15 December 2011

NPA harasses soldiers involved in rights violations in Burauen, Leyte

Press Release
Dec. 15, 2011

The Efren Martires Command of the New People's Army-Eastern Visayas said today that Red fighters harassed elements of the 78th IB last Dec. 11 between Brgy. Roxas and Brgy. Villa Aurora, Burauen Leyte. “The harassment action launched by the Mt. Amandewin Command is in support of the resistance against militarization by the residents of Brgy. Roxas and other villages,” said EMC spokesperson Ka Karlos Manuel. “The people's grievances go to show that the so-called “peace and development” operations under Oplan Bayanihan merely brazenly cover up militarization in the countryside of Leyte. The Red fighters fired on operating troops of the 78th IB at 10:15 a.m. There were no casualties reported on either side, however.”

Manuel said the residents of Brgy. Roxas and other villages are opposing the danger and disruption of livelihood caused by military operations. “The people of Brgy. Roxas and other villages have protested the military operations in their area to Burauen Mayor Fe Renomeron. The military operations were initiated last November by the 4th Special Forces Company and continued by the 78th IB. Consequently, the people have been unable to do copra production, their means of livelihood. The soldier's presence in the villages and farmlands of civilians also violates international humanitarian law, which calls for the protection of civilians in the midst of war. But Mayor Renomeron is not lifting a finger to help her constituents and address the people's grievances.”

The EMC spokesperson said the NPA is in solidarity with the people's struggle against militarization and the ending of the impunity of human rights violators. “The harassment action and other offensives by the NPA take care to spare civilians and to hit only legitimate targets. The NPA also supports the demand for justice by civilians in militarized areas of Burauen and other parts of Leyte. They can raise their complaints to the Joint Monitoring Committee of the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law. If Mayor Renomeron and other local government officials refuse to heed the people's plea for justice and are going along with the military operations, they may also be accused as accomplices of the 8th Infantry Division in violationg human rights and international humanitarian law.”##


NPA ginharas an kasundaluhan nga dabi ha panalapas
han tawhanon nga katungod ha Burauen, Leyte

Ginsering yana han Efren Martires Command han New People's Army-Eastern Visayas nga ginharas han mga Pula nga mangaraway an mga elemento han 78th IB hadin Dis. 11 ha utlanan han Brgy. Roxas ngan Brgy. Villa Auroa, Burauen, Leyte. “An aksyon han pagharas nga ginlansar han Mt. Amandewin Command in komo suporta ha molupyo han Brgy. Roxas ngan iba pa nga baryo nga naato ha militarisasyon,” sering han tagapagyakan han EMC nga hi Ka Karlos Manuel. “An mga araba han katawhan in nagpapakita nga an ginsesering nga mga operasyon para ha “kamurayawan ngan kauswagan” ilarum han Oplan Bayanihan in garapal la nga pagtahub ha militarisasyon ha kabaryuhan han Leyte. Ginpabuthan han mga Pula nga mangaraway an mga nag-ooperrasyon nga tropa han 78th IB han 10:15 han aga. Waray la ginsumat nga kaswalti ha magkaluyo nga gapil.”

Ginsering ni Manuel nga ginrereklamo han molupyo han Brgy. Roxas ngan iba pa nga baryo an kadelikaduhan ngan panringgal ha pakabuhi kasumpay han mga operasyon han militar. “Ginreklamo na han molupyo han Brgy. Roxas ngan iba pa nga kabaryuhan an mga operasyon militar ha ira lugar kan Burauen Mayor Fe Renomeron. Gintikangan an mga operasyon militar hadin Nobyembre han 4th Special Company ngan ginpadayon han 78th IB. Komo resulta, waray lugod makapalugit an molupyo nga asya pa gud an ira pakabuhi. Gintatalapas han presensya han mga sundalo ha kabaryuhan ngan umhanan an internasyunal nga makatawo nga balaud, nga nananawagan han pagprotehir ha mga sibilyan ha butnga han gerra. Pero ini nga hi Mayor Renomeron waray liwat ngani bisan ano nga bulig nga ginhatag ha iya sakop ngan diri ginbabaton an mga reklamo han katawhan.”

Gindugang han tagapagyakan han EMC nga nakikig-usa an NPA ha pakigbisog han katawhan kontra ha militarisayon ngan ha pagtangpos ha kawaray-baratunon han mga natalapas han tawhanon nga katungod. “Ginseseguro han aksyon nga pagharas ngan iba pa nga opensiba han NPA nga waray madadabi nga sibilyan ngan mga lehitimo nga target la an maiigo. Ginsusuportahan liwat han NPA an panawagan para ha hustisya han mga sibilyan ha ginmilitarisa nga mga erya han Burauen ngan iba nga dapit han Leyte. Pwede nira isang-at an ira mga reklamo ha Joint Monitoring Committee han Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law. Kun diri maaksyon hi Mayor Renomeron ngan iba pa nga opisyal han lokal nga panggubyernuhan ngan naabuyon pa gud ha mga operasyon militar, posible liwat hira maakusaran komo kakunsabo han 8th Infantry Division ha pagtalapas ha tawhanon nga katungod ngan internasyunal nga makatawo nga balaud.”#

12 December 2011

NDF-EV assails “insurgency-free” charade in Leyte, warns of social volcano waiting to explode

Press Release
Dec. 12, 2011

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas said today that Gov. Jericho Petilla and 8th Infantry Division chief Gen. Mario Chan were engaging in a charade in declaring Leyte as “insurgency-free,” and warned that the province was a social volcano waiting to explode. The NDF-EV spokesperson, Fr. Santiago Salas, said that, “Gov. Petilla and Gen. Chan do not make fools of anyone but themselves in declaring Leyte as “insurgency-free” – while laughably nixing at the same time the withdrawal of military troops from the province. Their real intention is to justify the continuing militarization and the barefaced attacks on civilians and their communities under Oplan Bayanihan. Soldiers continue to violate international humanitarian law with impunity, occupying villages on the psywar of “peace and development,” such as in Tacloban City, Carigara, Tunga and other towns. The military also has yet to account for the series of massacres of peasants and other innocent civilians such as the noted scientist Leonard Co and his assistants. If there is any pest the people wish to be free of, it is the military and not the New People's Army.”

Fr. Salas also pointed out that the Petilla-Chan charade showed the most reactionary political dynasties in Eastern Visayas are collaborating with the military to keep their monopoly on power. “It is not only the Petilla dynasty but also the Dazas in Northern Samar and the Tans in Western Samar who are cozy with the military because they wish to preserve their political and economic interests. Moreover, the provinces of these dynasties are being showered with billions of pesos for the road projects funded by the US and the Aquino regime to facilitate Oplan Bayanihan as well as foreign economic plunderers. These projects will also benefit those in power in these provinces, including the military, as cash cows of corruption. It is a blatant lie that these road projects are synonymous with economic progress in the absence of genuine agrarian reform and a national industrialization program.”

Fr. Salas said Petilla and Chan's pronouncement is also meant to embolden the worst exploiters and oppressors of the people in the province. “Who are Petilla and Chan really serving in conspiring to continue deploying soldiers against the people? Leyte's vast agricultural lands continue to be centralized in the hands of the big landlords, making agrarian reform as difficult as in Hacienda Luisita. The tapping of the province's enormous geothermal energy potential is also monopolized by the Energy Development Corporation of the Lopez family and other enterprises by big business making huge profits from the privatization of electricity. Foreign companies are also advancing large-scale mining despite opposition by many. These are the anti-people interests Petilla and Chan are protecting and encouraging.”

The NDF-EV spokesperson noted that while Leyte is wealthy in natural resources, the people suffer grinding poverty. “The biggest land monopolies in Eastern Visayas are Leyte's haciendas. The hacienda workers are paid P60 or less every week, if at all. They are constantly on the verge of starvation because they are forbidden by the big landlords to plant even an inch of land with rice, vegetables and other basic food crops for consumption. Meanwhile, the workers and urban poor live on the subsistence level with depressed wages, unemployment and underemployment, and the rising cost of living. Even those in the middle class do not see any opportunities for a decent living in the province and professionals are forced to migrate to the big urban centers elsewhere as well as go abroad.”

Fr. Salas said Leyte is a social volcano waiting to explode like the rest of the country because the people have no other choice except in fighting for their basic interests through advancing their armed and unarmed struggles. “The peasants of Leyte must take heart from the struggle in Hacienda Luisita and likewise persevere in their demand to break up Leyte's haciendas and implement agrarian reform as a matter of social justice. The people of Leyte must resist large-scale mining and profiteering in the electric power industry and advocate national industrialization to put the province's mineral and energy resources in the service of economic sovereignty and progress. The people must persevere in their struggle for human rights through broad unity and alliance against the most reactionary political dynasties, the military and the US-Aquino regime who are collaborating in Oplan Bayanihan.

“The NPA must defend the people against the impunity of the human rights violators and continue to accumulate strength for the national liberation struggle by intensifying the tactical offensives in Leyte against Oplan Bayanihan. Through widespread and intensive guerrilla warfare based on popular support, the NPA will deliver the response against the anti-people conspiracy of Petilla and Chan: There will be hell to pay.”#


NDF-EV ginkukundenar an buwa nga “waray na insurhensiya”
ha Leyte, nagpahimatngon nga sugad hin tibuto nga bulkan
an katilingban

Ginsering yana han National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas nga nagbibinuwa hira Gov. Jericho Petilla ngan an hepe han 8th Infantry Division nga hi Gen. Mario Chan nga “waray na insurhensiya” ha Leyte, ngan nagpahimatngon nga sugad hin tibuto nga bulkan an katilingban ha probinsya. Sigon ha tagapagyakan han NDF-EV nga hi Fr. Santiago Salas, “Waray iba nga nagawas nga lurong-lurong kundi hira Gov. Petilla ngan Gen. Chan ha ira pagdeklara nga “waray na insurhensiya” ha Leyte – samtang pataraw-an nga nadiri liwat hira nga tanggalon an mga tropa militar ha probinsya. An ira tinuod nga tuyo amo nga ipasangil an nagpapadayon nga militarisasyon ngan an direkta nga mga atake ha mga sibilyan ngan ira mga komunidad ilarum han Oplan Bayanihan. Waray wantas nga padayon nga natalapas ha internasyunal nga makatawo nga balaud an kasundaluhan, nga ginsasakop an kabaryuhan ha pasangil nga saywar nga “kamurayawan ngan kauswagan,” sugad ha Tacloban City, Carigara, Tunga ngan iba pa nga kabungtuhan. Waray pa liwat napabaton an militar ha serye han mga masaker hin mga parag-uma ngan iba pa nga inosente nga sibilyan sugad han kilalado nga syentista nga hi Leonardo Co ngan iya kaurupdan. Kun mayda man peste nga karuyag paiwason han katawhan, amo ini an militar ngan diri an New People's Army.”

Gintudlok liwat ni Fr. Salas nga an buwa nira Petilla-Chan in nagpapakita nga nakikigkunsabo an mga pinaka-reaksyunaryo nga dinastiya ha politika ha Eastern Visayas agud katinan an ira monopolyo ha poder. “Diri la an dinastiya nga Petilla kundi pati an mga Daza ha Northern Samar ngan mga Tan ha Western Samar an nakikisuok ha militar agud mapreserba an ira mga interes ha politika ngan ekonomiya. Dugang pa, nakakatagamtam ini nga mga probinsya han mga dinastiya hin bilyon-bilyon nga kwarta para ha mga proyekto ha kakalsadahan nga ginpopondohan han US ngan han rehimen Aquino agud mapasilitar an Oplan Bayanihan ngan an mga dagko nga langyawanon nga kawatan ha ekonomiya. Ini nga mga proyekto in makakabenepisyo liwat ha mga aada ha poder hini nga mga probinsya, upod na an militar, komo mga surok hin kurapsyon. Garapal nga buwa nga ini nga mga proyekto in katugbang hin kauswagan ha ekokomiya atubangan han kawaray han tinuod nga reporma ha tuna ngan programa ha nasyunal nga industriyalisasyon.”

Ginsering ni Fr. Salas nga an pahayag nira Petilla ngan Chan in usa liwat nga pag-engganyar ha pinakagrabe nga mga naghihimulos ngan naniniyupi ha katawhan ha probinsya. “Hin-o ba an tinuod nga ginseserbihan nira Petilla ngan Chan ha pakigkunsabo ha padayon nga pagdeploy han kasundaluhan kontra ha katawhan? An haluag nga katunaan ha agrikultura ha Leyte in padayon nga sentralisado ha kamot han mga dagko nga agaron maytuna, nga ginhihimo nga makuri an pagpatuman han reporma ha tuna sugad ha Hacienda Luisita. An pagpulos han dako nga potensyal ha geothermal energy ha probinsya in mopolisado han Energy Development Corporation han pamilya Lopez ngan iba pa nga kumpaniya han mga dagko nga negosyante nga nakubra han damo nga tubo tikang ha pribatisasyon han kuryente. Ginduduso liwat han mga langyawanon nga kumpaniya an tinagdagko nga pagmimina bisan kun diri naruruyag an kadam-an. Amo ini an mga kontra-katawhan nga interes nga ginpapanalipdan ngan gin-eenganyar nira Petilla ngan Chan.”

Sigon ha tagapagyakan han NDF-EV, riko an Leyte ha natural nga karikuhan, kundi gin-aantos han katawhan an grabe nga kakablasan. “An pinakadako nga mopolyo ha katunaan ha Eastern Visayas amo an mga hacienda ha Leyte. Nakakarawat an mga trabahador ha hacienda hin P60 o mas guti pa kada semana, kun mayda man. Pirme hira namamanpangan ha grabe nga kagutom tungod kay gindidiri ha ira han mga dagko nga agaron maytuna nga magtanum bisan ha guti nga tuna han humay, utanon ngan iba pa nga batakan nga pananum para ha pagkaon. Samtang, haros diri mabuhi an mga trabahador ngan kablas ha syudad tungod han habubo nga suhol, kawarayan ngan kakulang han trabaho, ngan nagtitikahitaas nga gastos para mabuhi. Bisan an aada ha butnga nga klase in waray nakikit-an nga higayon para mabuhi han disente ha probinsya ngan an mga propesyunal in napipiritan nga gumawas ngadto ha mga dagko nga sentro nga syudad ha iba nga lugar ngan kumadto ha langyaw.”

Ginsering ni Fr. Salas nga usa nga bulkan nga tibuto an Leyte sugad han nasud, tungod kay waray iba nga pagpilian an katawhan kundi ipakigbisog an ira mga batakan nga interes pinaagi han pag-abante han ira mga armado ngan diri-armado nga pakig-away. “Angay nga magin inspirasyon ha mga parag-uma ha Leyte an pakigbisog ha Hacienda Luisita ngan magpursigi liwat ha ira demanda nga bungkagon an mga hacienda ha Leyte ngan ipatuman an tinuod nga reporma ha tuna komo karukayaknon han hustisya pankatilingban. Angay nga atuhan han katawhan han Leyte an tinagdagko nga pagmimina ngan an paghuthot han tubo ha industriya han kuryente, ngan ibandilyo an nasyunal nga industriyalisasyon agud pagserbihon an mga karikuhan ha mineral ngan enerhiya ha probinsya para ha pan-ekonomiya nga katalwasan ngan kauswagan. Angay nga magpursigi an katawhan ha ira pakigbisog para ha tawhanon nga katungod pinaagi ha haluag nga pagkaurusa ngan alyansa kontra ha pinaka-reaksyunaryo nga mga dinastiya ha pulitika, ha militar ngan ha rehimen US-Aquino, nga nakikigkunsabo ha Oplan Bayanihan.

“Dapat depensahan han NPA an katawhan kontra ha waray wantas nga mga natalapas ha tawhanon nga katungod, ngan padayon nga magpabakod para ha pakigbisog ha nasyunal nga katalwasan, pinaagi han pagparayhak han mga taktikal nga opensiba ha Leyte kontra ha Oplan Bayanihan. Pinaagi han haluagan ngan mapintas nga ginerilya nga pakig-away basar ha haluagan nga suporta, makakabaton an NPA ha kontra-katawhan nga kunsabohay nira Petilla ngan Chan: Magbabayad kamo han mahal.”#

06 December 2011

NPA punishes military intelligence agent in Eastern Samar

Sergio Lobina Command
New People's Army-Eastern Samar

Press Release
Dec. 6, 2011

The Sergio Lobina Command of the New People's Army in Eastern Samar said today that its special operations group had last Oct. 22 punished Urbano “Pater” Barbo, a military intelligence agent and former councilor of Balangkayan town in the province. “NPA operatives succeeded in punishing Urbano Barbo in a cockpit in Maydolong, Eastern Samar,” said SLC spokesperson Ka Rubio Manggubat. “The NPA confirmed that Barbo was working for the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Thus, he was a legitimate target for offensive action according to the laws of war. The Red fighters also confiscated a .45 caliber pistol from Barbo.”

Manggubat added that Barbo also headed a criminal gang engaged in extortion and other crimes. “In the 2010 elections, Barbo's gang was involved in an extortion racket throughout Eastern Samar. They claimed to be from the NPA and demanded money from candidates in the elections. The military was aware of Barbo's crimes but condoned him because his nefarious activities served as black propaganda against the NPA . Aside from the punishment of an enemy spy, the people therefore also rejoice at the downfall of a criminal mastermind preying on them.”#


NPA ginsirutan an usa nga ahente ha paniktik han militar ha Eastern Samar

Ginsering yana han Sergio Lobina Command han New People's Army ha Eastern Samar nga ginsirutan han special operations group hini hadton Okt. 22 hi Urbano “Pater” Barbo, usa nga ahente ha paniktik han militar ngan anay konsehal ha bungto han Balangkayan ha probinsya. “Manilampuson an mga operatiba han NPA ha pagsirot kan Urbano Barbo ha usa nga bulangan ha Maydolong, Eastern Samar,” sigon kan Ka Rubio Manggubat, tagapagyakan han SLC. “Nakumpirma han NPA nga natrabaho hi Barbo para ha Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Kun sugad, usa hiya nga lehitimo nga target para ha opensiba nga aksyon basar ha mga balaudnon han gerra. Nakumpiska liwat han mga Pula nga mangaraway an usa nga .45 kalibre nga pistola tikang kan Barbo.”

Gindugang ni Manggubat nga namuno liwat hi Barbo ha usa nga kriminal nga grupo nga nadadabi ha ekstorsyon ngan iba pa nga krimen. “Han 2010 nga eleksyon, nadabi an grupo ni Barbo ha usa nga raket han ekstorsyon ha Eastern Samar. Nagpakuno-kuno hira nga tikang ha NPA ngan nagdemanda hin kwarta tikang ha mga kandidato ha eleksyon. Maaram an militar hini nga binuhatan ni Barbo kundi ginpapasagdan hiya, kay nagseserbe an iya mga maraut nga aktibidad komo maitom nga propaganda kontra ha NPA. Sanglit, nalilipay liwat an katawhan diri la tungod kay nasirutan an usa nga espiya han kaaway, kundi napabagsak liwat an usa nga utok han krimen nga naniniyupi ha ira.”#

05 December 2011

Spread the word of revolution in lasting tribute to Ka Roger

Press Statement
December 5, 2011

Fr. Santiago “Ka Sanny” Salas, Spokesperson
National Democratic Front of the Philippines
Eastern Visayas

The revolutionary forces and masses of Eastern Visayas salute Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal, spokesperson of the Communist Party of the Philippines, who passed away on June 22, 2011 at the age of 64. Ka Roger's life of sacrifice and struggle in the service of the people will always be an exemplary model to the revolutionaries who follow him. His professionalism in the task of revolutionary propaganda was based on asserting truth and justice, worthy of emulation not only by comrades who persevere in the task but also by the mass media.

Ka Roger had the headstart as the communicator through the mass media of the official stand of the Party and the revolutionary movement. He showed the way by explaining the revolutionary stand in a simple, truthful and just way. By speaking out for the people and insisting on the revolutionary path, he enlightened the people and encouraged a new generation of revolutionaries for more than a decade beginning in the early 1990s. His pioneering work served well for the growth of other revolutionary spokespersons in their respective scopes.

There was a vast chasm between Ka Roger's work and that of enemy propaganda. Ka Roger's assertions were based on facts and concern for the people. Reactionary propaganda, especially by the military, were spun with lies and arrogant unconcern for the people. The mass media and the people saw for themselves who was telling the truth and who wasn't. Ka Roger also demonstrated a magnanimous approach to the mass media in being accommodating, patient and interested in their welfare – quite apart from the hostile, pompous and condescending military and civilian officials.

It is the greatest legacy of Ka Roger that the revolution continues to speak up in Eastern Visayas and throughout the country. Today the region is one of the main targets of all-out war Oplan Bayanihan. The Aquino regime, backed by US imperialism, is doing its utmost to suppress the revolutionary struggle of the people through war and propaganda. But the heightened reactionary attacks only drive the revolutionary forces and the people to fight harder and win national freedom and democracy. Their continuing propagation of revolutionary victories and the justness of the revolutionary cause serves as the lasting tribute to the memory of Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal, hero of the Filipino people!#


Ibandilyo an rebolusyon, ipadayon an pakigbisog ni Ka Roger

Fr. Santiago “Ka Sanny” Salas, Tagapagyakan
National Democratic Front of the Philippines
Eastern Visayas

Ginsasaluduhan han mga rebolusyonaryo nga pwersa ngan katawhan han Eastern Visayas hi Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal, tagapagyakan han Partido Komunista han Pilipinas, nga namatay hadin Hunyo 22, 2011 ha edad nga 64. Usa nga malamrag nga pananglitan para ha mga rebolusyonaryo nga nasunod ha iya an kinabuhi han sakripisyo ngan pakigbisog ni Ka Roger ha pagseserbi ha katawhan. An iya propesyunalismo ha iya tahas han rebolusyonaryo nga propaganda in nakabasar ha pag-insister han kamatuoran ngan hustisya, ngan kaangayan nga susbaranon diri la para ha mga kasama nga nagpupursigi ha sugad nga tahas kundi magin para ha masmidya.

Nanguna hi Ka Roger komo aragian pinaagi ha masmidya han opisyal nga tindog han Partido ngan han rebolusyonaryo nga kagiusan. Ginpakita niya an dalan ha iya pag-eksplikar han rebolusyonaryo nga tindog ha pamaagi nga simple, tinuod ngan makatadungan. Ha iya pagyakan para ha katawhan ngan ha pag-insister ha rebolusyonaryo nga dalan, ginpukaw niya an katawhan ngan gin-engganyar an bag-o nga henerasyon han mga rebolusyonaryo ha sobra usa ka dekada tikang ha syahan nga mga tuig han dekada 1990. An pag-abre han iya buruhaton in nagin maupay liwat para ha pagtubo han iba pa nga rebolusyonaryo nga tagapagyakan ha ira natutungdan nga mga lupgop.

Harayo kaupay an kaibhan giutan han trabaho ni Ka Roger ngan han propaganda han kaaway. An reaksyunaryo nga propaganda, labi na han militar, in gintimplahan han mga buwa ngan arogante nga waray pagkabaraka para ha katawhan. Nakita mismo han masmidya ngan han katawhan kun hin-o an nagyayakan han kamatuoran ngan hin-o an diri. Ginpakita liwat ni Ka Roger an kinasing-kasing nga pagdaop ha masmidya ha pagigin abyerto, pasyensyoso ngan interesado ha ira kaupayan – nga diri maitatanding ha makiawayon, hambog ngan matapobre nga mga opisyal nga militar ngan sibilyan.

Nagpapabilin nga hinumduman ni Ka Roger nga padayon nga nagyayakan an rebolusyon ha Eastern Visayas ngan bug-os nga nasud. Yana, usa an rehiyon ha mayor nga mga target han hul-os nga gerra nga Oplan Bayanihan. An rehimen Aquino, ha bulig han imperyalismo nga US, in ginhihimo an ngatanan agud puypuyon an rebolusyonaryo nga pakigbisog han katawhan pinaagi han gerra ngan propaganda. Pero an ginpakusog nga mga reaksyunaryo nga atake in gindususo la an mga rebolusyonaryo nga pwersa ngan katawhan nga dugang nga umato ngan idaug an nasyunal nga katalwasan ngan demokrasya. An ira padayon nga pagpapasamwak han mga rebolusyonaryo nga kadaugan ngan han kamatadungan han rebolusyonaryo nga kawsa amo an waray paghunong nga pagpapasidungog kan Gregorio “Ka Roger” Rosal, bayani han katawhan Pilipino!#

23 November 2011

NDF-EV warns of 8th ID's escalation of war in wake of Army chief's visit

Press Release
Nov. 23, 2011

NDF-EV nagpahimatngon nga mas pakukusgon pa han 8th ID an gerra
kahuman han pagbisita han bag-o nga hepe han Army

Ginsering yana han National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas nga an pagbisita hadi ha 8th Infantry Division han bag-o nga hepe han Philippine Army, hi Gen. Emmanuel Bautista, in pangandam para ha pagpagrabe pa han gerra. “Nagawas nga pursigido an gobyerno Aquino ha hul-os nga gerra kay baga diri naman ini interesado ha erestorya pankamurayawan ha National Democratic Front of the Philippines,” sering ni Fr. Santiago Salas, tagapagyakan han NDF-EV. “Kun sugad, ginpapalandaw han pagbisita ha 8th ID han bag-o nga hepe han Army nga usa an Eastern Visayas ha mga prayoridad nga rehiyon nga gintatarget han Oplan Bayanihan han Armed Forces of the Philippines. Dugang pa, imbes han erestorya pankamurayawan, nagtitirok yana hin armas an rehimen Aquino agud atakehon hin hul-os nga gerra an katawhan. Ha butnga han krisis ha ekonomiya, magastos ini hin P10 bilyones agud paupayon an AFP, samtang nagpapadayon an ayuda militar han US ngan nagpapahayag han karuyagon nga magpalit hin armas ha South Korea.

“Ipokrito an panawagan ni Gen. Bautista ha 8th ID nga respetuhon an tawhanon nga katungod samtang nangangarasikas an AFP nga magpadamo hin armas. Padayon liwat nga waray kabaratunon an 8th ID ha pagpapatuman han Oplan Bayanihan dida ha pagsakop ha mga sibilyan nga komunidad ngan ha pagtalapas han mga katungod han mga sibilyan. Usa nga grabe nga pananglitan amo nga kahuman han usa ka tuig, waray pa hustisya para ha kilalado nga syentista nga hi Leonardo Co ngan iya mga kaupod nga ginpanmasaker han 19th IB ha Kananga, Leyte.”

Gindugang ni Fr. Salas nga an duso han 8th ID nga ideklara an Samar ngan Leyte nga “waray insurhensiya” (insurgency-free) in mahumok la nga yakan para ha mabangis nga pangangatake ngan pagpuypoy ha katawhan nga nagdedemanda han mga batakan nga pagbabag-o. “Ginpupuypoy han mabangis nga 8th ID an mga nananawagan han mga batakan nga sosyo-ekonomiko nga reporma ha gobyerno Aquino. Hi Gen. Mario Chan, hepe han 8th ID, in nayakan han magranggat kundi waray unod nga pulong nga pauupayon daw an rehiyon han mga proyekto ha kakalsadahan nga pira ka bilyones an balor. Pero ini ha kamutoran in magpapaduroy han inhustisya ha katilingban, kakablasan ngan kakurian, ha pagpasilitar han plano han gobyerno Aquino nga abrihan an rehiyon ha tinagdagko nga pagmimina nga pagtutroso. Padayon nga magkukuri an katawhan samtang diri hira ginpapauswag han tinuod nga reporma ha tuna, nasyunal nga industriyalisasyon, pagtatangpos han imperyalista nga kontrol ha ekonomiya ngan iba pa nga batakan nga pagbabag-o.”

Nanawagan an tagapagayakan han NDF-EV ha katawhan nga atuhan an Oplan Bayanihan ngan makigbisog para ha makatadungan ngan panmaihaan nga kamurayawan. “Angay nga padayon nga ibuksas ngan atuhan han katawhan an padayon nga kawaray baratunon ha panalapas han tawhanon nga katungod ilarum han Oplan Bayanihan. Angay hira nga padayon nga magkaurusa ngan ayaton an gobyerno Aquino nga undangon an hul-os nga gerra ngan ikadto an badyet han militar dida ha mga serbisyo sosyal. Dapat nira ipanawagan ha gobyerno Aquino nga ipadayon an erestorya pankamurayawan ha NDFP ngan solbaron an mga gamot nga hinungdan han gerra sibil. Angay nga magpursigi an katawhan ha ira mga militante ngan rebolusyonaryo nga pakigbisog para ha nasyunal nga katalwasan ngan demokrasya.”


NDF-EV warns of 8th ID's escalation of war in wake of Army chief's visit

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas today warned that the recent visit of new Philippine Army chief Gen. Emmanuel Bautista to the 8th Infantry Division is in preparation for the escalation of war. “The Aquino government appears hell-bent on pursuing all-out war in light of its refusal to resume peace talks with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines,” said Fr. Santiago Salas, NDF-EV spokesperson. “Thus, the new Army chief's inspection of the 8th ID emphasizes that Eastern Visayas is one of the priority regions targeted by the Oplan Bayanihan of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Moreover, in lieu of peace talks, the Aquino regime is amassing weapons to unleash total war on the people. In the midst of economic crisis, it will be spending P10 billion to upgrade the AFP, aside from continuing to receive US military aid and its announced intentions to acquire weapons from South Korea.

“It smacks of hypocrisy for Gen. Bautista to call on the 8th ID to respect human rights while the AFP is saber-rattling at the same time. The 8th ID continues to enjoy impunity in carrying out Oplan Bayanihan by occupying civilian communities and violating the rights of civilians. A glaring example is that one year later, justice remains denied to noted scientist Leonardo Co and his assistants who were massacred by the 19th IB in Kananga, Leyte.”

Fr. Salas also said the 8th ID's drive to declare Samar and Leyte as “insurgency-free” is a euphemism for brutally attacking and suppressing the people who are demanding fundamental changes. “The 8th ID viciously puts down those who demand basic socio-economic reforms from the Aquino government. Gen. Mario Chan, 8th ID chief, claims the glittering generalization that road projects worth billions of pesos will bring prosperity to the region. But these will in fact further hasten social injustice, poverty and misery by facilitating the Aquino government's plans to open the region to large-scale mining and logging. The people will remain in rags as long as they are not uplifted by genuine land reform, national industrialization, the end of imperialist control of the economy and other basic changes.”

The NDF-EV spokesperson urged the people to oppose Oplan Bayanihan and fight for a just and lasting peace. “The people must continue to expose and oppose the continuing climate of impunity for human rights violations under Oplan Bayanihan. They must continue to unite and challenge the Aquino government to stop all-out war and instead spend the military budget on social services. They must call on the Aquino government to resume the peace talks with the NDFP and resolve the root causes of the civil war. The people must persevere in their militant and revolutionary struggles to attain national liberation and democracy.”#

17 November 2011

NPA blasts 8th ID with breakthrough offensive in Western Samar

Efren Martires Command
Nov. 17, 2011

In the spirit of the Party's call in the region this March 2011 to overcome the obstacles to the launching of tactical offensives, comrades in the Efren Martires Command and the Arnulfo Ortiz Command of Western Samar persevered in their coordinated military planning. Last July 13 and 20, the 8th Infantry Division was stunned by the coordinated attacks of the New People's Army on the subprovincial jail in Catbalogan and a convoy of the 34th IB in Paranas. The raid on the jail succeeded in obtaining weapons and equipment, and also served to divert enemy attention from the bigger plan of the ambush. The ambush was both the first in the region to be done at night and against the most number of military vehicles as well.

Raid on the subprovincial jail

The NPA intelligence had already cased the subprovincial jail in Brgy. Lagundi, Catbalogan as early as April. While the guards from the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology were lightly armed, the target was still regarded as somewhat difficult because it was surrounded by villages with military presence and it was also close to the national highway. Nevertheless, by the second week of July it was resolved and decided that the villages with soldiers could be avoided in the retreat. The plan was also ordered to be immediately carried out to confuse the enemy and conceal the planned ambush in Paranas because the latter target had already been fixed that month.

A squad of the Arnulfo Ortiz Command quickly set out to carry out the mission. At 9 p.m. Of July 13, an NPA team attacked the subprovincial jail while another team took the position as the blocking force in the route of expected enemy reinforcements. The four BJMP guards guarding 28 prisoners immediately surrendered without any resistance. Confiscated from them were a 9 mm. pistol, a .38 pistol, and a .38 revolver, as well as two laptop computers, a printer, and other military and office equipment.

The tactical offensive lasted 20 minutes without incident, except when the Red fighters accidentally fired and lightly wounded a BJMP guard. The Red fighters were able to retreat quickly and safely. Surprised and probably fearing attacks on its forces near the NPA's latest target, the 8th ID withdrew the soldiers operating in the nearby villages. Unknown to the 8th ID, it had fallen for a deception that served as an additional victory to the raid on the subprovincial jail and that set the stage for the bigger offensive: an ambush on the troops of the notorious 34th IB.

The night ambush on the 34th IB

For some time, the NPA had observed a change in the pattern of movement of the 8th ID in San Jose de Buan and nearby towns. Military vehicles never traveled during daytime but only at night. The NPA believed this was to avoid being hit by tactical because the NPA had never done a nighttime ambush. But this changed after the NPA's tactical offensive in Brgy. Concepcion, Paranas last July 20.

During that month, the 34th IB and 87th IB were exchanging positions. The 34th IB was leaving its area of responsibility and its headquarters at the town center of San Jose de Buan and the 87th IB was taking over. The NPA intelligence had determined the nightly movement of military vehicles since the start of the month. A nighttime ambush plan was drawn up by the Efren Martires Command and the Arnulfo Ortiz Command.

The comrades carefully studied the terrain and the enemy movement. The decision to carry out the ambush at night was firmed up because the enemy would not expect it. The necessary ordnance was prepared, including 11 anti-tank and six anti-personnel command-detonated explosives. These were planted in the 200-meter kill zone, along the route to be taken by the convoy about six kilometers from San Jode de Buan, between Brgy. Canligis and the bridge towards Brgy. Concepcion, Paranas.

By nighttime of July 19 the NPA was already positioned for ambush, it was a moonlit night, and a convoy did appear, heading towards San Jose de Buan. But the ambush was called off because there were many vehicles to attack and the bombs were not all yet in place. The following night, July 20, the NPA was once again positioned for ambush and everything was ready. The intelligence monitoring passed the word that a convoy was indeed passing after exiting San Jose de Buan.

At past 10 p.m., the intense darkness was split by the approaching lights of the convoy, led by three motorcycles and followed by two 6x6 trucks and three owner-type jeeps. Upon the detonation of the explosives on the order by the NPA command, two 6x6 trucks and two owner-type jeeps were instantly hit. The force of the explosions overturned the military vehicles and a 6x6 truck was thrown into the nearby river. But the three motorcycles and a jeep were able to flee the kill zone, speeding away without a glance and abandoning the others (these survivors merely fired their guns in the air in futility upon reaching Brgy. Concepcion).

After the explosions, the NPA assault squad immediately opened fired and maneuvered. There was no answering fire, no sound but the groans of the wounded from the enemy side. Meanwhile, the NPA squad assigned to confiscate the guns and other materiel from the enemy was also on the move. Here the comrades found it difficult because of the intense darkness in the moonless night (the moon was bright during the earlier target date). Nevertheless, the NPA was able to confiscate the enemy's weapons and other equipment, withdrawing safely after half an hour.

The NPA gathered information at least 17 were killed and six wounded among the troops of the Bravo Coy of the 34th IB (the 8th ID only admitted a single casualty killed). The peasants reported to the NPA that aside from three bodies taken by the military from the ambush site, nine more bodies were taken to Brgy. Canligis and five to Brgy. Concepcion.

The NPA also confiscated a K3 machine gun, two M16 rifles and a .45 pistol. Many rounds of ammunition were also taken: 526 M16 bullets, 1,950 M14 bullets, 400 K3 machine gun rounds and a box of mortar rounds. Other military equipment and documents were also taken.

The ambush in Brgy. Concepcion, Paranas served as a big breakthrough. The complacency of the 8th ID was shaken and the NPA proved that it could use the night to its advantage and render the enemy vulnerable. The 34th IB was also punished due to its notoriety and impunity for human rights violations in Western Samar. Weapons and other military equipment were seized to serve in advancing the war. The enemy suffered heavy casualties and its plan to redeploy its forces was disturbed. The correct use of explosives against the enemy was also proven. The comrades and the masses rejoiced at this victory in the armed strrugle and look forward to further intensifying tactical offensives in the whole region. #

08 November 2011

NDF-EV calls for resistance against militarization and warlordism pushed by the Tan dynasty and the 8th ID in Western Samar

Press Release
Nov. 8, 2011

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas today slammed the Tan political dynasty for using Western Samar's possible recall elections to push militarization and warlordism. “We condemn the maneuver from the Tan dynasty through the provincial office of the Commission on Elections in asking for the deployment of the military and police to oversee the signature verification for the recall elections. That move is claimed by the provincial Comelec to be necessary against the revolutionary movement's taking advantage of the tense political situation. But in reality, the Tan dynasty and the military are the ones united in taking advantage of and attacking the people to their mutual benefit. They have been engaged in inflammatory moves beginning with the assassination of human rights defender Mayor Reynaldo Uy. The warlordism of the Tan dynasty dovetails with the 8th Infantry Division's militarization of Samar under Oplan Bayanihan.”

Fr. Salas maintained that the Tan dynasty and the military have been openly arm-in-arm since the May 1 killing of Calbayog City Mayor Reynaldo Uy, a staunch critic of corruption and military abuses. “The Aquino government is selfishly not ensuring a transparent and impartial investigation of Mayor Uy's unresolved killing because of the “marriage of convenience” between Oplan Bayanihan's militarization and the warlordism of the Tan political camp. The Tans hold sway and monopolize political power in Western Samar with Rep. Mila Tan and her children, Gov. Sharee Ann Tan and her brother Vice Gov. Stephen James Tan. Their close alliance with the military in fact should be probed in light of Mayor Reynaldo Uy's assassination. He had been involved in unwavering human rights advocacy since the Marcos dictatorship, as highlighted by his key role in the investigation and removal of then 8th ID chief Gen. Jovito Palparan from the region for gross human rights abuses in 2005. Now that Mayor Uy has fallen victim in the continuing political killings under Oplan Bayanihan, the Tan political camp and the 8th ID are going cozy in public and dismissing any criticism of their warlordism and militarization as just politics.”

The NDF-EV spokesperson warned that letting the Tan dynasty and the 8th ID have their way could lead to more bloodshed like the Ampatuan massacre. “Let us remember that the reactionary government coddled political warlords like the Ampatuans against the people's armed resistance movements. The political and economic interests of the Tan dynasty, as well as the Oplan Bayanihan of the Aquino government, will embolden the impunity for human rights abuses and corruption especially in light of the uncertainty of the peace talks.”

Fr. Salas called on the people to unite and fight for justice for Mayor Reynaldo Uy and resist warlordism and militarization. “The people will fight for justice for Mayor Reynaldo Uy and all victims of political killlings and other human rights violations. The people are outraged at the reactionary violence unleashed by the warlordism of the Tan dynasty and the militarization of the 8th ID's Oplan Bayanihan. The people can advance their basic interests by asserting civilian supremacy over the military, documenting the 8th ID's violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, and launching mass struggles for peace and justice against warlordism and militarization.”#


NDF-EV nananawagan han pag-ato ha militarisasyon ngan warlordismo
nga ginduduso han dinastiya Tan ngan han 8th ID ha Western Samar

Ginkundenar yana han National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas an pulitikal nga dinastiya han mga Tan ha paggamit hini han posibilidad han “recall elections” ha Western Samar agud iduso an militarisasyon ngan warlordismo. “Ginkukundenar naton an maniobra han dinastiya Tan pinaagi ha opisina ha probinsya han Commission on Elections dida ha pagpanawagan nga magdeploy han militar ngan pulis agud manginano ha “signature verification” han “recall elections.” Gin-iinsister han Comelec ha probinsya nga kinahanglan an sugad nga pitad kontra ha rebolusyonaryo nga kagiusan nga magpapahimulos ha tensyon ha pulitika. Pero ha kamatuoran, an dinastiya Tan ngan an militar amo an nagkakaurusa ha paniniyupi ngan panraugdaug ha katawhan ha ira bentaha ngaduha. Nadadabi hira ha makangaralas nga mga maniobra nga nagtikang ha pagpataya han tagdepensa han tawhanon nga katungod nga hi Mayor Reynaldo Uy.”

Ginsering ni Fr. Salas nga butad nga magsarangkay an dinastiya Tan ngan an militar tikang han Mayo 1 nga pagpataya kan Calbayog City Mayor Reynaldo Uy, nga madig-on nga nanindugan kontra ha kurapsyon ngan mga abuso han militar. “Makaiya an gobyerno Aquino ha diri pagsiguro han butad ngan waray paggapil nga imbestigasyon ha waray pa maresolbar nga pagpataya kan Mayor Uy, tungod kay mayda ginpupulsan nga pagkaurusa giutan han militarisasyon han Oplan Bayanihan ngan han warlordismo han kampo han mga Tan. Nananawantawan ngan ginmonopolisa han mga Tan an poder ha Western Samar pinaagi kan Rep. Mila Tan ngan han iya mga anak nga hira Gov. Sharee Ann Tan ngan bugto hini nga hi Vice Gov. Stephen James Tan. Angay ngani imbestigahan an ira suok nga sumpay ha militar atubangan han asasinasyon ni Mayor Reynaldo Uy. Darayawon hi Uy ha waray paglubad nga pag-undong han tawhanon nga katungod tikang pa han diktadurya ni Marcos, sugad man han paglandaw han iya mayor nga papel ha pag-imbestiga ngan pagpaiwas ha rehiyon han anay hepe han 8th ID nga hi Gen. Jovito Palparan hadton 2005. Yana nga nagin biktima hi Mayor Uy han mga pulitikal nga panmatay ilarum han Oplan Bayanihan, butad nga nakikisuok ha kada tagsa an kampo nira Tan ngan han 8th ID ngan gindidiwara an mga suson ha ira komo pulitika la kulaoy.”

Nagpahimatngon liwat an tagapagyakan han NDF-EV nga kun papasagdan la an dinastiya Tan ngan an 8th ID, posible nga umawas an dugo sugad han nahitabo nga “Ampatuan massacre.” “Hinumdumon naton nga ginkunsinti han reaksyunaryo nga gobyerno an mga “political warlord” sugad han mga Ampatuan kontra ha mga kagiusan han armado nga pag-ato han katawhan. An mga interes ha pulitika ngan ekonomiya han dinastiya Tan, upod an Oplan Bayanihan han rehimen Aquino, in makakapagpatakas nga waray baratunon para ha mga abuso han tawhanon nga katungod ngan kurapsyon, labi na yana nga waray kasiguruhan an erestorya pankamurayawan.”

Nanawagan hi Fr. Salas ha katawhan nga magkaurusa ngan makigbisog para ha hustisya kan Mayor Reynaldo Uy. “Makikigbisog an katawhan para ha hustisya kan Mayor Reynaldo Uy ngan ngatanan nga biktima han pulitikal nga panmatay ngan iba pa nga panalapas han tawhanon nga katungod. Nangangalas an katawhan ha reaksyunaryo nga kabangisan han warlordismo han dinastiya Tan ngan han militarisasyon han kanan 8th ID nga Oplan Bayanihan. Mauundong han katawhan an ira mga batakan nga interes pinaagi ha pag-insister han pag-ungbaw han sibilyan ha militar, ha pagdokumento han mga panalapas han 8th ID han tawhanon nga katungod ngan internasyunal nga makatawo nga balaud, ngan ha paglansar han mga panmasa nga pakigbisog para ha kamurayawan ngan hustisya kontra ha pulitikal nga warlordismo ngan militarisasyon.”#

15 September 2011

NPA on the offensive to punish Aquino regime's treachery in peace negotiations

Press Release
Sept. 15, 2011

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas today lauded the New People's Army in Western Samar for successfully raiding the police headquarters in Hinabangan town last Sept. 12. “The NPA offensives in the region are meant to punish the Aquino regime's treachery in peace negotiations with the NDFP,” said Fr. Santiago Salas, NDF-EV spokesperson. “The NDFP has been very patient, magnanimous and open to peace talks despite years of the Philippine government's various insults, attacks on the NDFP consultants, and the increasing exploitation and oppression of the people by the reactionary ruling system. But it is now a matter of principle and the revolutionary movement is sending the signal to the Aquino regime that its treachery in peace negotiations will not be taken sitting down.”

Fr. Salas also corrected claims made by Aquino government officials in the region that NPA attacks were against the peace process. “NPA offensives are legitimate even in the context of ongoing peace negotiations, which are still a long way from achieving a politically negotiated settlement and deciding the disposition of the armed forces of both sides. What the Aquino regime is actually irked at is its failure to compel the immediate capitulation of the revolutionary movement or trap it in indefinite ceasefire.

“The provocative statements and hostile actions of the Aquino regime are the ones inimical to the peace talks. The Aquino regime is refusing its obligation to release the detained NDFP peace consultants, including Eduardo Sarmiento who represents Eastern Visayas. The NDFP peace consultants are being held hostage by a capricious regime that cannot honor a simple safety and immunity agreement like the JASIG for those involved in the peace talks. The NDFP consultants and more than 300 political prisoners languish in jail despite the appeals of peace and human rights advocates, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, and other concerned sectors.”

Fr. Salas added that the unleashing of Oplan Bayanihan against the people has put the Aquino regime's sincerity for peace negotiations under question . “Oplan Bayanihan has resulted in military occupation of civilian communities and the wholesale escalation of human rights violations. In the three Samar provinces, soldiers control entire villages and coerce local governments to sanction their operations, in violation of international humanitarian law. Civilians and their organizations are harassed and accused of links to the NPA. This is true as well in Leyte, where the Municipal Farmers Assocation of Carigara, a peasant organization in the said town, recently denounced in the media the death threats made by the notorious 19th IB against its members.”

The NDF-EV spokesperson said the NPA will step up its offensives to defend the people and advance the people's interests in light of the Aquino regime's dismal handling of the peace talks. “The NPA is fighting for the interests of the people of Eastern Visayas, who are presently beleaguered with war and increasing poverty. Oplan Bayanihan is in full swing and supported by a US road project tied to “counterinsurgency” goals. The Aquino regime is also pushing for large-scale foreign mining in the region. Such realities cast doubt on the regime's sincerity for the peace talks. The people are thus also reminded that peace is not served on a silver platter. They must fight for their basic demands to be heard and for a just and lasting peace.”#


Nag-oopensiba an NPA agud sirutan an katrayduran
han rehimen Aquino ha erestorya pankamurayawan

Ginpasidunggan yana han National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas an New People's Army ha Western Samar ha madinaugon hini nga pagronda ha hedkwarters han pulis ha bungto han Hinabangan. “Katuyuanan han mga opensiba han NPA ha rehiyon nga sirutan an katrayduran han rehimen Aquino ha erestorya pankamurayawan ha NDFP,” sering ni Fr. Santiago Salas, tagapagyakan han NDFP. “An NDFP in maiha na nga pasyensyoso, matinagdanon, ngan abyerto ha erestorya pankamurayawan, atubangan han pira ka tuig han kanan gobyerno han Pilipinas mga insulto, pangangatake ha mga konsultant han NDFP, ngan an nagtikagrabe nga panhimulos ngan paniniyupi han katawhan han reaksyunaryo nga naghahadi nga sistema. Pero yana in karukayaknon na han prinsipyo ngan iginpapadangat han rebolusyonaryo nga kagiusan ha rehimen Aquino nga diri na papasagdan an mga pagtraydor hini ha erestorya pankamurayawan.

Ginkureher liwat ni Fr. Salas an mga yakan han mga opisyales han gobyerno Aquino nga nakontra an mga atake han NPA ha erestorya pankamurayawan. “Lehitimo an mga opensiba han NPA bisan ha konteksto nga nagpapadayon an erestorya pankamurayawan, nga hirayo pa ha pagkab-ot hin kasarabutan nga nakasubay ha pampulitika nga negosasyon ngan ha pagdesisyon kabahin han disposisyon han mga armado nga pwersa ha magkaluyo nga gapil. An tinuod nga ginpapangarigkigan han rehimen Aquino amo an kapakyasan hini nga makab-ot an pankadagmitan nga pagsurender han rebolusyunaryo nga kagiusan o diri ngani an mapukot ini ha panmaihaan nga ukoy-bubto.

“An kanan rehimen Aquino mga pasabrit nga pahayag ngan mga gios nga namimiling hin agway amo an nakakaulang ha erestorya pankamurayawan. Nadiri an rehimen Aquino nga tumanon an obligasyon hini nga pagawson an mga nakadetine nga konsultant ha kamurayawan han NDFP, upod na hi Eduardo Sarmiento nga representante han Eastern Visayas. Ginkakaptan an mga konsultant han NDFP komo “hostage” han usa nga kapritsoso nga rehimen nga diri nakilala ha simple nga kasarabutan ha kalibrehan ngan katalwasan sugad han JASIG para hadton nadadabi ha erestorya pankamurayawan. An mga konsultant han NDFP ngan an masobra 300 nga mga detinido pulitikal in padayon nga ginpapakurian ha prisuhan ha luyo han mga apela han mga nag-uundong han kamurayawan ngan tawhanon nga katungod, han Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, ngan iba pa nga sektor.”

Gindugang pa ni Fr. Salas nga an pag-implementar han Oplan Bayanihan kontra ha katawhan in ginhihimo nga kwestyunable an sinseridad han rehimen Aquino para ha erestorya pankamurayawan. “Nagresulta an Oplan Bayanihan ha pangukoy han militar ha mga komunidad han sibilyan ngan an tagdamo nga paghitaas han panalapas han tawhanon nga katungod. Ha tulo nga probinsya han Samar, ginkokontrol han mga sundalo an bug-os nga kabaryuhan ngan ginpipirit an mga lokal nga gobyerno nga suportahan an ira mga operasyon, nga talapas ha internasyunal nga makatawo nga balaud. Ginhaharas ngan gin-aakusaran an mga sibilyan ngan an ira mga organisasyon nga may sumpay ha NPA. Tinuod ini sugad man ha Leyte, kun diin an Municipal Farmers Association of Carigara, usa nga organisasyon han mga parag-uma ha nasabi nga bungto, in bag-o pa la nga iginbuksas ha midya an mga tarhug ha kinabuhi kontra ha mga myembro hini nga hinimuan han lanong nga 19th IB.”

Ginsering han tagapagyakan han NDF-EV nga papakusgon han NPA an mga opensiba hini agud depensahan an katawhan ngan ig-asdang an interes han katawhan ha butnga han makangingirhat nga pagtagad han rehimen Aquino ha erestorya pankamurayawan. “Nakikigbisog an NPA para ha interes han katawhan han Eastern Visayas, nga ha presente in naaraba ha gerra ngan nagtitikagrabe nga kakablasan. Largado na an implementasyon han Oplan Bayanihan ngan suportado han mga proyekto nga sigad han US nga nakahigot ha “kontra-insurhensiya” nga katuyuanan. Iginduduso gihap han rehimen Aquino an tinagdagko nga pagmimina ha rehiyon. An sugad nga mga panhitabo in nagpapalubog la han sinseridad han rehimen para ha erestorya pankamurayawan. Ha sugad ginpapahinumdom naton ha katawhan nga diri la basta-basta nga iginhahatag an kamurayawan. Kinahanglan nira makigbisog para ha ira mga batakan nga demanda agud pamatian ngan agud makab-ot naton an makatadungan ngan panmaihaan nga kamurayawan.” #

08 September 2011

NDF-EV slams conditional cash transfer program as a gross deception and the diminution of social spending

Press Release
Sept. 8, 2011

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas today called on the people to vigorously campaign against the gross deception of the conditional cash transfer scheme or Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) of the Aquino government. “We cannot fault the people, who in the depths of poverty and want, grasp at what they believe to be opportunities to live through the day,” said Fr. Santiago Salas, NDF-EV spokesperson. “But the CCT scheme by the Aquino regime has sown confusion and disunity among the people. Such a program not only glosses over but in fact diminishes basic social spending such as for land reform and social services, while favoring the deregulation and privatization pushed by the IMF-World Bank. The people should learn the the gross deception behind the CCT scheme and fight instead for their democratic demands and long-term socio-economic reforms.”

Fr. Salas said the CCT/4Ps is not worthy of being a flagship poverty-reduction project in granting subsidies to the poor. “In the proposed 2012 Aquino government budget, the CCT/4Ps budget is to be increased from P23 billion to P34 billion. In reality, pursuing the CCT/4Ps is like frying the people in their own fat: it is funded at the expense of diminishing budgets for land reform and basic social services while also lulling the people into a dole-out mentality.

“For example, this 2011, there were slashes in the budgets of the Department of Agrarian Reform, from P20.8 billion in 2010 to P6.4 billion, and the Department of Agriculture, from P39.2 billion (2010) to P34.8 billion. These cuts for social spending continue in the proposed 2012 budget, while appearing on paper to have been increased. For example, most of the increase in the Department of Health's budget will go to further commercializing health service through Philhealth and the Public-Private Partnership in the health sector. This means that the people will spend more out of their own pockets rather than government and social insurance shouldering the costs, while public and private hospitals increase their revenues.

“Meanwhile, the Department of Education budget is ostensibly raised by 13.8% to P308.9 billion next year. But P30 billion will automatically go to salaries; the budget is not meant to address the shortages of classrooms, teachers, chairs, and textbooks. For one, DepEd needs 103,000 teachers but it is only targeting the recruitment of 13,000. Schools also need 13 million chairs but only has the budget for 2.53 million. More than P500 million will also be slashed from 50 state universities and colleges, which are increasingly pushed to commercialize and privatize.”

The NDF-EV spokesperson urged the people to study the deception behind the CCT/4Ps and persevere in their democratic mass struggles for land, livelihood, education and other basic needs. “By consistently upholding their basic interests, the people can remain critical and discerning of the palliatives being peddled by the Aquino regime. They can thoroughly study and expose the implications of the CCT/4Ps and its connection as essential to the psywar in the Aquino government's Oplan Bayanihan. The urban and rural poor can expose how the CCT/4Ps cannot meet or sustain their basic needs, as well as being vulnerable to anomalies and corruption. It is through persevering in the democratic mass struggles for land, livelihood, education, health and other basic needs that the people can express their demands while debunking the CCT/4Ps as a gross deception of the Aquino regime.”#


NDF-EV ginsusukna an conditonal cash transfer program komo dako nga buwa
ngan pag-iban ha paggastos para ha katilingban

Nanawagan yana an National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas ha katawhan nga aktibo nga atuhan an dako nga buwa han conditional cash transfer nga iskema o Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) han gobyerno Aquino. “Diri naton mababasul an katawhan nga, tungod han grabe nga kakablasan ngan kakurian, nagkakarawat han bisan ano nga higayon agud mabuhi ha matag adlaw,” sering ni Fr. Santiago Salas, tagapagyakan han NDF-EV. “Pero an iskema nga CCT han rehimen Aquino in nagdudurot la han kasamukan ngan kawaray pagkaurusa han katawhan. An sugad nga programa in diri la gintatahuban kundi gin-iibanan an paggastos para ha katilingban, sugad han para ha reporma ha tuna ngan mga serbisyo sosyal, samtang ginpapaburan an deregulasyon ngan pribatisasyon nga ginduduso han IMF-World Bank. Angay nga mahibaro an katawhan ha dako nga buwa nga nagpapaluyo ha iskema nga CCT ngan makigbisog para ha ira mga demokratiko nga demanda ngan panmaihaan nga sosyo-ekonomiko nga reporma.”

Ginsering ni Fr. Salas nga diri angay nga kunsiderahon an CCT/4Ps komo nangunguna nga proyekto agud ibanan an kakablasan dida ha paghatag han subsidyo ha mga kablas. “Ha ginpuproponer nga badyet han gobyerno Aquino para ha 2012, ginpapadako an CCT/4Ps tikang ha P23 bilyon ngadto ha P34 bilyon. Ha kamatuoran, an pagduso han CCT/4Ps in sugad-sugad nga paggisa ha katawhan ha ira kalugaringon nga mantika: ginpopondohan ini samtang gin-iibanan naman an mga badyet para ha reporma ha tuna ngan mga batakan ng sosyal nga serbisyo, ngan gin-uuwat liwat an katawhan nga sumarig na la ha limos.

“Pananglitan, yana nga 2011, gin-ibanan an mga badyet han Department of Agrarian Reform, tikang P20.8 bilyon hadton 2010 ngadto ha P6.4 bilyon, ngan han Department of Agriculture, tikang ha P39.2 bilyon (2010) ngadto ha P34.8 bilyon. Ini nga mga pag-iban para ha mga pankatilingban nga gastos in nagpapadayon ha ginpuproponer nga badyet para ha 2012, samtang ginpapagawas nga kunohay dumako ini. Pananglitan, an kadak-an ha pagdako han badyet han Department of Health in ngadto ha dugang nga pagkomersyalisa han serbisyo panlawas pinaagi ha Philhealth ngan Public-Private Partnership ha sektor han panlawas. Nangangaruyag sidngon ini nga dugang nga magastos an katawhan tikang ha ira bulsa kontra ha mabulig an gobyerno ngan social insurance, samtang nagpapadako la liwat han kita an mga pribado nga publiko nga ospital.

“Samtang, ginpadako daw an badyet han Department of Education han 13.8% ngadto ha P308.9 bilyon ha masunod nga tuig. Pero an P30 bilyon hini awtomatiko nga makadto ha suhol; samtang, diri sadang an badyet atubangan han kakulang han klasrum, titser, lingkuran ngan mga libro. Pananglitan, nanginginahanglan an DepED han 103,000 nga titser pero an target nga rekruton 13,000 la. Nanginginahanglan liwat an mga eskwelahan han 13 milyon nga lingkuran pero mayda la badyet para ha 2.53 milyon. Sobra P500 milyon liwat an iibanon ha 50 nga state universities and colleges, nga dugang nga ginduduso nga magkomersyalisa ngan magpribatisa.”

Nanawagan an tagapagyakan han NDF-EV ha katawhan nga adman an pan-uuwat ha luyo han CCT/4Ps ngan magpursigi ha ira mga demokratiko nga panmasa nga pakigbisog para ha tuna, pakabuhi, edukasyon ngan iba pa nga batakan nga panginahanglan. “Pinaagi ha konsistente nga pagdara han ira mga batakan nga interes, magpapabilin an katawhan nga kritikal ngan maanalisaron atubangan han iginbabaligya nga panpakalma han rehimen Aquino. Pwede nira nga hul-os nga adman ngan ibuksas an mga implikasyon han CCT/4Ps ngan an koneksyon hini komo yawe ha saywar ha kanan gobyerno Aquino Oplan Bayanihan. Pwede nga ibuksas han mga kablas ha kaumhan ngan kasyudaran kun tiunan-o nagpapabilin nga kulang o diri nakakasustenir han mga panginahanglan an 4Ps, samtang bulnerable liwat ha mga anomaliya ngan kurapsyon. Mapapagawas han katawhan an ira mga tinuod nga demanda pinaagi ha pagpursige ha mga demokratiko nga pakigbisog para ha tuna, pakabuhi, edukasyon, serbisyo ha kaupayan panlawas, ngan iba pa nga batakan nga panginahanglan. Kadungan hini, mabubuksas an CCT/4Ps komo dako nga buwa han rehimen Aquino.”#

01 September 2011

Expel the military from civilian communities!

Press Release
Sept. 1, 2011

Expel the military from civilian communities!

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas today called on the people to fight militarization and fascism by campaigning for the removal of military presence in civilian communities. “Under Oplan Bayanihan, troops of the 8th Infantry Division routinely worm themselves into both urban and rural communities on the pretext of working for 'peace and development,'” said Fr. Santiago Salas, NDF-EV spokesperson. “In truth, these troops are committing acts of war by engaging in combat and psychological warfare operations against the New People's Army. They put civilians at risk and have in fact committed atrocities. The occupation of civilian communities by the 8th ID grossly violates international humanitarian law as well as the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.”

Fr. Salas pointed out several instances in the past months when the military had occupied civilian communities in the course of their operations. “In Samar, the 8th ID's fascist troops openly base in the midst of civilian communities. While pretending to be only on temporary or tactical basing, the soldiers are in fact a permanent presence because of their frequent and numerous operations. For example, in Northern Samar, soldiers of the 87th IB focus repeated operations on the villages of Bangon, Bagacay, and Capacujan in Palapag, in Brgy. Potong in Lapinig, and the villages of Silhagon, Hubasan, Naparasan and Burgos in Mapanas. The fascist troops also subvert civilian authority by signing memorandums of agreement with the respective municipalities. Meanwhile, in Eastern Samar, a company of the 14th IB pursues the same tack by maintaining a roving presence in Brgy. San Roque, Jipapad, and the villages of Buko, Pandol and Balagon in Can-avid.

“In June this year in Leyte, the 19th IB troops stirred outraged by openly basing themselves in several villages in Tunga town. The fascist troops raised the people's ire even more when a soldier raped a woman in Brgy. San Vicente.”

The NDF-EV spokesperson said the soldiers' violations of the rights of civilians unmask the grim reality behind the “peace and development” psywar of 8th ID chief Gen. Mario Chan. “These soldiers forcibly control the civilians by conducting 'censuses' and demanding 'surrenders.' They constantly harass the civilians about the presence of the NPA. They also force the civilians to build their camps and supply wood. The soldiers are also notorious for drinking, gambling and using their weapons to intimidate civilians.”

Fr. Salas said civilians should fight to reclaim their communities and end the 8th ID's impunity for the CARHRIHL and international humanitarian law. “All communities occupied by the 8th ID should struggle against the unwanted presence of the fascist troops. They should protest to the municipal governments why military authority is subverting civilian authority. The communities of various towns can unite and raise their complaints to the provincial governments through petitions as well as mass actions. They can troop to radio stations and other mass media to expose and oppose the 8th ID's wanton violations of the CARHIRHL and international humanitarian law. The peasants can also unite with human rights advocates and other sectors to press for the expulsion of military troops from urban and rural communities. Through the militant struggle of the people against militarization and fascism, the anti-people Oplan Bayanihan will surely fail.”#


Palayason an militar ha mga komunidad nga sibilyan!

Nanawagan yana an National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas ha katawhan nga atuhan an militarisasyon ngan pasismo ha pagkampanya agud tanggalon an presensya han militar ha mga komunidad nga sibilyan. “Ilarum han Oplan Bayanihan, kasagaran na nga ginpipirit han mga tropa han 8th Infantry Division an kalugaringon dida ha mga komunidad ha kasyudaran ngan kaumhan, kuntaloy para ha 'kamurayawan ngan kauswagan,'” sering Ni Fr. Santiago Salas, tagapagyakan han NDF-EV. “Balitaw, nagbubuhat ini nga mga tropa han mga akto han gerra dida ha mga pan-kombat ngan saywar nga mga operasyon kontra ha New People's Army. Ginbubutang nira ha peligro an mga sibilyan ngan nakagbuhat na ngani han mga karat-an. An sugad nga okupasyon han mga komunidad nga sibilyan han 8th ID in dako nga pagtalapas ha internasyunal nga makatawo nga balaud ngan ha Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.”

Gintudlok ni Fr. Salas an damo nga mga higayon ha naglabay nga mga bulan kun diin ginsakop han militar an mga komunidad nga sibilyan ha dalagan han ira mga operasyon. “Ha Samar, butad nga nagbabase an mga pasista nga tropa ha butnga han mga sibilyan nga komunidad. Samtang kunohay nga aada la ha temporaryo o taktikal nga pagbabase, an tinuod amo nga permanente na ini nga presensya han mga sundalo tungod ha agsub ngan damo nira nga mga operasyon. Pananglitan, ha Northern Samar, gintututok han mga sundalo han 87th IB an pauru-utro nga mga operasyon ha kabaryuhan han Bangon, Bagacay, ngan Capacujan ha Palapag, ha Brgy. Potong ha Lapinig, ngan ha kabaryuhan han Silhagon, Hubasan, Naparasan, ngan Burgos ha Mapanas. Ginpapaluya liwat han mga pasista nga tropa an sibilyan nga awtoridad pinaagi ha pakigsabot ha mga memorandum of agreement ha natutungdan nga mga munisipyo. Samtang, ha Eastern Samar, nasubay liwat ha sugad nga pamaagi an usa nga kumpanya han 14th IB nga ginmementinar an pagbibinalik-balik ha Brgy. San Roque, Jipapad, ngan ha kabaryuhan han Buko, Pandol, ngan Balagon ha Can-avid.

“Hadin Hunyo ha Leyte, nagdurot hin kangalas an mga tropa han 19th IB ha butad nga pagbinase ha damo nga kabaryuhan ha bungto han Tunga. Dugang nga nangalas an katawhan han ginlugos han usa nga sundalo an usa nga babaye ha Brgy. San Vicente.”

Sigon ha tagapagyakan han NDF-EV, ginbubuksas han mga panalapas han mga sundalo ha mga katungod han sibilyan an mabangis nga kamatuoran ha luyo han saywar nga “kamurayawan ngan kauswagan” han hepe han 8th ID nga hi Gen. Mario Chan. “Pirit nga ginkokontrol hini nga mga kasundaluhan an mga sibilyan dida ha pagkondukta han mga 'census' ngan pagdemanda han mga 'surrender.' Pirme nira ginhaharas an mga sibilyan hiunong ha presensya han NPA. Ginpipirit liwat nira an mga sibilyan nga tukuron an ira mga kampo ngan maghatag hin kakahuyan. Bantugan liwat an mga sundalo ha irignom, huygo ngan paggamit han ira armas agud tarhugon an mga sibilyan.”

Ginsering ni Fr. Salas nga angay nga makigbisog an mga sibilyan agud bawion an ira mga komunidad ngan tangpuson an kawaray baratunon han 8th ID para ha CARHRIHL ngan internasyunal nga makatawo nga balaud. “Angay nga makigbisog an mga komunidad nga ginsasakop han 8th ID kontra ha diri kinahanglan nga presensya han mga pasista nga tropa. Angay hira magprotesta ha munisipyo kun kay ano nga ginsasapawan han awtoridad militar an sibilyan nga awtoridad. Pwede nga magkaurusa an mga komunidad ha iba-iba nga bungto ngan irehistro an ira mga reklamo ha probinsyal nga gobyerno pinaagi ha mga petisyon ngan panmasa nga aksyon. Pwede nira kadtuon an mga istasyon han radyo ngan iba pa nga masmidya agud ibuksas ngan atuhan an garapal nga pagtalapas han 8th ID ha CARHRIHL ngan internasyunal nga makatawo nga balaud. Pwede nga makig-usa an mga parag-uma ha mga tag-undong han tawhanon nga katungod ngan iba pa nga sektor agud iduso an pagpalayas han mga tropa militar ha mga komunidad ha kaumhan ngan kasyudaran. Pinaagi ha militante nga pakigbisog han katawhan kontra ha militarisasyon ngan pasismo, sigurado nga mapapakyas an kontra-katawhan nga Oplan Bayanihan.”#

20 August 2011

Revolutionary Road in Eastern Visayas: Individual Study

Aside from collective study, Red fighters read and study on their own. It is inside the NPA where many Red fighters learn to read and write after being forced to leave school and become child workers under the oppressive and exploitative ruling system. The NPA units have cultural activities as well as literacy campaigns for the Red fighters and the peasant masses.

Revolutionary Road in Eastern Visayas: Rest and Recreation

While busy at the frontlines of struggle, the Red fighters do find time for rest and recreation. They learn cultural activities, watch progressive and revolutionary movies, get a haircut, or play the popular game of chess. In contrast to the reactionary army, there is no gambling, drinking or womanizing inside the NPA.

Revolutionary Road in Eastern Visayas: Military Routines

Red fighters do regular military exercises to keep fit for combat. They also tend to their firearms, especially the ubiquitous M16 rifle said to be notoriously sensitive to jungle conditions.

Revolutionary Road in Eastern Visayas: Red Medics

The NPA medics strive to raise their knwoledge and practice as the people's war intensifies. They study traditional as well as alternative medicine such as acupuncture and herbal remedies. Aside from accompanying fellow Red fighters in combat to tend to wounded casualties, they also do medical missions among the poor to treat patients or even do simple surgery.

Revolutionary Road in Eastern Visayas: Kitchen

The Red fighters adhere to simple living and ardent struggle. Red commanders and fighters eat the same food as the nearby peasant masses. Sometimes, flour may be obtained for making simple breads.

Revolutionary Road in Eastern Visayas: Red Schools

The revolutionary movement combines low-tech and high-tech in education work. While modern equipment like laptop computers and projectors may be used, a simple tent may also be used as a blackboard. Schoolhouses are temporary and assembled quickly, ready to be abandoned and redone elsewhere in case of enemy attack. Here the guerrillas may attend a long study such as the Party Intermediate Course or a shorter one such as a workshop on propaganda work.

Revolutionary Road in Eastern Visayas: Camp Life

Scenes in a typical NPA guerrilla camp. The Red fighters are highly mobile and pay attention to camouflaging their presence from the enemy.

Revolutionary Road in Eastern Visayas

We are sharing a collection of recent photos of the New People's Army in Eastern Visayas. The pictures describe the daily life and work of the NPA in waging the revolutionary armed struggle for national liberation and democracy.

But first, here are original drawings by a revolutionary artist in the region.

14 August 2011

Double-dealing Aquino regime must release Eduardo Sarmiento and all NDFP peace consultants

Press Release
Aug. 14, 2011

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas today said the Aquino regime's seriousness for peace negotiations is under question as long as Eduardo Sarmiento and other NDFP peace consultants are not released. The NDF-EV spokesperson, Fr. Santiago Salas, also noted the regime talks of peace but has militarized the region with 11 army battalions. “The Government of the Philippines (GPH) and the NDFP signed this year the January 18 Joint Communique, with the Norwegian government as witness, where the GPH committed to immediately releasing the detained NDFP peace consultants and personnel covered by the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees. But after many months, obviously, the Aquino regime has not released Eduardo Sarmiento, NDFP peace consultant for Eastern Visayas, and his fellow consultants.”

Fr. Salas added that, “As far as Eastern Visayas is concerned, the Aquino regime is on the warpath in militarizing the region with 11 army battalions under the euphemism of “peace and development.” In NDF-EV's view, the Aquino regime is double-dealing by deliberately stalling the peace talks and ordering the 8th Infantry Division to crush the NPA in the region under Oplan Bayanihan. If the Aquino regime is really for peace, it should have been working for the progress of the peace talks and restrained the search-and-destroy mission of the 8th ID masquerading as “peace and development” operations.”

The NDF-EV spokesperson called on the Aquino regime to release Eduardo Sarmiento and all NDFP peace consultants as well as other political prisoners, end the anti-people Oplan Bayanihan, and work on the peace talks to deliver socio-economic reforms. “Eduardo Sarmiento has been languishing in jail since February 2009 on trumped-up charges, like his fellow NDFP peace consultants and other political prisoners. His release is not only because of his role in the peace talks, but also a matter of justice. Eduardo Sarmiento and the people have all been victims of the GPH's wanton violations of human rights and international humanitarian law.

“The people of Eastern Visayas are only suffering war and misery under the the contradiction in terms of Oplan Bayanihan's “peace and development” operations. The people are questioning why “peace and development” are not being discussed at the negotiating table by the GPH and the NDFP, but being mouthed by armed minions of the state who are violating human rights with impunity. If the Aquino regime persists in betraying the interests of the people, it will surely become isolated and vulnerable to the wrath of the people who desire a just and lasting peace.”#


Angay nga buhian han buwaon nga rehimen Aquino hi Eduardo Sarmiento
ngan ngatanan nga mga konsultant ha kamurayawan han NDFP

Ginsering yana han National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas nga kwestyunable an kaseryosohan han rehimen Aquino para ha erestorya pankamurayawan tubtob nga diri ginbubuhian hi Eduardo Sarmiento ngan an iba pa nga konsultant ha kamurayawan han NDFP. Gindugang ni Fr. Santiago Salas, tagapagyakan han NDFP, nga nagyayakan han kamurayawan an rehimen pero ginmilitarisa hini an rehiyon han 11 nga batalyon han army. “An Government of the Philippines (GPH) ngan an NDFP in ginpirmahan yana nga tuig an January 18 Joint Communique, upod an gobyerno han Norway komo testigo, kun diin nagpatapod an GPH nga dagmit nga ipapagawas an mga detenido nga konsultant ha kamurayawan han NDFP. Pero klaro kahuman han damo na nga bulan nga diri pa ginbubuhian hi Eduardo Sarmiento, konsultant ha kamurayawan han NDFP ha Eastern Visayas, ngan an iya igkasi mga konsultant.”

Sering pa ni Fr. Salas nga, “Kun ha Eastern Visayas la, aada an rehimen Aquino ha dalan han gerra dida ha pagmilitarisa ha rehiyon han 11 nga batalyon han army ilarum ha buwa nga “kamurayawan ngan kauswagan.” Ha pagkita han NDF-EV, nagbibinuwa an rehimen Aquino tungod kay naghihinay-hinay ini ha erestorya pankamurayawan samtang ginmamando an 8th Infantry Division nga puypuyon an NPA ha rehiyon ilarum han Oplan Bayanihan. Kun tinuod nga para ha kamurayawan an rehimen Aquino, dapat gintatrabaho na hini an pag-asdang han erestorya pankamurayawan, ngan gin-undang an misyon han pagbiling-ngan-paghibang han 8th ID nga ginmamaskarahan komo mga operasyon para ha “kamurayawan ngan kauswagan.”

Ginpanawagan han tagapagyakan han NDF-EV ha rehimen Aquino nga buhian na hi Eduardo Sarmiento ngan ngatanan nga konsultant ha kamurayawan han NDFP upod an iba pa nga priso pulitikal, undangon an kontra-katawhan nga Oplan Bayanihan, ngan trabahuon an erestorya pankamurayawan agud makabug-os han mga sosyo-ekonomiko nga reporma. “Nag-iiniha na ha priso hi Eduardo Sarmiento tikang han Pebrero 2009 ha buwa nga mga kaso, sugad han igkasi niya nga mga konsultant ha kamurayawan han NDFP ngan iba pa nga priso pulitikal. An pagpapagawas ha iya in diri la ngani tungod han iya papel ha erestorya pankamurayawan, kundi komo karukayaknon han hustisya. Hi Eduardo Sarmiento ngan an katawhan in ngatanan mga biktima han kanan GPH waray-wantas nga pagtalapas han tawhanon nga katungod ngan internasyunal nga makatawo nga balaud.

“Gin-aantos la han katawhan han Eastern Visayas an gerra ngan kakablasan ilarum han kanan Oplan Bayanihan nga mga buwaon nga operasyon kulaos para ha “kamurayawan ngan kauswagan.” Ginpapakiana han katawhan kun kay ano nga diri gin-eestorya an “kamurayawan ngan kauswagan” ha negosasyon giutan han GPH ngan NDFP, kundi ginyiyinawyaw han mga armado nga pwersa han estado nga gintatalapas an mga tawhanon nga katungod han waray kabaratunon. Kun igpapadayon han rehimen Aquino an pagtraydor ha mga interes han katawhan, sigurado nga mag-uusahan ini ngan bulnerable ha kangalas han katawhan nga naghihingyap han makatadungan ngan panmaihaan nga kamuyawan.”#