struggle. Red commanders and fighters eat the same food as the nearby peasant masses. Sometimes, flour may be obtained for making simple breads.

Revolutionary Road in Eastern Visayas: Red Schools

The revolutionary movement combines low-tech and high-tech in education work. While modern equipment like laptop computers and projectors may be used, a simple tent may also be used as a blackboard. Schoolhouses are temporary and assembled quickly, ready to be abandoned and redone elsewhere in case of enemy attack. Here the guerrillas may attend a long study such as the Party Intermediate Course or a shorter one such as a workshop on propaganda work.

Revolutionary Road in Eastern Visayas: Camp Life

Scenes in a typical NPA guerrilla camp. The Red fighters are highly mobile and pay attention to camouflaging their presence from the enemy.

Revolutionary Road in Eastern Visayas

We are sharing a collection of recent photos of the New People's Army in Eastern Visayas. The pictures describe the daily life and work of the NPA in waging the revolutionary armed struggle for national liberation and democracy.

But first, here are original drawings by a revolutionary artist in the region.

14 August 2011

Double-dealing Aquino regime must release Eduardo Sarmiento and all NDFP peace consultants

Press Release
Aug. 14, 2011

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas today said the Aquino regime's seriousness for peace negotiations is under question as long as Eduardo Sarmiento and other NDFP peace consultants are not released. The NDF-EV spokesperson, Fr. Santiago Salas, also noted the regime talks of peace but has militarized the region with 11 army battalions. “The Government of the Philippines (GPH) and the NDFP signed this year the January 18 Joint Communique, with the Norwegian government as witness, where the GPH committed to immediately releasing the detained NDFP peace consultants and personnel covered by the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees. But after many months, obviously, the Aquino regime has not released Eduardo Sarmiento, NDFP peace consultant for Eastern Visayas, and his fellow consultants.”

Fr. Salas added that, “As far as Eastern Visayas is concerned, the Aquino regime is on the warpath in militarizing the region with 11 army battalions under the euphemism of “peace and development.” In NDF-EV's view, the Aquino regime is double-dealing by deliberately stalling the peace talks and ordering the 8th Infantry Division to crush the NPA in the region under Oplan Bayanihan. If the Aquino regime is really for peace, it should have been working for the progress of the peace talks and restrained the search-and-destroy mission of the 8th ID masquerading as “peace and development” operations.”

The NDF-EV spokesperson called on the Aquino regime to release Eduardo Sarmiento and all NDFP peace consultants as well as other political prisoners, end the anti-people Oplan Bayanihan, and work on the peace talks to deliver socio-economic reforms. “Eduardo Sarmiento has been languishing in jail since February 2009 on trumped-up charges, like his fellow NDFP peace consultants and other political prisoners. His release is not only because of his role in the peace talks, but also a matter of justice. Eduardo Sarmiento and the people have all been victims of the GPH's wanton violations of human rights and international humanitarian law.

“The people of Eastern Visayas are only suffering war and misery under the the contradiction in terms of Oplan Bayanihan's “peace and development” operations. The people are questioning why “peace and development” are not being discussed at the negotiating table by the GPH and the NDFP, but being mouthed by armed minions of the state who are violating human rights with impunity. If the Aquino regime persists in betraying the interests of the people, it will surely become isolated and vulnerable to the wrath of the people who desire a just and lasting peace.”#


Angay nga buhian han buwaon nga rehimen Aquino hi Eduardo Sarmiento
ngan ngatanan nga mga konsultant ha kamurayawan han NDFP

Ginsering yana han National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas nga kwestyunable an kaseryosohan han rehimen Aquino para ha erestorya pankamurayawan tubtob nga diri ginbubuhian hi Eduardo Sarmiento ngan an iba pa nga konsultant ha kamurayawan han NDFP. Gindugang ni Fr. Santiago Salas, tagapagyakan han NDFP, nga nagyayakan han kamurayawan an rehimen pero ginmilitarisa hini an rehiyon han 11 nga batalyon han army. “An Government of the Philippines (GPH) ngan an NDFP in ginpirmahan yana nga tuig an January 18 Joint Communique, upod an gobyerno han Norway komo testigo, kun diin nagpatapod an GPH nga dagmit nga ipapagawas an mga detenido nga konsultant ha kamurayawan han NDFP. Pero klaro kahuman han damo na nga bulan nga diri pa ginbubuhian hi Eduardo Sarmiento, konsultant ha kamurayawan han NDFP ha Eastern Visayas, ngan an iya igkasi mga konsultant.”

Sering pa ni Fr. Salas nga, “Kun ha Eastern Visayas la, aada an rehimen Aquino ha dalan han gerra dida ha pagmilitarisa ha rehiyon han 11 nga batalyon han army ilarum ha buwa nga “kamurayawan ngan kauswagan.” Ha pagkita han NDF-EV, nagbibinuwa an rehimen Aquino tungod kay naghihinay-hinay ini ha erestorya pankamurayawan samtang ginmamando an 8th Infantry Division nga puypuyon an NPA ha rehiyon ilarum han Oplan Bayanihan. Kun tinuod nga para ha kamurayawan an rehimen Aquino, dapat gintatrabaho na hini an pag-asdang han erestorya pankamurayawan, ngan gin-undang an misyon han pagbiling-ngan-paghibang han 8th ID nga ginmamaskarahan komo mga operasyon para ha “kamurayawan ngan kauswagan.”

Ginpanawagan han tagapagyakan han NDF-EV ha rehimen Aquino nga buhian na hi Eduardo Sarmiento ngan ngatanan nga konsultant ha kamurayawan han NDFP upod an iba pa nga priso pulitikal, undangon an kontra-katawhan nga Oplan Bayanihan, ngan trabahuon an erestorya pankamurayawan agud makabug-os han mga sosyo-ekonomiko nga reporma. “Nag-iiniha na ha priso hi Eduardo Sarmiento tikang han Pebrero 2009 ha buwa nga mga kaso, sugad han igkasi niya nga mga konsultant ha kamurayawan han NDFP ngan iba pa nga priso pulitikal. An pagpapagawas ha iya in diri la ngani tungod han iya papel ha erestorya pankamurayawan, kundi komo karukayaknon han hustisya. Hi Eduardo Sarmiento ngan an katawhan in ngatanan mga biktima han kanan GPH waray-wantas nga pagtalapas han tawhanon nga katungod ngan internasyunal nga makatawo nga balaud.

“Gin-aantos la han katawhan han Eastern Visayas an gerra ngan kakablasan ilarum han kanan Oplan Bayanihan nga mga buwaon nga operasyon kulaos para ha “kamurayawan ngan kauswagan.” Ginpapakiana han katawhan kun kay ano nga diri gin-eestorya an “kamurayawan ngan kauswagan” ha negosasyon giutan han GPH ngan NDFP, kundi ginyiyinawyaw han mga armado nga pwersa han estado nga gintatalapas an mga tawhanon nga katungod han waray kabaratunon. Kun igpapadayon han rehimen Aquino an pagtraydor ha mga interes han katawhan, sigurado nga mag-uusahan ini ngan bulnerable ha kangalas han katawhan nga naghihingyap han makatadungan ngan panmaihaan nga kamuyawan.”#

12 August 2011

NPA launches offensives in Samar against 8th ID's search-and-destroy mission masquerading as for “peace and development”

Press Release
August 12, 2011

The Efren Martires Command of the New People's Army-Eastern Visayas said today that guerrilla offensives in Western Samar are stepping up since June against the 8th Infantry Division's Oplan Bayanihan implementation. “The successful NPA offensives counter the 8th ID's search-and-destroy operations in the countryside under Oplan Bayanihan, which division commander Gen. Mario Chan disguise as “peace and development” operations,” said Ka Karlos Manuel, EMC spokesperson. “Oplan Bayanihan in Samar has strikingly meant intensified military presence riding on road projects funded mainly by the US. In fact, these infrastructure projects are indirect attacks on the people by being principally meant for facilitating the military's search-and-destroy operations against the NPA that often give rise to human rights violations. Moreover, such projects will not solve landlessness and poverty in the absence of comprehensive socio-economic reforms under the Aquino government.”

Manuel gave details on the following NPA tactical offensives in Western Samar:

June 6. Brgy. Diit, Matuguinao. Red fighters of the Serafin Pacimos Command harass a unit of the 87th IB, killing three soldiers and wounding one. The NPA had no casualties.

June 26. Brgy. Lawaan, Paranas. An NPA special operations unit punished Bolontoy Sosing, an important intelligence asset of the military. Smarting from their loss, the military today continues search-and-destroy operations in the area in the vain hope of retaliation.

July 13. Brgy. Lagundi, Catbalogan. Red fighters raid the sub-provincial jail and disarm the four jail officers on duty. Confiscated were one 9-mm. pistol, a .38 revolver and a .38 pistol, along with ammunition, two laptop computers, uniforms, bags, and other equipment. The Red fighters did not indiscriminately fire as claimed by the police, but an accidental discharge hit one of the jail officers who had surrendered, for which the NPA apologizes.

July 20. Between Brgy. Concepcion and Brgy. Canligues, Paranas. Red fighters of the Arnulfo Ortiz Command ambush a military convoy heading for San Jose de Buan. One soldier was confirmed killed and many others wounded. There were no casualties on the side of the NPA. Confiscated were one K3 machine gun, two M16 rifles, three .45 pistols, and ammunition: 400 K3 rounds; 1,950 M16 rounds; 526 M14 rounds, and one box of mortar rounds. Also seized were ammunition belts and magazines, military uniforms and bags, documents of high intelligence value, and other equipment. The NPA used command-detonated explosives, not landmines as alleged by Lt. Col. Niceforo Diaz, Jr., chief of the Civil-Military Operations Battalion, in falsely accusing the NPA of violating the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law. The weapons and ammunition confiscated from the soldiers also show them to be ready for battle, rather than for a “peace and development” mission with their infrastructure projects in San Jose de Buan and nearby towns.#


NPA naglalansar han mga opensiba ha Samar kontra ha kanan 8th ID nga misyon han pagbiling-ngan-paghibang nga ginpapagawas nga para ha “kamurayawan ngan kauswagan”

Ginsering yana han Efren Martires Command han New People's Army-Eastern Visayas nga ginpapakusog yana an mga gerilya nga opensiba ha Western Samar tikang hadin Hunyo kontra ha pag-implementar han 8th Infantry Division han Oplan Bayanihan. “An mga madinaugon nga opensiba han NPA in pag-ato ha kanan 8th ID mga operasyon han pagbiling-ngan-paghibang (search-and-destroy operations) ha kaumhan ilarum han Oplan Bayanihan,” sering ni Ka Karlos Manuel, tagapagyakan han EMC. “Ginpapagawas ini nga mga operasyon han kumander han dibisyon nga hi Gen. Mario Chan komo para ha “kamurayawan ngan kauswagan.” Kundi, an usa nga tinuod nga karuyag sidngon han Oplan Bayanihan ha Samar amo an pagpapakusog han presensya han militar nga gin-gagamit an mga proyekto ha kalsada nga prinsipal nga ginpopondohan han US.

“Ha kamatuoran, ini nga mga proyekto ha imprastraktura in nabulig ha pag-atake ha katawhan, tungod kay an prinsipal ngani nga tuyo amo an pagpapasilitar han kanan militar nga mga operasyon han pagbiling-ngan-paghibang kontra ha NPA. Kasagaran lugod nga nagreresulta an mga ini ha mga panalapas han tawhanon nga katungod. Dugang pa, an mga sugad nga proyekto in diri masosolbar an kawarayan han tuna ngan an kakablasan, atubangan han kawaray han komprehensibo nga mga sosyo-ekonomiko nga reporma ilarum han gobyerno ni Aquino.”

Ginhatag ni Manuel an mga detalye han masunod nga mga taktikal nga opensiba han NPA ha Western Samar:

Hunyo 6. Brgy. Diit, Matuguinao. Ginharas han mga Pula nga mangaraway han Serafin Pacimos Command an usa nga yunit han 87th IB, nga nagresulta ha pagkapatay han tulo nga sundalo ngan pagkasamad hin usa pa. Waray kaswalti ha gapil han NPA.

Hunyo 26. Brgy. Lawaan, Paranas. Ginsirutan han yunit ha ispesyal nga operasyon han NPA hi Bolontoy Sosing, usa nga importante nga aset ha intelidyens han militar. Tungod kay nasul-an hira ha ira kaperdihan, nagmamalabulos kundi napapakyas an militar ha padayon nga mga operasyon ha pagbiling-ngan-paghibang ha erya.

Hulyo 13. Brgy. Lagundi, Catbalogan. Ginronda han mga Pula nga mangaraway an sub-provincial jail ngan gindisarmahan an upat nga gwardya han priso. Ginkumpiska an usa nga 9-mm. pistola, usa nga .38 nga rebolber ngan usa nga .38 nga pistola, ngan mga bala, duha nga laptop computer, uniporme, mga bag, ngan iba pa nga higamit. Diri ungod nga paturapak nga nagpabuto an NPA sugad hn yakan han pulis, kundi aksidente nga nakapabuto ngan naigo an usa ha mga jail officer nga nagsurender na, ngan nangangaro han pasaylo an NPA tungod hini.

Hulyo 20. Giutan han Brgy. Concepcion ngan Brgy. Canligues, Paranas. Gin-ambus han mga Pula nga mangaraway han Arnulfo Ortiz Command an usa nga komboy han militar nga tikadto ha San Jose de Buan. Usa nga sundalo an kumpirmado nga patay ngan damo nga iba pa an samaran. Waray kaswalti ha gapil han NPA. Ginkumpiska an usa nga K3 machine gun, duha nga M16 riple, tulo nga .45 pistola, ngan mga bala: 400 nga bala han K3; 1,950 nga bala han M16; 526 nga bala han M14; ngan usa ka kahon nga bala han mortar. Ginkumpiska liwat an mga katsutsera ngan magasin, mga panmilitar nga uniporme ngan bag, mga dokumento nga importante ha intelidyens, ngan iba pa nga higamit. Mga command-detonated explosives an gin-gamit han NPA, diri mga landmines sugad han gin-aalegar ni Lt. Col. Niceforo Diaz, Jr., hepe han Civil-Military Operations Battalion, agud buwa nga akusaran an NPA nga nagbabayolar han Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law. Ginpapakita liwat han mga armas ngan bala nga nakumpiska tikang ha mga sundalo nga andam hira para ha agway, ngan diri para ha misyon han “kamuraywan ngan kauswagan” dida ha ira mga imprastraktura nga proyekto ha San Jose de Buan ngan karaknit nga mga bungto.#

Issues hurled by the 8th ID against the NPA are old hat

Press Release
August 3, 2011

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas today dismissed the issues raised by the 8th Infantry Division against the New People's Army as “old hat,” such as the alleged use of proscribed land mines and minors. “The NPA has long been complying with the Geneva Conventions and other aspects of international humanitarian law,” said Fr. Santiago Salas, NDF-EV spokesperson. “The NPA uses command-detonated explosives and not the prohibited anti-personnel land mines. Likewise, the NPA recruits Red fighters who are at least 18 as regular combatants, and any claims to the contrary by the military have all been found to be untrue. The minors who are used for such psywar by the military have turned out to be helpless children of ordinary peasants or coerced relatives of Red fighters. For example, the military's claim in 2009 that the mentally handicapped 12-year-old Joel Silvestre from Matuguinao, Western Samar was an NPA fighter was later exposed as a brazen lie by his fellow villagers. It goes to show the military remains unchanged in trying to deceive the people, even though it is the one being hounded by unresolved and continuing human rights violations. ”

The 8th ID allegations came after an NPA ambush in Paranas, Western Samar last July 20 and the alleged “rescues” of minors from the NPA in Northern Samar.

Fr. Salas added the 8th ID is trying to cover up not only its human rights violations but also its continuing losses by smearing the NPA. “It has been noted that Aquino government forces in Eastern Visayas committed at least six extrajudicial killings in the past year, as well as 60 other cases of human rights violations, including six violations of the rights of a child. Meanwhile, the region is one of the most heavily militarized in the country, and in fact has the most number of army battalions with eight in Samar and three in Leyte.

“But the NPA continues to stand by the people in fighting these difficulties. Last July 20, Red fighters of the Arnulfo Ortiz Command ambushed 34th IB troopers in Paranas, killing one and wounding six as well as confiscating their weapons. The very same day, Red fighters of the Mt. Amandewin Command in Carigara, Leyte launched a counter-raid against attacking elements of the 19th IB, killing two soldiers. There were no NPA casualties in both instances.”

The NDF-EV spokesperson called on the people to continue to expose and oppose Oplan Bayanihan. “The Aquino regime and its Oplan Bayanihan are no different from previous fascist regimes and their counterrevolutionary campaigns. The justice long denied to the people can only come from asserting their rights. The NDF-EV is one with the victims of human rights violations under Oplan Bayanihan and their demand for justice. The people must unite in the antifascist struggle and immediately bare the deceit and the real violators of human rights whenever the military reruns its scripted performances against the NPA and the people.”#


Daan na nga mga buwa an ginlalabay nga mga isyu han 8th ID kontra ha NPA

Gindiwara yana han National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas an mga isyu nga gin-gagamit han 8th ID kontra ha NPA komo “daan nga mga buwa,” sugad han gin-aalegar nga paggamit han igindidiri nga land mines ngan han mga menor-de-edad. “Maiha na nga nasubay an NPA ha Geneva Conventions ngan iba pa nga mga kasarabutan han internasyunal nga makatawo nga balaud,” sering ni Fr. Santiago Salas, tagapagyakan han NDF-EV. “Gin-gagamit han NPA an command-detonated explosives ngan diri an igindidiri nga anti-personnel land mines. Sugad man, ginrerekluta han NPA komo mga Pula nga mangaraway an diri mamenos ha 18 komo mga regular nga kombatant, ngan ngatanan nga naiiba nga alegasyon han militar in napamatud-an na nga mga buwa. An mga menor de edad nga gin-gagamit han militar ha sugad nga saywar in nagawas nga mga makaluluoy nga mga anak han mga yano nga parag-uma, o diri ngani mga ginpugos nga paryente han mga Pula nga mangaraway. Pananglitan, an yakan han militar hadton 2009 nga Pula nga mangaraway an 12-anyos nga may problema ha pamensaron nga hi Joel Silvestre dida ha Matuguinao, Western Samar in hul-os nga ginpanhimuwa han molupyo ha iya baryo. Ginpapakita la yana nga waray pagbabag-o an militar ha pag-atentar nga uwaton an katawhan, bisan kun ini lugod ha tinuod la an ginlalanat han diri pa nareresolbar ngan nagpapabadyon nga mga panalapas han tawhanon nga katungod.”

Ginawas an mga alegasyon han 8th ID kahuman han usa nga ambus han NPA ha Paranas, Western Samar hadton Hulyo 20 ngan gin-aalegar nga “pagsalbar” han mga menor-edad tikang ha NPA ha Northern Samar.

Gindugang ni Fr. Salas nga pirit nga gintatahuban han 8th ID diri la an mga panalapas hini han tawhanon nga katungod kundi an mga kaperdihan hini pinaagi ha pagpakaraut ha NPA. “Gin-adman na nga an mga pwersa han gobyerno Aquino ha Eastern Visayas in nagbuhat han unom nga pagsalbeyds han naglabay nga tuig, sugad man han dugang pa nga 60 nga kaso han panalapas han tawhanon nga katungod, upod na an unom nga panalapas han mga katungod han bata. Samtang, usa an rehiyon ha pinakagrabe an militarisasyon ha bug-os nga nasud, ngan ha kamatuoran in aada an pinakadamo nga ihap han batalyon han army, walo ha Samar ngan tulo ha Leyte.

“Kundi, padayon nga nabunyog an NPA ha katawhan ha pag-ato hini nga mga kakurian. Hadton Hulyo 20, gin-ambus han mga Pula nga mangaraway han Arnulfo Ortiz Command an mga tropa han 34th IB dida ha Paranas, ngan nakapatay han usa nga sundalo ngan nakasamad han unom samtang ginkumpiska liwat an ira mga armas. Ha parehas nga adlaw, naglansar han kontra-reyd an mga Pula nga mangaraway han Mt. Amandewin Command ha Carigara, Leyte kontra ha nag-aatake nga mga elemento han 19th IB, ngan nakapatay han duha nga sundalo. Waray liwat kaswalti ha gapil han NPA ha parehas nga panhitabo.”

Ginpanawagan han tagapagyakan han NDF-EV ha katawhan nga padayon nga ibuksas ngan atuhan an Oplan Bayanihan. “An rehimen Aquino ngan an Oplan Bayanihan hini in diri lain ha naglabay nga mga pasista nga rehimen ngan an ira mga kontrarebolusyonaryo nga kampanya. An hustisya nga maiha na nga diri ginhahatag ha katawhan in makakab-ot la ha ira pag-insister han ira mga katungod. Nakikig-usa an NDF-EV ha mga biktima han panalapas han tawhanon nga katungod ilarum han Oplan Bayanihan ngan ha ira mga panawagan para ha hustisya. Kinahanglan nga magkaurusa an katawhan ha kontrapasista nga pakigbisog ngan dagmit nga ibuksas an mga buwa ngan an tinuod nga parupanalapas han tawhanon nga katungod ha kada higayon nga gin-uutro han militar an mga buwa hini nga binuhatan kontra ha NPA ngan katawhan.”#