30 September 2010

Open Letter by NDF-EV to the People on the Diatribes of the Northern Samar Peace and Development Forum

Sept. 30, 2010

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas would like to answer the "Statement of condemnation of the inhuman killing of the eight police officers and barangay councilman" by the Northern Samar Peace and Development Forum dated August 21. The statement was allegedly issued on the day of the tactical offensive by the New People's Army in Catarman, but came to light suspiciously only recently.

The NSPDF statement maliciously makes it appear that human rights violations were committed by the New People's Army in its Aug. 21 tactical offensive against the Philippine National Police in Brgy. Imelda, Catarman, Northern Samar. As the NPA's Rodante Urtal Command has already clarified, T/Sgt. Rolando de Guia was punished for being a military intelligence handler of the 63rd Infantry Battalion, acting under cover as a village councilor of Brgy. Imelda. Moreover, the eight PNP elements who were killed in action were legitimate targets for the NPA. The entire operation against De Guia and the PNP was therefore a legitimate act of war. The NPA has also asserted its firm adherence to human rights and international humanitarian law.

It is thus sheer hypocrisy and manipulation for the NSPDF to pontificate about the NPA's taking away the right to life of the casualties. That is certainly ridiculous, because were not De Guia and the policemen clearly combatants in the armed services of the state, who themselves were ready and authorized to take away the right to life of enemies of the state such as the NPA? We also remind NSPDF that as far as respecting the right to life is concerned, the Philippine government remains a pariah in the international community for more than 1,200 unsolved political killings under Oplan Bantay Laya since 2001. The silence of the Aquino regime on bringing Gloria Arroyo to account for these crimes becomes all the more damning because these continue: at least 12 political killings have been committed by state security forces even before Aquino's one hundred days in office.

The NSPDF also grossly distorts the facts in misrepresenting that the heavily-armed policemen were not combat-ready but only on police investigation, as if even that would not make them legitimate targets as members of the armed services. Much more maliciously, the NSPDF claims the NPA finished off the policemen by shooting them in the head and burning their vehicle. But despite the serious allegation, no credible evidence, or even a formal complaint whether to reactionary or revolutionary authorities, have been presented more than a month after the incident.

The NSPDF statement feigns concern for human rights, but its contents reveal gross distortions, manipulations, and lies that all amount to similar fascist diatribes by the military against the revolutionary movement. It raises questions, such as what is NSPDF, and who benefits from this fascist statement pretending to avow human rights?

To the knowledge of NDF-EV, the NSPDF is a hollow organization but claims to represent, as per its statement, the Church, government, academe, civil society and youth in Northern Samar. In reality, the NSPDF is a puppet organization being manipulated behind the scenes by reactionary government officials and the military in the province to present a pro-fascist united front. They use the NSPDF for parallel political maneuvers in support of the "counter-insurgency" program Oplan Bantay Laya and other reactionary government projects. They have even duped the Church and other members of the community into supporting the NSPDF. The military in fact gave away its leading role in NSPDF in 2009, when it denied responsibility for the assassination of political activist Fr. Cecilio Lucero, and insisted Fr. Lucero supported the military because he participated in the NSPDF. But it is also known Fr. Lucero had distanced himself from NSPDF upon knowing its reactionary nature, refused to cooperate with the military, and was actually investigating human rights violations by the 63rd IB in Catubig, Northern Samar when he was killed.

The latest diatribes by the NSPDF are not for genuine peace and development and thus do not benefit the people. Such a statement intends to obscure the observance of human rights and international humanitarian law in the armed conflict, by disparaging the NPA while ignoring the decade-long impunity of Oplan Bantay Laya. By doing so, the NSPDF also helps to justify the government's escalation of human rights violations, as is being done by the Aquino regime in pursuing Oplan Bantay Laya until Junary 2011, and in planning to supplant it with a new scheme based on the 2009 US Counter-insurgency Guide. Thus, the NSPDF plays a part in sugarcoating "counter-insurgency": massive psywar deception going with brutal military suppression.

We appeal to the Catholic Church and other sectors in Northern Samar: Listen to the sufferings of the people under Oplan Bantay Laya and discern the preponderant influence of the reactionary politicians and the military in the NSPDF. Such an organization only deceives and isolates the Catholic Church and other sectors from the masses of the people. This can only lead to unwitting participation in spreading government-instigated fear and violence among the people because of Oplan Bantay Laya and whatever new "counter-insurgency" scheme of the Aquino regime.

Let us not be like sheep lying down with wolves; let us reject NSPDF now, and oppose Oplan Bantay Laya and the US Counter-insurgency Guide. Instead, let us support the people in genuine struggle for human rights, justice, peace, democracy and national sovereignty.

Fr. Santiago Salas, Spokesperson
National Democratic Front of the Philippines
Eastern Visayas

29 September 2010

MCC grant for Samar is funding for war in line with the US Counter-insurgency Guide

Press Release
Sept. 29, 2010

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas today described the $434 million granted by the US to the Aquino government as "war funds" in line with the US Counter-insurgency Guide. Of the grant facilitated by the Millenium Challenge Corporation headed by US State Secretary Hillary Clinton, $214.4 million will go to the rehabilitation of the Samar Road while the rest are earmarked for other construction projects and improvement of tax collection. But according to NDF-EV spokesperson Fr. Santiago Salas, "The MCC grant is another addition to the long history of US aggression and intervention in Samar, dating back to the 1901 Balangiga Uprising we commemorated last Sept. 28. It is really US assistance for the Aquino government's counter-insurgency program in lieu of Oplan Bantay Laya, where the whole island of Samar remains a priority area. Such a program is copied from the 2009 US Counter-insurgency Guide, which comprehensively pushes "counter-insurgency" by emphasizing massive psywar propaganda in tandem with brute military force."

Fr. Salas noted that no fundamental changes are being undertaken by the Aquino government, while it actively hews to US political and economic interests. "President Benigno Aquino III is no different from Arroyo and other predecessors in being a puppet of US imperialism. It is even laughable for the MCC to give the grant as a gesture of support for Aquino's supposed anti-corruption. But not even a hundred days into his office, the people can see through Aquino's emperor's new clothes into his own corruption, puppetry and fascism. He has neglected bringing Gloria Arroyo to account for massive corruption and human rights violations. His government is riddled with cronyism through the Kamag-anak Inc. and Kaklase Inc. He is beholden to the interests of big landlords, big business, and US imperialism. He has not resumed peace talks with the NDFP but seems inclined to all-out war coupled with cosmetic reforms."

The NDF-EV spokesperson also said that the MCC grant comes on the heels of the Aquino government's 2011 increased military budget and superficial projects to woo the people. "The 2011 military budget of P104.7 billion is 81% bigger than in 2010, while the military is also expanding into untraditional roles like participating in socio-economic projects, such as Kalahi-CIDSS, to deodorize its reputation. The Aquino government is also pushing for superficial economic projects that in the main are infrastucture-building to support foreign investments, such as the MCC's Samar Road rehabilitation that could spur massive foreign logging and mining. Meanwhile, fundamental changes are ignored, such as land reform and national industrialization, job creation and wage increases, the assurance of basic social services, and protecting and defending the national sovereignty."

Fr. Salas concluded that the MCC grant for Samar foreshadows massive government deception and military offensives against the people ahead. "The Aquino regime will strive to project that genuine change is happening, while intensifying the military solution against the revolutionary movement of the people. The line will be clearly drawn between superficial and fundamental changes, or between reformism and revolution. We call on the people to resist the US-backed "counter-insurgency" program of the Aquino regime. No manipulation and maneuvering inspired by the US Counter-insurgency Guide can disguise the rottenness of the reactionary ruling system and the need for revolution. The people can best fight back in using their strength of millions in the mass movement, and in supporting and joining the revolutionary armed struggle to bring the people's war to a new and higher level in the next five years."#


Hinabang han MCC para ha Samar nakatutok ha gerra subay ha US Counter-insurgency Guide

Ginladawan yana han National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas an hinabang han US ha gobyerno Aquino nga nagkakantidad hin $434 milyon komo “pondo para ha gerra” kasumpay han US Counter-insurgency Guide. Ha hinabang nga ginpasilitar han Millenium Challenge Corporation nga ginpapamunuan ni US State Secretary Hillary Clinton, $214.4 milyon an mahihingadto ha paghingayad han Samar Road samtang an iba pa in gin-aalutaga para mga proyekto nga konstruksyon ngan pagpadukwag han pangolekta han buhis. Pero sigon ha tagapagyakan han NDF-EV nga hi Fr. Santiago Salas, "An ayuda han MCC usa nga kadugangan ha hilaba nga kasaysayan han agresyon ngan panginlabot han US ha Samar, tikang pa hadton 1901 han Pag-aalsa ha Balangiga nga aton ginhinumdom han nakalabay nga Setyembre 28. An tinuod, bulig ini han US para han kanan gobyerno Aquino "kontra-insurhensiya" nga programa nga igsasaliwan han Oplan Bantay Laya, kun diin an bug-os nga isla han Samar in magpapabilin nga prayoridad nga erya. An sugad nga programa in ginkopya tikang ha 2009 nga US Counter-insurgency Guide, kun diin komprehensibo nga iginduduso an "kontra-insurhensiya" pinaagi han paghatag-duon ha haluagan nga saywar nga propaganda kadungan han brutal nga pwersa han militar.

Gindun-an pa ni Fr. Salas nga waray pundamental nga pagbabag-o nga ginhihimo an gobyerno Aquino, samtang aktibo ini nga nasubay ha mga pampulitika ngan pan-ekonomiya nga interes han US. "Waray ginkaibhan hi Presidente Benigno Aquino III tikang kan Arroyo ngan iba pa nga ginsundan hini ha pagigin niyutiyo han imperyalismo nga US. Pataraw-an pa para ha MCC nga maghatag hin ayuda komo pagpakita hin suporta para kan Aquino kuntaloy kontra-korupsyon nga panuyo. Pero waray pa ngani usa ka-gatos ka-adlaw ha serbisyo, makikit-an na han katawhan nga waray dara nga pagbabag-o hi Aquino, kundi mayda mismo kalugaringon nga korupsyon, pagka-niyutiyo ngan pasismo. Ginbalewaray hini nga papagbatunon hi Gloria Arroyo tungod han grabe nga pangurakot ngan mga panalapas han tawhanon nga katungod. Tadtad hin mga kroni an iya gobyerno pinaagi han Kamag-anak Inc. ngan Kaklase Inc. Gindadara niya an mga interes han mga dagko nga agaron maytuna, dagko nga negosyante ngan imperyalismo nga US. Waray pa niya abrihi utro an erestorya pankamurayawan ha NDFP, lugod, nagduduso hin todo-gerra nga gindudunganan hin mga kosmetiko nga reporma."

Ginsering pa han tagapagyakan han NDF-EV nga an ayuda han MCC nahitabo kahuman pahitas-an han gobyerno Aquino an 2011 nga badyet ha militar ngan mga harapaw nga proyekto agud uwaton an katawhan. "An badyet han militar para ha 2011 nga nagkakantidad hin P104.7 bilyon in 81% nga mas hitaas kumpara hadton 2010. Nagpapahiluag liwat an militar ha diri mga tradisyunal nga papel, sugad han pagpartisipar ha mga sosyo-ekonomiko nga mga proyekto parehas han Kalahi-CIDDS agud pahamuton an reputasyon hini. Ginduduso liwat han gobyerno Aquino an mga harapaw nga proyekto pan-ekonomiya, labi na an pagtutukod hin mga imprastraktura agud suportahan an mga langyawanon nga negosyuhay, sugad han paghingayad han MCC ha Samar Road nga posible maghagudalan hin haluagan nga langyawanon pagtotroso ngan pagmimina. Samtang, ginbabaliwaray naman an mga pundamental nga pagbabag-o sugad han reporma ha tuna ngan nasudnon nga industriyalisasyon, trabaho ngan umento ha suhol, pagsiguro han mga batakan nga serbisyo-sosyal, ngan pagproteher ngan pagdepensa han nasudnon nga soberaniya."

Ginsering pa ni Fr. Salas nga pauna na nga ginpapakita han ayuda han MCC ha Samar an dako nga panguwat han gobyerno ngan an tidaraon nga mga opensiba han militar kontra ha katawhan. "Maniningkamot an rehimen Aquino nga pagawson na nahitatabo an tinuod nga pagbabag-o, samtang ginpapakusog an pan-militar nga solusyon kontra ha rebolusyunaryo nga kagiusan han katawhan. Klaro nga mababagis an linya giutan han harapaw ngan pundamental nga pagbabag-o, o giutan han repormismo ngan rebolusyon. Waray bisan ano nga manipulasyon ngan pagmaniubra nga ginsulsol han US Counter-insurgency Guide an makakagtahub han kadunutan han reaksyunaryo nga naghahadi nga sistema ngan an panginahanglan para ha rebolusyon. Pinakamaupay nga makaato an katawhan pinaagi han paggamit han kusog han pira ka-milyon dida ha kagiusan masa, ngan ha pagsuporta ngan pag-api ha rebolusyunaryo nga armado nga pakigbisog agud isahon an gerra han katawhan ha bag-o ngan mas hitaas nga balitang ha masunod nga lima katuig."#

15 September 2010

Letter to LSDE in response to editorial on the question of peace

Sept. 15, 2010

Ven Labro
Leyte Samar Daily Express

Dear Editor:

The NDF-Eastern Visayas welcomes your editorial on the question of peace posted last Sept. 13 on the internet.

We understand those who disagree with the violence of the Catarman ambush by the New People's Army. There are differing political views, not everyone espouses revolutionary violence to change the system. Nor can everyone be convinced the NPA's recent offensive was a legitimate act of war.

We disagree, however, when the revolutionary violence of the NPA is taken to task, but the reactionary violence of the government's Oplan Bantay Laya is not. If violence per se should be criticized, the NPA is not even the one committing the greatest violence; it is the armed services of the state that do. With over 1,200 political killings and over 200 enforced disappearances since 2001, Oplan Bantay Laya is still claiming victims while nearing its end in January 2011. Of the political killings, 121 are in Eastern Visayas, the latest to die only this Aug. 25: Casiano Abing, Bayan Muna activist and court sheriff in Balangiga, Eastern Samar. There are also the aerial and artillery bombardments of civilian communities, mass evacuations, economic disruptions, and other atrocities suffered by civilians under Oplan Bantay Laya.

If there be wringing of hands over those who fall to violence, then all the more so for those who are civilians persecuted by Oplan Bantay Laya: an armed campaign against the unarmed. Otherwise, what is even the point of condemning a part of the violence and missing the big picture? Does not silence on that point only help the armed services of the state in their impunity in attacking civilians who are not involved in the armed conflict?

Yet despite the bloody decade of Oplan Bantay Laya, the NDFP has remained open to peace negotiations, even as political killings raged and the revolutionary forces also suffered casualties. The NDFP rose above the fighting in desiring the discussion and achievement of a just and lasting peace. Sadly, the Philippine government never reciprocated, but has tried time and again to impose ceasefire and surrender terms on the revolutionary movement before any peace negotiations. Such would have made the peace talks no better than a "counterinsurgency" tool complementary to the Oplan Bantay Laya campaign.

Even today, the new Aquino government still has to come up with a peace panel to face the NDFP. Meanwhile, we assume LSDE is aware that upon Oplan Bantay Laya's end in January 2011, the Armed Forces of the Philippines will be implementing yet another "counterinsurgency" campaign. This will aim to crush the revolutionary movement in three to five years. Who is now advocating only violence and avoiding the discussion of a just and lasting peace? Ultimately, the people must struggle for peace and prevent the fascists and militarists in the Aquino regime from wreaking greater state violence.

Fr. Santiago Salas
National Democratic Front of the Philippines
Eastern Visayas

06 September 2010

Scripted denial of rights violations by 34th IB linked to intensifying Oplan Bantay Laya

Press Release
Set. 6, 2010

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas today assailed the 34th Infantry Battalion for denying its violation of the rights of Cesar and Juanito Gabac, who are being illegally detained and misrepresented as "rebel returnees". "The 34th IB made one of the Gabac brothers speak publicly on radio last Sept. 5 to disclaim any human rights violation," said Fr. Santiago Salas, NDF-EV spokesperson. "But this was surrounded by dubious circumstances: under military guard, in the intimidating presence of battalion commander Lt. Col. William Penafiel, and in a blocktime radio program paid for by the 8th Infantry Division and handled by hacks under military spokesperson Lt. Col. Armand Rico. Such a scripted psywar gimmick does not adequately resolve the question of human rights violations, and invites further scrutiny into the military's attempts to manipulate the media and the public."

Fr. Salas reiterated the Gabac brothers are not members of the New People's Army. "They are not in the NPA's roster of Red fighters. If they had been, the NDF-EV would have otherwise still demanded respect for their rights but as prisoners of war, not as the civilians we know them to be. As it is, the military is violating the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law signed by the Philippine government and the NDFP. The CARHRIHL upholds the rights of civilians as well as those involved in the armed conflict. Even the laws of the reactionary state nominally forbid torture and illegal detention. But the 34th IB insists on misrepresenting the Gabac brothers as Red fighters. The military wants to justify their continued illegal detention, where they are being forced to guide dangerous military operations, and are also used in psywar gimmicks such as in the corruption-ridden Social Integration Program, a cash cow of its military and civilian implementors."

The NDF-EV spokesperson concluded the military's scripted denial of the Gabac brothers' rights is connected with intensifying Oplan Bantay Laya and thus a challenge to the media and the people. "The military is escalating psywar to dress up the dismally unsuccessful and forced to extend Oplan Bantay Laya, as well as brazen out its continuing human rights violations. We believe the 8th ID's broadcast about the Gabac brothers to be clearly unethical and unjust, when they are still under custody and unable to speak out of their own free will. Yet in using a respectable radio station to justify the violations of the Gabac brothers' rights, the 8th ID also wants to drag the media community of Eastern Visayas down to its level of psywar manipulation of the people. Impunity is in the air because the military is trying not just to get away with, but to continue, a decade of human rights violations with a new lease on life under the Aquino regime. Thus the media and the people have to confront this impunity, demand acccountability, and assert justice for the Gabac brothers and other victims of human rights violations under Oplan Bantay Laya."#


Kasumpay han pagpapapintas pa han Oplan Bantay Laya an hinimo-himo nga pagdiwara han 34th IB ha mga panalapas han mga katungod

Ginkundenar yana han National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas an 34th Infantry Battalion ha pagdiwara hini han pagtalapas han mga katungod nira Cesar ngan Juanito Gabac, nga iligal nga gindedetiner ngan buwa nga ginpapagawas nga mga "rebel returnee". "Ginpayakan han 34th IB an usa ha magbugto nga Gabac ha publiko pinaagi ha radyo hadin Sept. 5, agud igdiwara an bisan ano nga panalapas han tawhanon nga katungod," sering ni Fr. Santiago Salas, tagapagyakan han NDF-EV. "Pero ginhimo ini ha palibot han mga dudable nga sirkumstansya: ilarum han paggwardya han militar, ha nananarhug nga presensya han kumander han batalyon nga hi Lt. Col. William Penafiel, ngan ha usa nga "blocktime" nga programa ha radyo nga ginbabaydan han 8th Infantry Division, ngan ginpapadalagan han mga mersenaryo ilarum ni Lt. Col. Armand Rico, tagapagyakan han militar. An sugad nga hinimo-himo nga saywar nga tinuyaw in diri sadang nga nareresolbar an pakiana hiunong han mga panalapas han tawhanon nga katungod, ngan gin-aayat lugod an dugang nga imbestigasyon ha mga pag-atentar han militar nga uwaton an midya ngan publiko."

Gindig-unan ni Fr. Salas nga diri mga kaapi han New People's Army an magbugto nga Gabac. "Waray hira ha listahan han mga Pula nga mangaraway han NPA. Kun aada hira, magdedemanda la unta gihap an NDF-EV han pagrespeto ha ira mga katungod, pero komo mga priso han gerra (prisoners of war), ngan diri komo mga sibilyan nga asya an aton kahibaruan ha ira. Ha sugad yana, ginbabayolar han militar an Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law, nga ginpirmahan han gobyerno han Pilipinas ngan han NDFP. Gindedepensahan han CARHRIHL an mga katungod han sibilyan ngan an mga nadadabi ha armado nga agway. Bisan ngani an mga balaud han reaksyunaryo nga estado in igindidiri ha papel an tortyur ngan iligal nga detensyon. Pero igin-iinsister han 34th IB an buwa nga pagpagawas ha magbugto nga Gabac komo mga Pula nga mangaraway. Karuyag han militar nga tagan rason an ira padayon nga iligal nga detensyon, kun diin ginpipirit hira nga maggiya ha mga delikado nga operasyon militar, ngan gin-gagamit ha mga saywar nga trabaho sugad han dunot nga Social Integration Program, nga ginkakawatan han mga tagapatuman hini nga sibilyan ngan militar."

Ha konklusyon han tagapagyakan han NDF-EV, konektado an hinimo-himo nga pagdiwara han militar ha pagtalapas han mga katungod han magbugto nga Gabac dida ha pagpapapintas pa han Oplan Bantay Laya, ngan kun sugad usa nga ayat ha midya ngan ha katawhan. "Ginpapagrabe liwat han militar an saywar agud mabutangan han rayandayan an pakyas ngan pirit nga ginpahalawig nga Oplan Bantay Laya, ngan agud igpirit an nagpapadayon hini nga panalapas han tawhanon nga katungod. Natuo kita nga an brodkas han 8th ID hiunong ha magbugto nga Gabac in landaw nga paglubog han kamatuoran, ngan diri makatadungan samtang aada hira ha kustodiya ngan diri libre nga makagyakan han ira karuyag. Kundi, pinaagi ha paggamit han usa nga respetado nga istasyon han radyo agud mahatagan rason an pagbayolar ha mga katungod han magbugto nga Gabac, karuyag liwat han 8th ID nga mapaubos an komunidad han midya ha Eastern Visayas ngada ha ira lebel han saywar nga pagmanipular ha katawhan. Iginbabandilyo an kawaray-baratunon tungod kay karuyag han militar diri la nga makalusot, kundi makagpadayon han usa ka dekada na nga panalapas han tawhanon nga katungod, nga ginpapahilaba pa han bag-o nga rehimen Aquino. Asya nga angay kumprontahon han midya ngan han katawhan ini nga kawaray-baratunon, magdemanda han kabaratunan, ngan ig-insister an hustisya para ha magbugto nga Gabac ngan iba pa nga biktima han panalapas han tawhanon nga katungod ilarum han Oplan Bantay Laya."#

03 September 2010

Additional clarifications on the Aug. 21 Catarman tactical offensive

Press Statement
Sept. 3, 2010

Ka Amado Pesante
Rodante Urtal Command
New People’s Army-Northern Samar

This is the official statement of the Rodante Urtal Command, New People’s Army-Northern Samar, regarding its Aug. 21 tactical offensive in Brgy. Imelda, Catarman.

We successfully carried out the tactical offensive that targeted first T/Sgt. Rolando de Guia, an active military element of the 63rd Infantry Battalion, and second, the reinforcements sent by the Philippine National Police-Catarman.

T/Sgt. Rolando de Guia took on the cover of a civilian as a village councilor of Brgy. Imelda. But he was in reality a military intelligence handler on active duty under the 63rd IB. It was confirmed by the NPA that De Guia handled intelligence agents and barangay intelligence networks in Catarman. Before transferring to the 63rd IB, De Guia used to be with the 19th IB from the 1980s to the 1990s, where he gained notoriety as a brutal trainor-instructor of the paramilitary CAFGU. De Guia therefore was a legitimate target as an active enemy soldier, and was furthermore sentenced to death by the people’s court for espionage.

The NPA also ambushed the enemy reinforcements sent by the PNP-Catarman, which was anticipated and thus also proved De Guia’s significance was known to the PNP, hence their attempt to secure him. After their vehicle was disabled by command-detonated explosives, the eight PNP elements were all killed in action. Allegations they were summarily executed are all false. The NPA primarily aims to seize weapons from enemy forces, not physically eliminate them for the sake of some body counting record as is the standard practice of the military and police. Enemy forces who surrender or are no longer able to fight are treated well, in accordance with NPA Point for Attention No. 8 (“Do not maltreat captives”) and the laws of war.

Seized from the PNP casualties were five M16 rifles, three pistols, a hand-held radio, and other equipment. A .45-caliber pistol was also confiscated from T/Sgt. Rolando de Guia. Because the RUC forces are still on maneuvers to counter enemy pursuit operations, other materials deemed to be personal belongings cannot be returned at the moment but will be later.

The aforementioned facts show the Aug. 21 Catarman offensive was legitimate in all respects. The RUC believes the military and police are hurling fabrications of abuses against the NPA to cover up their losses, and to justify their continuing rights violations under the extended Oplan Bantay Laya. We are concerned government forces may retaliate through political killings and other attacks on innocent civilians in violation of international humanitarian law. We have heard and condemn the fact that Casiano Abing, a court sheriff and Bayan Muna member in Eastern Samar, was murdered by suspected military elements four days after the Catarman tactical offensive.

Lastly, we reject the accusations by the military, police and reactionary local politicians that NPA offensives imperil the peace talks between the Philippine government and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines. We believe such statements are arrogant, self-serving and dodging the issue of a just and lasting peace. On the other hand, never did the NPA in Northern Samar demand a stop to peace talks. Even though our own beloved Red commanders and fighters have also been killed in the course of the war. Even though there is far more compelling reason for us to slam the door on peace talks, because of the decade-long political killings and other rights violations under Oplan Bantay Laya in Northern Samar.

Why? Because the NPA in Northern Samar considers the peace talks to be far more important for the general good than its own losses and objections. We are willing to give chance to a venue that will air the people’s grievances and strives to benefit the many. Unlike the military, police and reactionary politicians in Northern Samar who jump at any excuse to claim NPA offensives are “obstacles” to peace talks. The offensives of the NPA have nothing to do with the resumption or not of the peace talks. If the Aquino government is serious about the peace talks, it should face the NDFP which has long been prepared. #


Kadugangan nga mga pagklaro mahitungod san Agosto 21 nga taktikal nga opensiba sa Catarman

Mao ini an opisyal nga pahayag san Rodante Urtal Command, New People's Army-Northern Samar,
hiunong san Agosto 21 nga taktikal nga opensiba sini sa Brgy. Imelda, Catarman.

Madinaugon naton nga naipatuman an taktikal nga opensiba nga nagtarget una ngun-a kan T/Sgt. Rolando de Guia, usa nga aktibo nga elemento san 63rd Infantry Battalion, ngan ikaduha, sa reimporsment nga ginpadara san Philippine National Police-Catarman.

Nagpakuno-kuno nga sibilyan si T./Sgt. Rolando de Guia komo usa nga konsehal san Brgy. Imelda. Pero an ungod, usa siya nga “intelligence handler” san militar nga aktibo sa serbisyo ilarum san 63rd IB. Nakumpirma san NPA nga ginkakatinan ni De Guia an mga ahente pan-espiya ngan mga “barangay intelligence network” sa Catarman. Antes pa bumalhin sa 63rd IB, nakadto ngun-a si De Guia sa 19th IB tikang dekada 1980 tubtob dekada 1990 ngan nagin lanong komo usa nga madarahug nga treynor-instruktor san mga paramilitar nga CAFGU. Mao nga usa nga lehitimo nga target si De Guia komo usa nga aktibo nga sundalo san kaaway, ngan dugang pa mahitungod kay ginsentinsyahan siya sin kamatayon san husgado san katawhan tungod san pan-espiya.

Gin-ambus gihapon san NPA an reimporsment nga ginpadara san PNP-Catarman, nga ginlalauman na ngan nagpapamatuod liwat san importansya ni De Guia nga aram san PNP, mao nga nag-atentar sira nga salbaron siya. Kahuman mawakay an kanra sarakyan gamit an “command-detonated” nga paburuthon, namatay dayon sa agway an walo nga elemento san PNP. Buwa an mga alegasyon nga ginsalbeyds sira. An prinsipal nga tuyo la san NPA mao an makuha an mga armas tikang sa mga pwersa san kaaway, diri nga patayon sira para sa rason nga damo nga patay an maibutang sa rekord, sugad san nagaraan na nga ginhihimo san militar ngan pulis. Gintatratar sin maupay an mga pwersa san kaaway nga nasurender ngan adto nga mga diri na kaya umato, subay san Ika-walo nga Punto sa Mga Angay Tigamnan san NPA (“Diri arigayon an mga dinakop”) ngan san mga balaudnon sa gerra.

An mga nakuha sa mga kaswalti san PNP mao an lima nga M16 nga riple, tulo nga pistola, usa nga hand-held radio, ngan iba pa nga mga gamit. Usa liwat nga kalibre .45 nga pistola an nakumpiska tikang kan T/Sgt. Rolando de Guia. Mahitungod kay nagmamaniobra pa an mga pwersa san RUC para maatuhan an mga kasunod nga operasyon san kaaway, an iba pa nga gamit nga ginsesering nga personal nga pananag-iya ig-uuli na la unina.

An mga datos sa igbaw nagpapamatuod la nga lehitimo sa ngatanan nga karukayaknon an Agosto 21 nga opensiba sa Catarman. Natuod an RUC nga naghihinimo sin mga buwa nga akusasyon san pangabuso kontra sa NPA an mga militar ngan pulis para tahuban an kanra kaperdihan, ngan para mahatagan sin rason an kanra nagpapadayon nga mga pangabuso nga ilarum san ginpahalaba nga Oplan Bantay Laya. Nababaraka kita nga bangin magbalos an mga pwersa san gobyerno pinaagi san mga pulitikal nga panmatay ngan iba pa nga mga atake sa mga inosente nga sibilyan, nga pagbayolar san internasyunal nga makatawo nga balaud. Nabatian naton ngan ginkokondena an natabo nga si Casiano Abing, usa nga sheriff sa korte ngan myembro san Bayan Muna sa Eastern Samar, ginpatay san mga gintutuohan nga mga elemento san militar upat kaadlaw kahuman san taktikal nga opensiba sa Catarman.

Sa katapusan, diri naton ginkakarawat an mga akusasyon san militar, pulis ngan mga lokal nga reaksyunaryo nga pulitiko nga ginbubutang sa peligro san mga opensiba san NPA an irestorya pankamurayawan giutan san gubyerno san Pilipinas ngan san National Democratic Front of the Philippines. Natuod kita nga kahambugan an sugad nga mga pahayag, maka-kalugaringon ngan nalikay sa isyu san makatadungan ngan panmaihaan nga kamurayawan. Sa luyo nga bahin, waray bisan san-o magdemanda an NPA sa Northern Samar nga undangon an irestorya pankamurayawan. Bisan pa kun namatay liwat sa gerra an aton kalugaringon nga higugmaon nga mga Pula nga kumander ngan mangaraway. Bisan pa kun may-ada pa mas damo nga rason para sa aton nga saraduhan an iristorya pankamurayawan, tungod san dekada na nga kahilabaon san mga pulitikal nga panmatay ngan iba pa nga panalapas san tawhanon nga katungod ilarum san Oplan Bantay Laya didi sa Northern Samar.

Kay nano? Tungod kay ginkokonsidera san NPA sa Northern Samar nga labaw nga mas importante para sa kaupayan san kadam-an an irestorya pankamurayawan kumpara san mga kalugaringon nga kaperdihan ngan pagtipa sini. Andam kita nga hatagan sin tsansa an usa nga pagharampang nga magpapagawas san mga araba san katawhan ngan maningkamot para sa kaupayan san kadam-an. Diri pareho san militar, pulisya ngan mga reaksyunaryo nga pulitiko sa Northern Samar nga nalampaw sa bisan ano nga palusot nga nagsusugad nga “ulang” an mga opensiba san NPA sa iristorya pankamurayawan. Waray labot an mga opensiba san NPA sa pagpadayon o diri san iristorya pankamurayawan. Kun seryoso gud an gobyerno Aquino sa iristorya pankamurayawan, kinahanglan atubangon sini an NDFP nga maiha na nga andam.#

01 September 2010

CHR insults the victims of Oplan Bantay Laya

Press Release
September 1, 2010

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas today expressed outrage at the Commission on Human Rights in Region 8 for calling for, among others, the intensification of Oplan Bantay Laya. “Shortly after the extension of Oplan Bantay Laya, Casiano Abing, a Bayan Muna member and court sheriff in Balangiga, Eastern Samar, was killed by suspected military elements on August 25,” said Fr. Santiago Salas, NDF-EV spokesperson. “Abing is the sixth activist killed since the inauguration of the Aquino government, and the 121st activist killed in Eastern Visayas since 2001 when Oplan Bantay Laya began. The statements of CHR regional director Paquito Nacino are therefore extremely stupid, obnoxious and unbefitting that of a human rights official.”

Fr. Salas also said the CHR regional director reflects the fascist views of his principals in the Aquino government. “Despite the findings of UN special rapporteur Philip Alston putting the blame for political killings squarely on Oplan Bantay Laya, justice remains elusive for the victims under the new government. Worse, Oplan Bantay Laya has been extended until January 2011 and may be replaced with a similar government campaign.”

The NDF-EV spokesperson added the CHR has to prove it is still relevant to human rights advocacy, rather than an appendage of the Aquino government’s “counterinsurgency” campaign. “The victims of Oplan Bantay Laya have long lost respect for the CHR and regard it as the “commission of human rights for the military and police only.” Instead of attending to the 121 unsolved political killings in the region now, the CHR today is trying to pin baseless human rights violations on the New People’s Army. Such allegations will get nowhere because the NPA is fighting a just and legitimate war, subscribes to international humanitarian law, and is led by a revolutionary government advancing the interests of the people.

“Conversely, we challenge the CHR: Is Oplan Bantay Laya just and legitimate in attacking noncombatants in more than 1,000 political killings and more than 200 forced disappearances? By pursuing Oplan Bantay Laya despite international criticism, is the Philippine government honoring its state obligations to international humanitarian law, much less protecting the people and enforcing its own laws against torture and summary killings?”

Fr. Salas concluded that, “The CHR’s near uselessness and the rising fascism of the Aquino government compel the people to stand up and fight for their rights, demand the end of Oplan Bantay Laya and the punishment of its human rights violators, and struggle for genuine change.”#


Gin-iinsulto han CHR an mga biktima han Oplan Bantay Laya

Nagpahayag yana han pagkundenar an National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas ha Commission on Human Rights ha Rehiyon 8 ha mga pahayag hini, labi na an pagpapagrabe pa han Oplan Bantay Laya. “Diri pa la maiha kahuman ginpahilawig an Oplan Bantay Laya, hi Casiano Abing, usa nga kaapi han Bayan Muna ngan court sheriff ha Balangiga, Eastern Samar, in ginpatay han gintatahapan nga mga elemento han militar hadin Agosto 25,” sering ni Fr. Santiago Salas, tagapagyakan han NDF-EV. “Ikaunom na hi Abing nga aktibista nga ginpatay tikang makalingkod an gobyerno Aquino, ngan amo na an ika-121 nga aktibista nga ginpatay ha Eastern Visayas tikang 2001 han iginlarga an Oplan Bantay Laya. Amo nga an mga pahayag ni CHR regional director Paquito Nacino in ura-ura nga linurong, tampalasan ngan diri kaangayan para ha usa nga upisyal han tawhanon nga katungod.”

Sigon kan Fr. Salas, ginsasalamin han regional director han CHR an pasista nga pagkulaw han mga namumuno ha gobyerno Aquino. “Bisan pa napamatud-an ni UN special rapporteur Philip Alston nga an Oplan Bantay Laya an hinungdan han mga pulitikal nga panmatay, padayon nga ginhihikaw an hustisya para ha mga biktima ha ilarum han bag-o nga gobyerno. Mas grabe pa, ginpahilawig an Oplan Bantay Laya tubtob Enero 2011 ngan posible pa nga masaliwnan ini han parehas nga kampanya han gobyerno.”

Gindugang han tagapagyakan han NDF-EV nga angay pamatud-an han CHR nga mayda pa ini pulos ha pag-undong han tawhanon nga katungod, ngan diri la ikog-ikog han “kontrainsurhensiya" nga kampanya han gobyerno Aquino. “An mga biktima han Oplan Bantay Laya in maiha na nga nawarayan respeto ha CHR, ngan ginkukulaw ini komo “commission on human rights para la ha mga pulis ngan militar.” Atubangan han 121 nga waray pa kasolbaran nga kaso han pulitikal nga panmatay ha rehiyon, ginpipirit yana han CHR nga ibasul ha NPA an mga waray basaranan nga panalapas han tawhanon nga katungod. An sugad nga mga alegasyon kontra ha NPA in waray hirangadtuan tungod kay nakikig-away ini ha usa nga makatadungan ngan lehitimo nga gerra, nasubay ha internasyunal nga makatawo nga balaud , ngan ginpapamunuan han rebolusyonaryo nga goyerno nga gin-uundong an mga interes han katawhan.

“Ha luyo nga bahin, gin-aayat naton an CHR: Makatadungan ngan lehitimo ba an Oplan Bantay Laya ha pangangatake ha mga diri kombatant ha sobra 1,000 pulitikal nga panmatay ngan sobra 200 nga ginpirit nga pagkawara? Ha pagpapatuman han Oplan Bantay Laya atubangan han suson han bug-os nga kalibutan, gintatagad ba han gobyerno han Pilipinas an obligasyon han estado ha internasyunal nga makatawo nga balaud, asay pa an pagpanalipod ha katawhan ngan an pag-implementar han kalugaringon hini nga mga balaud kontra ha tortyur ngan panmatay nga gawas ha balaud?"

Ha katapus-tapusan, nanawagan hi Fr. Salas, “An haros kawaray pulos han CHR ngan natikalandaw nga pasismo han gobyerno Aquino in nagduduso ha katawhan nga tumindog ngan ipakig-away an ira mga katungod, ipanawagan nga tangpuson an Oplan Bantay Laya nga sirutan an mga natalapas ha tawhanon nga katungod, ngan makigbisog para ha tinuod nga pagbabag-o.”#